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Chapter 222: “What a Disgrace!”

“You cant just take her down like that,” Lin Yi said, not knowing whether to laugh or cry.

“With your looks, youre like a walking wet dream.

President Ji sure is something to be able to hold it in.” Wang Ying said.

“Ji Qingyans not too bad, either.”

“Youre right.

Even a woman like me would be jealous of President Jis looks,” Wang Ying said.

“What a pity.

President Jis main target hasnt been taken yet.

Looks like Ill have to wait in the back row for now.”

“What is all this talk about respect I think you just want my body.”

“Yeah.” Wang Ying said.

“Anyway, Im hungry.

You can feed me downstairs.”

“Thats something to consider.”


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The sound of running water could be heard from the washroom upstairs.

Lin Yi sat down and waited for Qin Hans news.

About half an hour later, Wang Ying came down in her pajamas.

At this time, Lin Yis takeout was delivered.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang in the middle of the meal.

It was Qin Han calling.

“Old Lin, Ive finished doing the task for you.” Qin Han said.

“The cars owner is called Wang Ying.

Its a new car.”

Although Qin Han had met Wang Ying once before, he didnt know that the car was hers.

“Thats not what Im looking for.” Lin Yi said.

“Wheres the exact location of this car”

“Its at the entrance of the Hurricane Bar on the western circuit.

My people are watching it.

It wont get away.”


Ill go over now.” Lin Yi said in a low voice.

“Old Lin, tell me the truth.

What happened Ill definitely help you get revenge!”

“No need.

Its just a small matter.

I can handle it myself,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill treat you to dinner later.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone without giving Qin Han a chance to speak.

“Did you find them”

Lin Yi nodded.

“You stay here.

Ill be back later.”

“I want to go with you,” Wang Ying said.

“With me”

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“This is between us.

I think its better to end it between us.”

Lin Yi was silent for a few seconds.

“Alright, follow me if you want to.”

“Wait for me for a while.

Ill get changed.

then Ill be right down.”

It didnt take long for Wang Ying to get changed and leave with Lin Yi as they headed towards the Hurricane Bar.

When the two arrived at the entrance of the Hurricane Bar, they found Wang Yings BMW 7 series parked at the entrance.

“Lets go in and take a look,” Lin Yi said lightly.




Just as the two were about to go in, someone walked over.

It was someone he knew.

It was Liu Yinxi, who had come to help Lin Yi during the day.

“Why are you here” Lin Yi asked.

“Young Master Qin told me to stay here and not let you in.”

“Not let me in”

Liu Yinxi nodded.

“He said that the owner of this bar has some background.

He told you to wait for him here, afraid that you might be in danger.”

“Its fine.

You can just stay here.

Ill go in and take a look.”


Lin, this is Young Master Qins arrangement.

Theres nothing I can do, and Young Master Qin will be here soon.


“Its okay, get out of the way!”

Lin Yi pushed Liu Yinxi away and walked in with Wang Ying.

Seeing that things werent looking good, Liu Yinxi followed him in.

If something really happened, he could at least still look out for the latter.

At the same time, Wang Yings ex-husband, Song Wenhai, was drinking and chatting with a group of people in the private room of the bar.

“Bro, let me give you a toast today.

If you didnt bring someone over to help, I really wouldnt have been able to get this house and car back,” Song Wenhai said.

“You are my Big Brother.

Isnt it natural for me to help you” Said Song Wenlong.

“But my sister-in-law really surprised me.

She secretly saved so much money.

I havent driven a BMW 7 series yet.”

“When I saw that car, I was also very surprised,” said Song Wenhai.

“I didnt expect that she had saved so much money during all these years.

I had no idea.”

“It doesnt matter.

In the end, it all fell into your hands,” Song Wenlong said with a laugh.

“Now that the house and car are yours, the two of you dont have to be sneaky anymore.”

“Let me tell you, if she didnt earn more than me, I wouldnt have lived with her,” Song Wenhai said.

“I wanted to get more money from her, but I didnt expect such a thing to happen.

Still, it doesnt matter.

I guess all her money has been spent on the car.

Now that the car is in my hands, Ill treat it as a good thing.”

“Thats right.”

Song Wenlong raised his glass.

“Big Brother, were happy today.

We wont go home until we get drunk.”

“Come, come, let me toast everyone.

We wont go home until we get drunk!”


Just as everyone was about to finish their drinks, Lin Yi kicked open the door of the private room, giving the Song brothers a fright.

“Wang Ying, what are you doing here!”

Wenhai was surprised to see Wang Ying here, but what made him even more curious was the man standing next to her.

Wang Ying was too scared to say anything in the face of this, and she subconsciously stood behind Lin Yi.

“Youve done so many shameless things, yet youre asking us why were here”

Wenlongs men all stood up when they saw Lin Yi coming, but they were stopped by Wenhai.

“I was wondering why you dared to come here.

So you found someone to back you up.” Song Wenhai said

“So what if I did What right do you have to cheat on me and make me leave with nothing!”

“What right do I have My brother has power and influence!” Song Wenhai said.

“They say that a husband and wife have a hundred days of grace, but I really didnt want to lose all our unionship.

I was willing to make do with you, but you wanted to divorce me.

In that case, I can only say that Im sorry.

Everything in this house belongs to me.

It has nothing to do with you!” Wenhai shouted.

“Big Brother, you are already divorced.

Why are you still talking nonsense with her” Song Wenlong said.

“Giving her a few thousand dollars will be sufficient.”

“Dont say that.

No matter what, she used to be your sister-in-law.”

After saying that, Song Wenhai looked at Wang Ying and said,

“You know my character.

Im not a greedy person.

It hasnt been easy for you all these years.

Ill transfer another five thousand dollars to you later so that we can part on good terms.

Dont appear in front of me again in the future.”

“Who cares about your stinky money!” Wang Ying said.

“Besides, I saved up all the money at home.

What does any of that have to do with you”

“You saved up” Wenhai laughed.


So what if you saved up Its all mine now.

Its useless to sue me in court.

Youll still have to give it to me in the end.” Wenhai said with a smile.


Lin Yi didnt say anything.

He simply picked up the empty beer bottle and threw it at Wenhai.

“Ive seen shameless people before, but Ive never seen one as shameless as you.

Youre really ruining my view of the world.

Im so rich, yet Im not as pretentious as you.”


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