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Cao Jiadongs smile froze.

After a few seconds, he said slowly,

“This was their only request”

“Thats right.”

Playing with the pen in his hand, Cao Jiadong said,

“These days, we have received quite a number of orders, but Didi seems to be the first to make such a request.

Is there any risk involved”

“Dont worry, President Cao.

Ive thought about this issue carefully.” Yun Jieming said.

“Didi is the leader of the domestic travel industry.

Their big data is crucial to the operation of the company.”

“According to my guess, the reason why Didi is so interested in the competitiveness of its products is to ensure its position in the industry.”

Cao Jiadong nodded.

“If thats the case, it makes sense, but have you talked to Liu Chu about the competitiveness of its products”

“I have!” Yun Jieming said.

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“Right now, we and Longxin are the only ones in the market.

We have conquered the terminal program of the control unit, but we have firmly restrained Longxin.”

“Other than that, all the patented technologies have already been declared.

Even later on, other scientific research institutions will have developed the same terminal program.

However, they will definitely need to use our patented technology.

It is no problem for us to guarantee our absolute competitiveness for the coming year.”

“As for the identity of the other party, there shouldnt be any problems, right”

“Weve already confirmed that these two are indeed Didis newly appointed senior executives.

In terms of process, there shouldnt be any problems.” The more Yun Jieming spoke, the more excited he became.

“Now, with this 3 billion order, Ciscos future will definitely rise to a higher level, and it will become the leader of the industry in one leap.

No one will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with us!”

Cao Jiadong lit a cigarette and leaned against the back of his chair, saying,

“This contract is too large.

With our production capacity and the supply of the capital chain, Im afraid it will be difficult to keep up.

I hope that they can make a portion of the advance payment to show their sincerity.

Only then will we be able to work freely.”

Yun Jiemings expression was a little awkward, “Ill try my best.”

“I know this task is a little difficult, but Im also testing Didis attitude.

If they can transfer 500 million in project funds in advance, we can inform the factory to kickstart production.” Cao Jiadong said.

“As for the other orders, delay them as much as you can.

Do your best to maintain the cooperation with Didi.

This is the turning point for Ciscos meteoric rise.

We mustnt make any mistakes!”

“Please rest assured, president Cao.

Ill definitely complete the task perfectly!”

Lin Yi and Zhang Song were at Wangjiang Dock when He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhao returned triumphantly.

He had just parked his car when He Yuanyuans call came.

“Boss Lin, the mission was completed successfully.

We signed an order of three billion dollars.

If the other party defaults, they will pay ten times the penalty fee.”

“Huh Ten Times”

Lin Yi was confused.

“I asked you to fight for three times the penalty fee, but you got ten times”

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“Brother Qi added a scene for himself at the scene.

He asked Ciscos people to increase the penalty fee to ten times.

Even I, a veteran actress from the acting industry, was stunned by his acting skills.”

“Awesome!” Lin Yi said.

“Add a drumstick to Old Qis dinner tonight, and the company will reimburse the expenses.”

He Yuanyuans news was a pleasant surprise to Lin Yi.

According to his original plan, he could only cripple Cisco, but now he could directly kill them.

He didnt need to give them crutches, he could just order the urn immediately.

“Lin, where are you The first step of the plan has been completed.

What should we do next Shouldnt we make some arrangements” He Yuanyuan asked.

“Its difficult at this point,”Lin Yi said awkwardly.

“Im planning to set up a factory in Africa soon, and Im doing some research here.”

“Africa” He Yuanyuan raised her voice.

“The domestic sector is so good, so why are you building a factory in Africa”

“You dont understand.

Africa is vast and sparsely populated, and the labor force is unsaturated.

It can even create more jobs for executives like you.

Its a good thing.”

“Lin, youre working too hard.

Dont tire yourself out too much.

If you have work that you cant finish, just leave it to me and Brother Qi.

Why do you have to do it yourself”

“Its okay.

Im the boss.

Its only natural for me to do more,” Lin Yi said.

“I cant be a heartless boss.

I have to treat my employees well…”

“Boss, this dock is too big, and the beach is full of white-legged girls.

Its too exciting,” Zhang Song exclaimed.

He Yuanyuan, “”

“Boss Lin, there are white-legged girls in Africa too”

“The number you called is not in the service area…”

After hanging up, Lin Yi unbuckled his seatbelt and got out of the car.

“Dont be so surprised, you almost scared me to death.”

“Its mostly because its my first time seeing so many white thighs.

Im so excited,” Zhang Song said.

“I just dont know what their level is, but Im going to join the competition shortly.”

Lin Yi, “…:

After parking the car, Lin Yi took Zhang Song to the operations hall.

They were going to rent a boat and take him out to play.

“Its you!”

Just as they entered the operations hall, they heard a scream before Lin Yi could say anything.

They turned their heads and noticed that the person who spoke to them seemed familiar.

Lin Yi looked at him for a few seconds before remembering that he was a student from the engineering school.

The person standing at the front was Zhang Jian.

On the other side, the girl with exposed thighs was called Zhao Weiran.

“Brother Lin.”

Zhao Weiran was surprised to see Lin Yi, so she quickly walked up to him.

“I added you on wechat the other day, why didnt you add me back” Zhao Weiran said bitterly.

Shoo! Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!

Everyone in the hall turned their eyes to Lin Yi.

There was a beauty who added him on wechat the moment he walked in.

He was so handsome that he could do whatever he wanted.

“Ive been so busy these past few days that I forgot to add you on wechat,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Can you add me now”


Lin Yi didnt dislike this silly and cute girl at all.

Thus, he added her back on wechat.

Zhang Song was dumbfounded when he saw this.

His bosss standards were too high.

It was awesome that he could have such a high-quality girl add him on wechat just for fun.

When could he reach this stage!

She must have done a good job with pesticide since she was such a studious beauty.

“Handsome, handsome, do you still remember me”

Jin Qiao walked over while the two were talking.

“I dont think so.”

“Did you forget You asked me for directions that day.”Jin Qiao said excitedly, not showing any hint of disappointment because Lin Yi forgot about her.

“I remember now,” Lin Yi said.

“I think someone confessed to you at the school gate that day.”

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, but I didnt agree to it.

I didnt think we were suitable for each other,” Jin Qiao said shyly.

“No way.

I think that guys pretty good.

He doesnt seem to have any flaws apart from his ugliness.” Lin Yi said.

“I rejected him because hes ugly.”

Sun Ning, “…”

This matter was already in the past.

Can you guys not drag me out to beat a dead horse

“Qiaoqiao, why are you still paying attention to him Hes just an errand boy!”



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