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The people on Ciscos side didnt say anything.

They were all holding their breath, waiting for Qi Xianzhaos response.

1 billion and 3 billion!

The difference was no small amount!

If they could get a big order of 3 billion, then Cisco would be unrivalled in the entire country!

They might even become a world-class technology company!

However, if they only signed for 1 billion dollars, then the impact would not be as great.

Everyones gaze fell on He Yuanyuan.

If she was just an ordinary CEOs secretary, so she wouldnt have the qualifications to say such things.

However, according to the rumors, this He Yuanyuan was the younger sister of Didis CEO, Cheng Shuang!

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This kind of status would give her enough say!

Moreover, the two of them were still lovers, so her words would definitely affect Qi Xianzhaos decision!

“Youre right.

Im just afraid that their products wont be able to maintain a technological lead for the coming year.

This will have a huge impact on our companys future layout and planning.

It wont be something that liquidated damages can afford.”

At this point, He Yuanyuan didnt know how to act anymore.

She could only improvise.

“Actually, I also have such concerns,” Qi Xianzhao replied faintly.

“In that case, Ill listen to you.

Well sign the one billion contract first.”

He Yuanyuan heaved a sigh of relief.

She had finally pulled Brother Qi back.

The Cisco teams expressions fell.

They hadnt expected that in just a minute, the three billion contract would shrink to one billion!

This made the executives present a little unable to accept it!

“Director Qi, before you make your decision, can you give us a few minutes”

“Okay,” Qi Xianzhao replied indifferently with an imposing aura.

He Yuanyuan was impressed.

Brother Qi was really a natural actor.

No wonder he earned more than her in the past.

After buying a few minutes, Yun Jieming, Yan Hongyu, and Liu Chu went to the stairwell outside the conference room and lit a cigarette.

“Director Liu, regarding the competitiveness of the product, there shouldnt be any problems, right”

This was the issue that Yun Jieming was most concerned about.

Whether he could win this big deal or not depended on Liu Chu.

“In my opinion, it shouldnt be a problem to ensure the competitiveness of the product for the next year.”

“I dont want to hear theshould, I want a definite answer.” Yun Jieming replied.

He was only the vice president who was in charge of sales.

The other vice presidents had more authority than him.

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Whether he could become the number one person below the president in the future would depend on this project.

Liu Chu went through the research and development process of the chip in his mind.

In the end, he gave a definite answer, “No problem!”

Yun Jieming wanted to rely on this project to solidify his position in the company.

So did Liu Chu.

If he could not give a definite answer, his position in the company would definitely plummet in the future.

Moreover, the chip 1.0 technology was definitely the best in the industry.

Other than Longxin, no one else had the capability to create such a thing, and Longxin was currently trapped.

In that case, it was impossible for others to develop a more efficient chip in a years time!

“Alright! This is the answer I want!”

The three of them put out their cigarette butts and returned to the meeting room.

“Im really sorry to have kept you two waiting,” said Yun Jieming politely.

“Its alright.”

“Director Qi, I know that your concerns are focused on the competitiveness of the product.

If we guarantee that the product is ahead in terms of development, will you be able to dispel your concerns in this regard” Yun Jieming proposed seriously.

“Yes, I can.”

“Then, I, as the vice president of Cisco Holdings Limited, guarantee to you that over the next year, we will definitely be ahead in terms of technology!” Yun Jieming said,

“And in order to express our sincerity, as long as Director Qi signs an order of three billion, we can compensate you with ten times the contract amount for any breach of contract.

Now, this should be able to dispel your doubts, right”

He Yuanyuan rolled her eyes.

Even if you said a hundred times, it would be useless.

Boss Lin only gave him 1 billion dollars, and that was all he could work with.

“Since Director Yun has said so, I cant be too stingy.

3 billion it is.

Get someone to prepare the contract!”

He Yuanyuan was stunned once again.

What was Brother Qi doing!

It wasnt easy for her to pull him back.

Why was he free to do as he pleased again!

Suddenly, He Yuanyuan realized that her hand was being held under the table.

It was Brother Qi!

Suddenly, He Yuanyuan realized that Brother Qis rationale was still there, and there might be other reasons behind him doing this.

“Okay, I will get someone to prepare the contract now!”

“Okay, Go!”

Ten minutes later, Yun Jiemings secretary walked in with a thick stack of contracts.

Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan demonstrated their high level of business acumen.

They carefully read through the contract and found no problems, so they signed it.

Seeing Qi Xianzhao sign it, Yun Jieming heaved a sigh of relief.

The contract was signed, and it was a done deal.

A full three billion dollar contract!

It was two billion more than expected!

With this contract, his position in the company would be below only one person and above ten thousand people!

The other vice presidents would be trampled under his feet!

After the contract was signed, the executives of both parties stood up and shook hands.

“Director Qi, thank you for your trust in Cisco.

We definitely wont let you down.

I hope we can work together in the future.”

“We will.

Lets hope we will have a successful relationship.” Lin Yi said.


Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan left Cisco under the escort of a group of executives and got into Lin Yis Rolls-Royce.

“This isnt human work.”

Qi Xianzhao was like a deflated balloon after leaving Cisco.

He half-collapsed on the backseat, as if all his energy had been drained.

“Qi, whats going on Its one thing for you to add drama to your show, but why did you increase the contract amount to three billion” He Yuanyuan asked.

“Just look at this message.”

Qi Xianzhao handed his phone to He Yuanyuan.

There was a message from Lin Yi on it.

“Increase the contract amount to three billion.”

“Whats going on Didnt he say one billion How did it increase to three billion”

“I dont know either.

I wouldnt dare to say that if I didnt hear from President Lin.”

“No wonder you were playing with your phone during the meeting.

So youve heard from him,” He Yuanyuan said.

“But why did you change your mind at this crucial moment If Cisco saw this, all our efforts would have been wasted.”

Qi Xianzhao shrugged.

“President Lin is full of ideas, so who knows”

At first, Lin Yi set the contract amount at one billion because he only had so much money in his pocket.

But yesterday, he completed the system mission and rewarded another two billion.

He had a total of three and a half billion in working capital.


After thinking about it, Lin Yi left 500 million for the normal operation and expenses of the company.

The remaining three billion was used for this gamble!

“Ill have to ask Lin about it when we get back,” He Yuanyuan said, relieved.

“But Qi Bro, I just found out that youre really talented in acting.

You even know how to add scenes for yourself.

If it wasnt for my quick reaction, I wouldnt have known how to act.”

“Its all thanks to Lins good teaching/ I played hard to get with them,” Qi Xianzhao said,

“If it werent for Boss Lins guidance, how would I know so much”

“Youre right.

Boss Lin has so many tricks up his sleeve.

No ordinary person can compare to him.”

“I dont know about others, but Im convinced,” Qi Xianzhao said with a smile,

“Even if I dont make it to the top in the future, itll be because of myself and no one else.”


If I dont succeed in anything while working with such a boss, itll really be my own fault,” He Yuanyuan said seriously,

“But theres also the risk of losing my life in the process.

Its better to hurry up and invite Buddha to come back and worship him on the fifteenth day of the New Year.”


After Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan left, Yun Jieming took the contract and went to the presidents office.

In the presidents office sat a man in his fifties.

He was fat and had white hair on the sides of his head, but his aura was still strong.

The mans name was Cao Jiadong, the boss of Cisco Ltd.

When he saw Yun Jieming walk in, Cao Jiadong stood up.

“Hows the negotiation going, is there a problem”

Yun Jieming handed over the contract and said excitedly,

“President Cao, everything is settled, and the final contract amount is set at 3 billion.

After lying dormant for so many years, our Cisco is finally about to have a chance to take off!”

“3 billion!”

Cao Jiadong looked surprised, “Didnt we agree on 1 billion before, why did it increase so much”

Yun Jieming smiled, his face still glowing with pride.

“Initially, the other party only wanted to sign an order of 1 billion, but because I negotiated with them, I successfully got them to sign an order of 3 billion.”

“Not bad, not bad.”

Cao Jiadong said with satisfaction, but his expression was not as excited as Yun Jieming had expected.

Having been in the business world for many years, Cao Jiadong deeply understood the principle of not getting up early without benefits.

It was not normal for him to add two billion without any additional clauses.

“How is the contract structured” Cao Jiadong asked, “Did they sign according to our wishes”

“Yes.” Yun Jieming nodded, “They only made one request which is that we must guarantee that our products will be the most technologically advanced in the country.

Other than that, they did not make any other requests.”


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