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After a period of calm analysis, everyone looked at Lin Yi in shock!

No one expected him to play such a song!

With such skill, he shouldnt be a beginner anymore!

However, with Yixuans skill, it shouldnt be hard to deal with!

“Its your turn.” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Good luck, Yixuan! We have faith in you!” Pengfei said!

“Didnt you change the tune too You can beat him if you want to!”

Yixuan frowned as she tried to recall the tune Lin Yi had just played.

Then, she placed her hands on the keys and started playing.

About two minutes later, Yixuan finished the Christmas piece that Lin Yi had come up with.

However, there wasnt any cheering.

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“I dont think I need to say any more.

There were four mistakes in the one and a half minute tune.

Theres no need to continue playing.”

“What” Yixuan was nervous and embarrassed.

She didnt think that she would lose to this errand boy before they started!

“It doesnt count!” Pengfei said.

“Huh Why doesnt it count” Lin Yi said.

“Youre playing a song that you adapted.

Yixuan has never heard it before.

Even if theres a mistake, it doesnt count as her losing!”

“Right, you have to play those famous songs, or youll be cheating!”

Lin Yi was speechless-the ones cheating were obviously the two of them.

“Fine, then play a famous masterpiece.

I dont care.”

“Yixuan, he was taking advantage of the situation just now.

Its only natural that you made a mistake.

You have to come up with something harder this time-you cant give him another chance!”

“I know!”

Yixuans expression was extremely solemn.

This was an opportunity that her classmate had fought so hard for.

She had to seize it!

After pondering for a few seconds, Wang Yixuan placed her hand on the piano keys and began to play another song for this round.

“Its The Crave!”

“This song is really difficult.

He definitely wont be able to recognize it!”

Just as everyone was dancing in excitement, they suddenly realized that the song had changed!

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It had changed from The Crave to Finger Breaker!

“She actually changed the tune in the middle.

The styles of the two songs are completely different, right”

“The Chinese name of this tune isBroken Finger.

The tune lives up to its name.

After playing it, one will feel as if their fingers have been broken.

The difficulty is not something The Crave can compare to!”

“Yixuan is too amazing.

She can even play such a tune! Im impressed!”

“So this is Yixuans true level.

No wonder Teacher Guo said that she is the most talented student under her.

Its not an exaggeration at all!”


Just when everyone was excited and thought that Wang Yixuan would definitely win, the song changed again!

“Yes, its the Enduring Movement!”

“Its the Enduring Movement by Rimsky Korsakov!”

“Its too amazing!”

Seeing Wang Yixuan play three high-difficulty songs in just a few minutes, her classmates were all dumbfounded and amazed!

These three songs were each harder than the last, especially the last two.

Even if she played these songs consecutively, it was still very difficult, but she actually played all of them in tandem!

She was indeed worthy of being called the most talented girl of the Drama Academy!

She was simply invincible!

After playing the three songs, Wang Yixuan slowed down for a few seconds.

She felt that she was no longer even able to control her fingers.

“Its your turn.”

Wang Yixuans face was filled with confidence!

The difficulty of these three songs was extremely high.

If he could even play one of them perfectly, he would have to thank the heavens and earth!

It would be impossible to play all three songs!

Moreover, if he missed just a single note at this junction, he would lose!

Therefore, she would definitely win this competition!

“The quality of these three songs is not bad,” Lin Yi said.

“Not bad” Zhang Pengfei said disdainfully.

“If you have the ability, you can play them.

What kind of ability are you talking about”

“Whats the rush”

Lin Yi wasnt in a hurry.

He put his hand on the keys and started playing.

The Craves melody was almost perfect!

Wang Yixuan clenched her fists tightly.

He was almost at the junction where he was supposed to transition into the second song!

It was also the easiest place to make mistakes!

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang at this time!

Those who were immersed in the melody were all surprised.

They didnt expect someone to call at this time!

Pengfei and the others were delighted.

If this distracted him, then there would be the possibility of something going wrong!


A shocking scene happened!

Yixuan saw Lin Yi pick up his phone!

Moreover, he didnt hang up!

He played the other two songs with one hand!

“Whats the matter”

Who else would call at this time but Guo Rui.

She wanted to ask how Lin Yi was doing.

“Im practicing.”


Go do your thing.”

“Whats there to thank me for Just give me a five-star review.”

After chatting for a while, Lin Yi hung up.

At this time, he finished playing the last two songs!

Everyone was dumbfounded!

A Meituan errand boy was able to play Finger Breaker and Enduring Movement perfectly with one hand!

Moreover, he was still answering his phone with the other hand!

He wasnt affected by this at all!

This was a song that was difficult to play even with four hands!

Was this guy really an errand boy

“Im sorry, your teacher called just now.

I was afraid that she had something urgent to talk to me about, so I answered the phone.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“It should be my turn now, right Dont worry, Ill play it now.”

Lin Yi put his phone back into his pocket and started playing!

“This is Piano Concerto No.

2 in B-flat major, ranked eighth in the world in terms of difficulty!”

Just as everyone was shocked, the tune changed!

“This piece is ranked sixth in difficulty, Normas Memories!”

Just then, the tune changed again!

“This is the fourth-ranked piece, Don Juans Memories!”

“The second-rankedPiano Concerto No.


“The number one most difficult piecePiano Concerto No.


Even Lin Yi felt refreshed after playing five songs in a row.

However, with Lin Yis standard, he could only barely handle thePiano Concerto No.

2 in B-flat major andNormas memories.

As for the remaining songs, he could only barely complete one song.

If he tried to play the whole song, there would definitely be flaws.

He might as well play the lute instead of the whole song.

It would be a smarter move on his part.

“Im done.

Its your turn now,” Lin Yi said.

At that moment, the backstage was completely silent.

Everyone was staring at Lin Yi in a daze.

It was as if their souls had been pulled out of their bodies.

“You… are you sure youre an errand boy” Wang Yixuan asked nervously.

“Im just not wearing my uniform.

Do you have to be so suspicious of me”

“But youre just an errand boy.

How can you play so many world-class piano pieces” Wang Yixuan asked.

“Are you the only ones who can do certain things Can the poor not do it” Lin Yi said faintly.

“Or do you think that people can do anything with money, and that everything the poor does is wrong


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