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“Go, go, go, what nonsense are you spouting” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly.

“Ill give you one more chance.

Guess who he is.”

“Im not going to guess.

Im meeting the new boss later, so Im nervous right now,” He Yuanyuan said.

“In any case, he cant be your boyfriend.”

“Actually, he is…”

Lin Yi stopped her mid-sentence with his eyes.

She understood what Lin Yi meant.

It was a good interview process.

“Ah, senior, you dont have to explain.

I wont misunderstand your relationship,” He Yuanyuan said.

“I remember when I was in school, a senior gave you a love letter and you went to complain to the teacher.

I know you are a proper person.”

Ji Qingyan blushed.

It was too embarrassing to say such an embarrassing thing in front of Lin Yi.

As she spoke, He Yuanyuan pointed at Qi Xianzhao.

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“Senior, let me introduce him to you first.

Hes Qi Xianzhao.

I met him when I went to America as an exchange student.

His business skills are top-notch, but he just returned to China.

Hes a little out of place, and hes not used to the domestic financial market.

Hell get used to it over time.”

“Hello, President Ji.”


The two simply shook hands as a form of greeting.

“Have the two of you eaten Do you want to eat together”

“Hehe, then I wont stand on ceremony with you,” He Yuanyuan said.

“Brother Qis flight is at 12 oclock.

I went to the airport to pick him up.

He hasnt had lunch yet, so hes starving to death.”

“Thats just fine.

Lets eat together.”

“Thank you, President Ji, for your kindness.

Im still not hungry after eating on the plane.”

Qi Xianzhao was still a little nervous because it was his first time meeting Ji Qingyan.

It would be impolite to sit down and eat under such circumstances.

Lin Yi gave Qi Xianzhao a look of approval.

He was a nice and steadfast person.

“Brother Qi, are you sure you dont want some” He Yuanyuan said.

“Senior isnt an outsider, and the new boss isnt here yet.

Dont be shy.”

“No, no.

You and President Ji can eat first.

Im really not hungry.”

“Then I wont worry about you.

Im starving to death.”

He Yuanyuan picked up a piece of steamed bun with her chopsticks, and her eyes lit up.

She was jumping with excitement.

“Senior, this steamed bun is amazing.

I didnt expect to get such authentic northeastern food in Zhong Hai.

You have a good male secretary.”

“Impressive, isnt it”Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

She wasnt in a hurry to expose Lin Yis identity.

“Yeah, yeah.

I was wondering why you got so fat.

It turns out you were being raised by a breeder.”

“Im only three pounds heavier.

Its not as bad as you said,” Ji Qingyan said, embarrassed.

“Looks like Ill have to come to your place more often in the future,” He Yuanyuan said.

“I can eat my fill and still look good.”

“Dont just eat.

Hows your situation Youre still working, right”

Lin Yi remembered that Ji Qingyan had told him that He Yuanyuan was now the CFO of Meituan.

If he looked at it that way, it seemed like she was his boss.

After all, he was an errand boy under the Meituan flag.

“Yeah, although were on good terms, were at the stage of mutual inspection,” He Yuanyuan said in a serious tone.

“I might like him, but the new boss might now like me.

Maybe the new boss likes me, but I dont like him.

That way, I have a backup plan.

If we hit it off, Ill find the time to quit.” He Yuanyuan said seriously.

“Youre right.”

“I cant help it.

Im not as capable as you, so I have to keep a backup plan.” He Yuanyuan said.

She waved at Lin Yi.

“Handsome, can you get me a glass of water Your food is so delicious that Im choking.”


Lin Yi replied and poured a glass of water for He Yuanyuan.

“Thank you, Handsome.” He Yuanyuan smiled at Lin Yi.

“If you lose President Jis favor one day, come to me.

Ill treat you well.”

“Okay.” Lin Yi smiled.

It seemed like she really wanted to meet her new boss, so He Yuanyuan took a bite and put away her chopsticks.

The new boss would be here soon.

If the new boss saw her eating until her mouth was full of oil, it would be too inapropriate.

After all the preparations were done, He Yuanyuan looked at her watch and said,

“Senior Sister, whats going on Its already 12:10, so why isnt the new boss here yet Hes not punctual, is he”

Qi Xianzhao looked at his watch, and his expression was a little solemn.

His impression of the new boss had been greatly reduced.

Punctuality was the most basic quality, and he didnt even inform them beforehand.

If he couldnt even do that, then the new boss character would fall under scrutiny.

“Cough cough cough…”

Ji Qingyan intentionally coughed a few times.

“Actually, your new boss has already arrived.”

“Already arrived Where is he Isnt it just the four of us”

Ji Qingyan stood up and said seriously,

“Let me introduce you guys to your family.

The person standing next to you is the founder of Lingyun Foundation, Lin Yi.”


He Yuanyuan almost spat out a mouthful of blood.

“W-what did you say, Senior Hes our new boss”

Qi Xianzhao was stunned as well.

What was going on with the new boss

Hed been working as a spy here the whole time

“Actually, I didnt want to hide it from you.

You did this to yourself.

From the very beginning, you formed an impression of him that you didnt give me a chance to correct.”

He Yuanyuan panicked.

She was even a little at a loss.

To be able to have such a close relationship with her senior sister, it meant that his identity definitely would not be ordinary.

Why did she think he was a chef

Moreover, she even asked him to pour water for her.

Was this the blood of an aunty flowing back into her brain

“Im sorry, Mr.


I didnt mean it.

I really didnt know you were Mr.

Lin.” He Yuanyuan said.

“If the taste of the dishes was worse, I wouldnt have mistaken you for a chef.”

“Its just a small matter.

Theres no need to apologize.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Lets move on from that.

Lets talk about work.

Just like you said, this is a phase of mutual inspection.”

“Thank you, Mr.


“Qingyan told me a lot about your situation before.

Im not going to ask about your abilities and character.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask me now.”

He Yuanyuan combed her hair and looked at Qi Xianzhao.


Lin, are you going to focus on the foundation in the future”

“No,” Lin Yi said.

“The foundation is a project based on my personal will.

Its very personal and wont be the focus of my future business.”

“Then whats Mr.

Lins business plan”

This was what he Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao cared about the most.

A small foundation wasnt enough to satisfy their ambitions!

Birds flew far with the phoenix, and a man with a virtuous character stands tall.

What they wanted was to achieve higher self-worth, not to find a high salary to eat and wait for death.

Lin Yi was silent for a few seconds, then said faintly,

“I want to dominate global commercial business.

Will you believe me if I said that”


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