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“You fired us as well”

Liu Shuang had the urge to curse.

If you were about to quit, whats the point of screwing with us!

At He Yuanyuans level, the HR department didnt have the authority to approve the resignation and needed the signature of the president of the group.

He Yuanyuan had already completed all of her tasks.

She only came to the HR Department as a formality.

After completing the resignation procedures, He Yuanyuan ignored Liu Shuang and Duan Ping and left with Lin Yi.

“Brother Liu, they played us both!”Duan Ping said.

“That Lin Yi has a very good relationship with He Yuanyuan.

Hes too much!”

“I know that!” Liu Shuang said indignantly.

“Damn it, I wont let him go!”

“Youre not going to take revenge on He Yuanyuan, are you” Duan Ping asked.

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“Although she left her job, her social connections are still there.

The two of us cant beat her.”

“I cant afford to mess with someone like He Yuanyuan, but I have to talk to that Lin Yi,” Liu Shuang said.

“Lets go down quickly and follow him quietly.

When hes alone, Ill teach him a lesson!”

After exiting the personnel department, the two of them took the elevator downstairs.

“Director Lin, in order to protect you from getting hurt, I even fired two people before I resigned.

Dont you want to show your gratitude to an employee like me, who is brave and generous in protecting you”

“With a handsome boss like me, you can save a few pounds of cucumbers and eggplants for sleepless nights.

Did I charge you for this”

“No wonder you became the boss while Im just a part-time worker,” He Yuanyuan said.

“Im too thin-skinned.”

“You finally understand the true meaning of business,” Lin Yi said seriously.

“An impotent man once said,Can you still do business if you have a sense of shame\'”

He Yuanyuan gave a thumbs-up in admiration.

“Boss is so cool!”

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At that moment, He Yuanyuans phone rang.

Lin Yi glanced at it and saw that it seemed to be her former CEO.

“Okay, I got it.

“Thank you, President Zhao.

Well keep in touch.”

“Did your boss ask you to stay” Lin Yi asked after He Yuanyuan hung up the phone.

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“No, its all because of what you did just now.”

“Whats wrong”

“The recording has reached President Zhaos ears.

He called me, hoping that I could talk to him and ask you to delete the recording.

He promised that he would correct the unreasonable system.”

“Okay, I got it.”

“What do you mean you got it Lets delete the recording.”

“Delete what” Lin Yi said.

“I didnt record anything at all.

I was just fooling those two idiots.”

He Yuanyuan, “…”

You two idiots, why did you make things difficult for director Lin Sigh…

“By the way, how far have you progressed with Cisco” Lin Yi asked.

“Weve already made an appointment.

Well talk at their company tomorrow at 9:00.”

“Wheres Old Qi Whats he doing” Lin Yi asked.

“Hes practicing the posturing routines you gave him at the company.”

“Whats a posturing routine”Lin Yi said.

“Its the self-cultivation of an actor.”

“Fine, youre the boss.

Whatever you say, as long as you dont deduct my pay.”

At that moment, the elevator door opened and a sharp voice sounded.

“Its you!”

Lin Yi looked up and realized that the person who spoke was the female receptionist who had treated him as a big shot.

“What did I do”

“You have the nerve to say that!” The female receptionist was furious.

“Youre just an errand boy, yet you were pretending to be rich in front of me.

What are your intentions Do you think Im easy to fool!”

He Yuanyuan, “”

The boss and the receptionist knew each other

It was just a visit to the company.

How much trouble did you get into!

“Cough cough cough…”

Lin Yi coughed twice and looked at He Yuanyuan.

“She was rude to me just now.

What do you think we should do”


“What do you think we should do I already quit my job,” He Yuanyuan said softly.

“Figure it out, or do you want me to fire you”

He Yuanyuan, “…”

Wheres my knife!

“Cough cough cough…”

He Yuanyuan pretended to be calm as she looked at the female receptionist.

“Your name is Wu Ting, right”

“He… President He, do you two know each other”

Even though He Yuanyuan had resigned, only a few people knew about it.

The others in the company did not know that she had resigned.

“Whether we know each other or not has nothing to do with you,” He Yuanyuan said,

“I dont think youre qualified to be the receptionist anymore.

Pack your things and leave.”

“I… Im being fired”

“Thats right.

Lets go to the personnel department now.”

After saying that, He Yuanyuan left first.

She was afraid that she would be exposed, and she was cussing in her heart.

When she had time, she had to repent to Buddha.

She had to eat vegetarian and pray to Buddha every day.

Otherwise, hanging out with such a boss would definitely shorten her lifespan.

He Yuanyuan looked at Lin Yi as they walked out of the building.

“Boss, I havent finished the task you gave me yet, so Ill be leaving first.” He Yuanyuan said.

“Dont come looking for me if you need to do such wicked things in the future.

Im too unlucky to be a bad person.”

He Yuanyuan didnt give Lin Yi a chance to speak as she hurriedly left in her high heels, afraid that her life would be shortened.

Lin Yi stretched his back.

Now that his account had been unlocked, he had to continue taking orders.

He had to see what the next mission was.

“Stop right there!”

Just as he pressed the car key, he heard someone calling him from behind.

It was Liu Shuang and Duan Ping from before.

“You two are looking for me”

Liu Shuangs heart skipped a beat when she saw Koenigseggs scissor door open.

“This, this car is yours”

“Whats wrong Cant it be”

“Sure, but how can you use a sports car to run errands Its such a waste.”

“I have nowhere else to spend my money.”

Liu Shuang, “…”

Duan Ping, “…”

Lin Yi looked at the two of them.

“Did you come all the way here to look for me”

“No, nothing…”

Liu Shuang replied with trepidation.

Lin Yi was driving a sports car, so he couldnt afford to offend him!

“I… I just wanted to give you a ride.”

“Thank you for your kindness.” Lin Yi sighed.

“I wouldnt have let He Yuanyuan fire you if I knew this was going to happen.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi stepped on the accelerator and drove away.

The two of them were left in a mess from the wind.

As he drove away, just as Lin Yi was waiting for the order, the sound of a system notification rang in his mind.

[ Change the rules of the industry, increased the living conditions of the employees at the bottom.

Reward 300,000 experience points! ]

[ Experience points:90%, reward 2 billion USD! ]


Lin Yi stepped on the brake and reacted after a few seconds.

Did he complete the mission just like that

The system said that he had changed the rules of the industry and increased the living conditions of the employees at the bottom.

It was probably because of the recording.

He Yuanyuan had just told him that their boss had agreed to change the unreasonable rules to give the riders at the bottom better working conditions.

That was what the system was referring to.

After understanding the sequence of events, Lin Yis eyes fell on the reward.

300,000 experience points!

This was the first time in history!

It seemed that his unintentional actions had had a big impact on the entire industry.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been awarded so many points.

However, most importantly, his job completion rate had reached 90%!

In other words, he could unlock a new job ahead of time!

At the same time, the system notification sounded.

[ Job completion rate: 90%, you can unlock a new job ahead of time.


[ New job unlock (Yes/No)]

[ Experience job: Clinician.


[ Job completion: 0%.


[ New job gift pack, 10 million USD.

One set of alloy scalpels.



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