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“Sure, sure.” Weiran nodded.

“Ive known about this since junior high.”

That was so cool!

Hed understood it since junior high.

“Then lets discuss it when we have the chance.”


Lin Yi waved goodbye and drove away under everyones envious gazes.

“Weiran, he only knows a little bit of physics.

Whats the point Hes just an errand boy,” Jianzhang said indignantly.

“So what if hes an errand boy Hes good-looking.”

“You guys arent even on the same level!”

“As long as hes good-looking.”

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“Good-looking people are usually unreliable!”

“So what if hes unreliable Thats not important.”

Zhang Jian, “…”

Lin Yi drove away and soon received a five-star positive review from Zhao Weiran.

Apart from the five-star positive review, there was also a message from the system reminding him that his score was too low and that he needed to improve the quality of his service.

“How much higher” Lin Yi complained.

“Those customers bad habits are all caused by you guys.”

Lin Yi ignored the system notification and called Zhang Song instead.

“Boss, whats Up”

“Its already noon.

Have you eaten yet”

“I ate with the customers here.

Boss, you dont have to worry about me.

Dont worry, I wont starve to death.”

“Alright, Ill hang up first.”


Since they were quite far from the Peninsula Hotel, Lin Yi grabbed a bite at the roadside and continued to take orders.

At the same time, he was muttering about when the systems next mission would arrive.

“You have a new order, please check it carefully.”

Looking at the contents of the order, he saw that he was being asked to go to a logistics warehouse on Zhongxuan Road to pick up a set of goods.

It didnt say anything else.

Lin Yi didnt immediately move out after receiving the order.

Usually, the items that were sent through a logistics company were big items.

If they were small items, express delivery would do.

Whether he had the ability to get even deliver it was a problem.

After calling the customer, Lin Yi politely said,

“Hi Lil Bro, Im the errand boy.

May I ask what item you want me to pick up”

“Stop, stop, stop, how can you talk like this” A sharp womans voice with a thick accent came from the phone.

She sounded very mean.

“Im in my forties, and you call me brother How old are you Arent you trying to take advantage of me”

Lin Yi, “…”

“Aunty, dont get me wrong, Little Brother is just a nickname.

Theres no other meaning behind it.”

“Whats wrong with you, young man Am I that old Do you know what I look like Let me tell you, I take good care of myself.

I look like Im in my twenties.

What right do you have to call me Aunty”

What the f*ck!

“Miss, Id like to ask, what did you ask me to pick up” Lin Yi said speechlessly.

“A bookshelf.

Ive written the address in the remarks.

You can find it at the logistics warehouse.” The woman on the phone said.

“Hurry up and bring it to me.”

“The bookshelf is too big.

Its not within my capabilities.

Youd better hire a truck.

This is not something I can do.”

“What do you mean its not within your capabilities Doesnt your slogan say that you can help the customer solve any problems in life Why cant you even carry a bookshelf” The woman on the phone was unwilling to compromise and said,

“My bookshelf isnt that big either.

Its only about 100 pounds, why cant you take it Whats the matter Arent you willing to listen to me”

“Ive already said that large goods arent within my capabilities.

I suggest you hire a truck.

Dont you understand”

“Its at least 200 dollars to hire a truck.

Do you think all my money comes from the wind”

“Alright, lets not keep discussing.

You can find someone else to take the job.”

Lin Yi didnt waste any more words.

He hung up and blocked the number.

What the f*ck, there were all kinds of idiots in this world.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At that moment, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was from Sun Fuyu.

He had given them a mission a few days ago, and it was most likely related to the project.


Lin, something happened to the lithography machine.”

Lin Yi frowned.

“What happened”

“After you left the other day, we contacted A**L from the Netherlands and wanted to order two of the most advanced photolithography machines.

We signed the contract and the deposit, but A**Ls sales manager called me this morning and said that our research institute had problems with international credit.

He rejected our order and even sent back the deposit alongside some compensation.”

“Is there a problem with our international credit” Lin Yi narrowed his eyes, feeling that things werent as simple as they appeared.

“What happened after that Did you make any additional negotiations with them”

“I did, but no matter what I said, they rejected our offer on the grounds of international credit,” Sun Fuyu said angrily.

“I think someone might be doing something bad in the dark, trying to sabotage our purchase plan this time.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

“No one else would do something like that other than Cisco.”

Sun Fuyu was silent for a few seconds.

“I thought the same at first, but based on my understanding of Cisco, I dont think they have the ability to influence A**Ls decision.”

“They might not have the ability, but someone else might.” Lin Yi said.


Lin, are you saying that theres someone else involved”

“Thats right,” Lin Yi said.

“Its like you said, Cisco isnt capable of doing something like this if its a one-on-one fight.”

“Its like a house falling into a storm.

If Cisco were to cooperate with other R&D institutions, itd be a big blow to us, too,” Sun Fuyu said worriedly.

“If that were the case, its actually not too bad.

It wouldnt be too serious.”

“Hmm Mr.

Lin, do you think theres another possibility”

Lin Yi nodded, “If Cisco is working with other R&D organizations, theres nothing to be afraid of.

If theres a higher level of capital behind Cisco, then things arent going to be easy.

It wont be easy to fight a war if we dont even know who the enemy is.”

“I understand what you mean.” Sun Fuyu said.

“Are you saying that its very likely that the capital behind Cisco influenced A**Ls decision, and thats why this happened”

“Thats right.” Lin Yi said after a few seconds of silence.

“Lets put the photolithography matter aside for now.

Ill make a trip to your place when I have time.

During this period of time, you work with Lu Ying to develop the new system.”

“Understood, Mr.


After hanging up the phone, Lin Yi sat quietly in the car.

Hed never thought that hed be stopped from buying a photolithography machine.

He still needed some time to think of a way to deal with this.


Lin Yi took a deep breath, a barely noticeable smile slowly forming on his face.

It seemed like he wasnt the only one whod realized the use of the semiconductor chip.

He had revealed the dark secret behind this technology.


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