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“1.5 billion!”

Qu Bing screamed, her chest heaving up and down, unable to calm down.

“Yeah, count it if you dont believe me.

See how many zeros there are.”

Qu Bing looked at Lin Yis phone and discovered that it really was 1.5 billion!

It was not until then that Qu Bing realized how big the gap between her and the rich was.

The other party could easily earn a billion dollars.

If she worked hard for her whole life, she might not be able to earn even a fraction of that.

No wonder people said that there was a class gap.

Now that she was seeing it first-hand, it really was true.

Because they were not too far away, they returned to Jiuzhou Pavilion very quickly.

As for the other modifications, Lin Yi did not plan to install them anymore.

He still had a lot of cars that he owned.

To him, these items were like scooters that took up parking spaces.

It did not matter whether they were installed or not.

Lin Yi drove the Ferrari 812 back to his garage when they reached Jiuzhou Pavilion.

The only thing left was to send Qu Bing back.

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“Oh my God, Mr.

Lin is so awesome.

He actually brought a girl in a swimsuit back.

Is it because its more convenient that way” The security guard at the door said.

“Its possible.

The games that rich people play are different from ours.

There are many different things they can do.”

“Im so f*cking envious! If only I could win five million.”

“Even if you win 50 million every day, you wont be richer than Mr.


Other than that, even if you go bankrupt and have plastic surgery, you wont be able to achieve the same effect as Mr.


“I can f*cking dream, cant I Dont provoke me, okay”

After parking the car in the garage, Qu Bing saw the swimming pool not far away and said in surprise,

“Theres actually such a big swimming pool.”

“If you like it, you can go down and take a dip.”

“Thats not a good idea.

Im not a resident here.

If other owners see it, will they complain that Im intruding on their property”

“The nine villas are all mine.

There are no outsiders here.”

Qu Bing was shocked.

“What did you say The nine villas are all yours”

“Thats right.

I bought them all together back then.

Its more peaceful this way, and I dont have to deal with too many people.”

Qu Bing realized that she really could not understand what the rich were thinking.

Could it be that money was no longer a concept to them anymore

It was not wrong for Lu Fei to lose to someone like that.

“Im not going.

Its such a nice pool that itll be hard if I get addicted to swimming.”

Lin Yi smiled and changed the topic:

“Since youre not going to swim, you should change your clothes.

You cant keep wearing a bathing suit.”

“Got it.

Ill change right away.”

Lin Yi turned around to avoid being called a thug.

Qu Bing started to change her clothes and found that Lin Yi was still facing the opposite direction without any intention of turning around.

“Isnt he attractive enough Why doesnt Mr.

Lin have any other intentions” Qu Bing thought dejectedly.

“Is it because Mr.

Lin is a coward that he doesnt dare to do such a bold thing”

Womens hearts were like needles in the ocean.

If he peeked at her when she was changing, he would be called a thug.

If he did not peek, she would call him a coward.

It was too difficult.

A few minutes later, Qu Bing changed her clothes.

She wore a long dress with straps, exposing her beautiful collarbones.

Her whole body was exuding a kind of summer charm.


Lin, Ive changed.”

“Then lets go together.”

Lin Yi and Qu Bing got into the Koenigsegg after leaving the house.

They drove all the way to Qu Bings clothing store.

Unexpectedly, Qu Bings clothing store was very big.

It was at least 100 square meters large, and the decoration was quite exquisite.

It had a sort of modern vibe, but the prices of the clothes inside were not low.

People who were not of a certain status would not be able to afford it.

“Did you major in fashion design in university” Lin Yi asked

“Yes, yes.

I graduated from Donghua University.

They have the best fashion design program in China.” Qu Bing replied

She was quite proud of her alma mater.

Lin Yi had heard of Donghua University before.

It was indeed famous for its fashion design degree.

It was said to be a double-first-rate university.

No wonder Qu Bing was able to open her own clothing store.

Her strength was also outstanding.

“Since Ive already sent you back, Im leaving.” Lin Yi said.


Lin, why dont you stay for a while Ill make you a cup of tea to relieve the heat,” Qu Bing said.

“Theres something else I need to do.

I wont be staying here for long,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“By the way, can I have your card”

“My card” Qu Bing was ecstatic.

She did not think that Lin Yi would ask for her contact details.

Rich people had different ways of hitting on people.

That was the difference between them and regular folk.

Qu Bing took out a card and handed it to Lin Yi.

“The number on it is the same as my WeChat details.

If you find it troublesome to make a call, you can add me on WeChat.”

“Okay, got it.”

Lin Yi replied and drove away.

Now that the company had been established, he had to go through step-by-step processes to formalize it.

Hence, a uniform was necessary.

They could come and check this place out when the time came.

“Ill send you off.”

Lin Yi drove off under Qu Bings gaze and dialed Ji Qingyans number.

“Are you done Are you feeling tired” Ji Qingyan said with a smile on her face.

“Im not tired, but someone hasnt given me a five star review yet.

Do I need to remind you to be more proactive”

“So thats why you called me.” Ji Qingyan said.

“I wont give it to you.”

“Then dont even think about eating my food in the future.”

“Whats wrong with you”Ji Qingyan was terrified.

“Its just a five-star review, and you wont even let people eat because of it Thats too much.

Ill just give it to you.”

“Thats right.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“If theres nothing else, Ill get back to work.”

“Its almost time to get off work, so stop working.

Why are you always working so hard You dont need the money.”

“I have nothing else to do.” Lin Yi said.

“If you want to ask me out, I might reluctantly agree to it.”

“Hehe, youre so smooth,” Qingyan said with a smile.

“My parents are coming over tonight, so I wont be receiving you.

Come back tomorrow after they leave.

It just so happens that I just got the documents for the foundation back.

You can come to my place to get it.”

“No way.

It was done so quickly Thats quite fast.”

“Please dont be fooled by my appearance, Im much better than you.”

“Yes, yes, yes.

Youre the best.

Ill cook something delicious for you tomorrow as a reward.”

“Thats more like it.” Ji Qingyan said happily.

“Take care of yourself.

Just experience life.

Dont take it so seriously.”

“Yeah, you too.”

After a brief chat, Lin Yi hung up the phone.

Ji Qingyans five-star review was sent over very quickly, and the progress of the mission became (4/10).

If nothing unexpected happened, the mission could be completed tomorrow.

He went to the roadside to eat at a food stall, then continued to work.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as he was about to accept the order, the phone in his pocket suddenly rang.

It was a call from the second son of the dormitory, Zhang Song.

“Boss, are you busy Let me tell you some good news.

I might make a trip to Zhong Hai in a few days.

Would you like to receive me”


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