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The middle-aged boss was in a bad mood when he saw the scissors door of the Koenigsegg Open.

“Is… is that Koenigsegg Yours”

“Would drive someone elses car to show off”

“But youre already so rich, why are you still running errands Isnt it embarrassing”

The middle-aged boss could not understand what the stinking young man was thinking.

Why were young models coming out to run errands instead of coming out to play

“Its just to experience life, so people wont call me a rich man.”

“Then do something else.

This is tiring, and you have to look at other peoples faces all the time.

Its not a good job.” The middle-aged boss said.

“Wouldnt I have to suffer the same way when I deal with rich women Theres also the danger of dying from exhaustion in the latter job,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Besides, I have no biases between jobs.

This job is pretty free.

At least I think its not bad.”

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“Theres no biases between jobs, but theres a difference in salary.”

Lin Yi waved the car keys in his hand.

“Do you think I need to consider salary when I choose a job now”

The middle-aged boss was speechless.

“Looks like I dont really need it anymore.”

“Alright, lets not talk about it anymore.

I need to get back to work.” The middle-aged boss said.

“Bye Bye…”

He didnt stay any longer and drove towards the beach.

When he reached his destination, he called his employer.

“Hello, is this Mr.

Lu Feilu”

“Yes, whos this”

“Hello, Im the errand boy.

Ive bought the two swimming rings you asked me to buy.

Im just by the road, and you can see me from the beach,” Lin Yi said politely.

“I dont have time right now, can you send them down for us Hurry up, dont dawdle, we need them urgently.”

“Alright then, where are you Do you have any specific characteristics”

“Theres a big red umbrella on the beach, Im next to it wearing blue beach pants.

You can find me if you come over.”

“Oh, okay.”

Lin Yi replied and hung up.

Then he took the swimming rings to the beach and looked around.

He looked around carefully and saw that there were eight groups of people using red parasols.

The styles of each were similar, and there wasnt much difference between them.

Lin Yi looked around again.

There were three groups of people wearing blue beach pants under the umbrellas.

It was hard to identify his customer.

Lin Yi had no choice but to call them again, intending to confirm their location.

“For your own good, can you tell me more about your location I cant find it.”

“Whats wrong with you Did you get kicked in the head by a donkey Our location is so obvious, but you cant find it Do you believe I wont complain to your boss”

Lin Yis face darkened.

“Youre the one who didnt make it clear.

There are so many red umbrellas on the beach, and everyones wearing blue beach pants.

How would I know which one of them is you”

“Im impressed.

No wonder youre an errand boy.

With your IQ, you cant do anything else.”

“Errand boy!”

Lin Yi was about to reply when he heard someone shouting behind him.

He turned around and saw a young woman in a yellow swimsuit.

Lin Yi hung up the phone.

Behind the woman was a red parasol, with a man in blue beach pants was standing next to her.

If he was not mistaken, these were his customers.

Lin Yi jogged over with two swimming circles in his hands.

“Oh my God, Lulu, come here quickly! The errand boy who bought us swimming circles is so handsome!”

The young woman in the yellow swimsuit said.

The womans name was Qu Bing.

She was the owner of a private custom-made clothing store.

Her graceful figure was as hot as the sun in the sky.

The girls name was Xu Lu.

She was wearing a black bikini.

Her style was forward-looking and bold.

“Hes really not bad,” Xu Lu said.

“Hes even more handsome than the little handsome guy I met in the bar yesterday.”

“Hes so good-looking.

Why does he run errands then Any job would earn more than this,” Qu Bing said.

“Its such a pity.”

“What else could it be He must be stupid,” Lu Fei said disdainfully.

“I made it so obvious just now, yet he couldnt even find our position.

It took him such a long time to send us here.

Well give him a bad review later.”

“Its not a big deal.

I think we should just let him go.”

“Bing Bing, dont tell me you have other thoughts just because hes handsome.

Be careful of Lu Feis jealousy,” Xu Lu said.

“What are you talking about Were just good friends.

Jealousy has nothing to do with it.”

Qu Bings eyes scanned Lin Yis body.

“His looks and figure arent bad.

I need a waiter in my shop.

I think hes quite suitable.”

“You say that, but I think you have a thing for him.” Xu Lu said with a smile.

“Do you want to do it openly or in private”

“Dont talk nonsense.

Im doing this for work.

I dont have any dirty thoughts.”

“Who would really know about your dirty thoughts” Xu Lu said.

“But let me remind you, just play around.

Dont take it seriously.

The two of you have different social statuses.

If you want to find a man, you have to find one that matches your own strength.”

“Dont worry.

I know what Im doing.

You dont have to remind me about such a small matter.”

Seeing the two of them chatting happily with the topic centered around the errand boy, one of Lu Feis friends couldnt stand it anymore.

“Brother Fei, somethings not right.

Shouldnt we be more careful”

“Its fine.

Hes just a stupid errand boy.

How good do you think he is Can he compare to me”

“Thats not wrong.

If I remember correctly, the online celebrity incubation company you started last year must have earned more than one million dollars by now.”

“To be precise, its 1.8 million yuan.

If it werent for some mistakes, it would have easily crossed the two million mark,” Lu Fei said proudly.

“Hes just a lousy errand boy.

His status is miles away from mine.

How could he compare to me”

“Thats for sure.

Hes just a lowly person.”

“Who here would disagree”

Lin Yi walked over and said to Qu Bing, who was talking to him earlier.

“209 for one swimming circle, and 418 for two.

Can you settle the bill, please”

“Handsome, theres no rush for the money.

I have something to ask you,” Qu Bing said with a smile.

“What is it”

“Do you have any plans to change your job Im running a clothing store and I need a waiter.

Are you interested”

Lin Yi shook his head.

“Not interested.”


Qu Bing did not expect Lin Yi to reject her invitation.

“Im not making fun of you, I am really thinking about this,” Qu Bing said.

“I cant say anything else, but I can at least double your income.

Do you want to consider it”

“Thats right, arent you willing to work for a beautiful lady boss Its better than running errands in the sun and the wind,” Xu Lu teased.

Even so, she already had her own opinion of him.

Wasnt it a little too crazy for him not to agree to such a tempting request

As the old saying went, opportunity waited for no man.

“Im not interested.

Its a total of 418, can one of you do the math”

Qu Bing felt bad when she heard Lin Yi outright reject her.

Was she going to lose out on this handsome guy

It would be such a waste.

“Why did you buy this” Lu Fei asked.

“I told you to buy a 200 dollar swimming ring, but you bought a 209 dollar one.

Whats going on Did you pocket the difference in price”



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