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“Alright, if you know your mistakes, then correct them.

This is also a rare quality.”

The female receptionist did not hesitate and settled her emotions.

“I apologize for what happened just now.”

The people who came to train the examinees all had unfriendly expressions.

“This person is really snobbish.

She always makes a big fuss in front of us.

Whenever she sees a rich person, she always grovels.”

“Theres nothing we can do.

Hes handsome and rich.

Even his farts are fragrant.

We cant compare to him.”

“These women are like begging dogs.

Ive finally seen her face clearly.”

“Im never going to like the pretty girls on Douyin again.

They look like goddesses, but theyre secretly playthings for rich people.”

While the riders were whispering, a woman in a uniform walked over from not far away.

Lin Yi glanced at the badge on her uniform.

Her name was Duan Ping, the administrative assistant in the operations department.

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“Keep your voices down!” Duan Ping ordered.

“This isnt a noisy place!”

Duan Pings aura was even more imposing than the female receptionists.

The riders were so scared that they didnt dare to speak.

“Youre all here for the training assessment, right Come upstairs with me.”

The crowd didnt say anything as they followed Duan Pings footsteps towards the elevator.

“Hey, hey, hey, Mister, dont go with them.

Theyre riders here for training,” the female receptionist said.

“Just tell me what business youre here from.”

“Im a rider from Meituan and Im here for training.”

“W-what did you say Youre a rider”

“To be exact, Im an errand boy.”


The other riders laughed when they found out Lin Yis identity.

“Haha, this guy is awesome.

He even fooled that girl.”

“Look at that female receptionist.

Her face is turning green.

This is so interesting.”

“Thatll teach her to show off.

Now shell lose everything.”

The female receptionist had an ugly expression on her face.

She pointed at Lin Yis nose and said, “You lied to me!”

“What did I lie to you about” Lin Yi said innocently.

“I didnt say that I was a rich boss.

You said everything yourself.”


The receptionist was so angry that she couldnt say anything.

She didnt think that he was wearing a fake name tag!

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She had misjudged him!

“Bye bye, Im going for training now.”

Duan Ping frowned slightly when she heard the argument between Lin Yi and the receptionist.

What the hell was going on with this guy He didnt even wear a uniform to training, what a disgrace!

The group went up to the third floor and was led to the conference room by Duan Ping.

The layout was a bit like a university classroom with a projector in front of it.

If this were another location, it would be no different from a classroom.

“Find a place to sit,” Duan Ping said.

“Ill call the manager over.

Manager Liu will tell you the details of the training when he gets here.”

Duan Ping turned and left after saying that, as if the people present owed her money.

Not long after, a man in a suit walked in.

He wasnt tall, but he was a little chubby.

His looks werent outstanding, but he had an imposing manner.

Lin Yi glanced at the badge on his body.

His name was Liu Shuang, the assistant manager of the operations department.

He could be considered Lin Yis direct superior.

After entering the room, Liu Shuang glanced at the people in the room before his gaze landed on Lin Yi.

“Whats wrong with this guy Is he also one of Meituans riders”

“Hes an errand boy.”

“Then why arent you wearing a uniform Do you think your clothes look good Are you here for a beauty contest”

Lin Yi smiled.

“If its a beauty contest, you wont be able to beat me even if I wore a uniform.”

“Watch your language.

This isnt the place for you to be talking nonsense,” Duan Ping said coldly, not giving him any special treatment because of his looks.

Lin Yi shrugged and stopped talking, wanting to see what they were going to do next.

“Looking at your age, you should all be experienced riders.

I really dont understand why you have so many bad reviews.” Liu Shuang said.

“Cant you control your temper”

“Manager Liu, its not our fault.

Those clients were too unreasonable.

They either asked us to help them take out the garbage or pick up the express delivery.

There was even one time when they asked me to help them move.

I didnt agree and they gave me a bad review.

Do you think you can blame us for this”

“Dont you know who you are All of you are not young anymore, yet you dont think about how to support your families.

How can you still get angry at the clients I think the company was too lenient with your management.”

Everyone was silent.

If this kind of management was lenient, wouldnt it be fatal if it became strict

“Since you are all here today, I wont say any more nonsense,” Liu Shuang continued.

“Each of you will pay a deposit of 3,000 dollars and reflect for three hours.

After that, I will unlock your accounts.

As for what will happen in the future, you yourselves are aware.

I dont want to talk nonsense anymore.”

“A deposit of 3,000 dollars!”

Hearing this number, the riders in the house could not sit still.

3,000 dollars was equivalent to half a months salary.

Although it was made to sound like a deposit, no one would be able to get it back.

To put it bluntly, they had lost 3,000 dollars for no reason.

“Whats the matter Do you still have objections” Liu Shuang raised his eyebrows and said.

“If you have any objections, then fine.

The door is behind me.

Get lost now.

If youre not willing to do this.

Countless others are willing to do it!”

Everyone in the room were angry but did not dare to speak up.

If it was possible, none of them would be willing to do this kind of work of serving others.

However, reality was cruel.

They did not have enviable academic qualifications and did not have any skills.

Many of them were migrant workers.

Faced with such unfair treatment, the vast majority of them chose to swallow their anger and did not dare to speak up.

If the world was peaceful, who would be willing to be homeless

If they were not desperate, who would swallow their anger

“Stop dawdling.

Manager Lius time is very precious.

If you want to continue working, hurry up and hand over the deposit.

If you dont want to work, leave now.

No one will stop you.”

The atmosphere in the room was silent.

They did not want to hand over the money, but they did not know how to resist.

“If we resign, can we get back the 2,000 dollar deposit we paid when we registered” A young rider asked.

“You still want the deposit Are you that shameless” Liu Shuang said bluntly:

“Dont you know how many bad reviews and complaints you received The companys reputation has been ruined by you.

Its already good enough that you arent being fined, yet you still want to ask us for the deposit Are you dreaming”

The young rider clenched his fists.

If he had a little more courage, he would slam the door and leave right now!

He had just gotten married last year, and his wife was pregnant.

This made him swallow all his unhappiness.

“You guys are a little too much.” Lin Yi said faintly.

“I know that Meituan is dark and shameless, but dont you guys have limits Your eating style is too ugly.”


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