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“Oh right, Jiajia, isnt your Patek Philippe the number one watch brand It must be more expensive than my watch.”


Song Jia paused for a moment.

The watch she bought was a high-quality imitation.

She didnt even know how much it was worth!

“Xueru, stop fooling around.

Your watch is worth more than 400,000 dollars.

How many other watchers can compare to yours” Qian Xu complimented.

He even glanced at Gao Renxing a few times.

This man wasnt ordinary.

He had to have a few drinks with him later during dinner to build a good relationship with him and expand his social network.

“1.2 million dollars,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Huh What did you say” Li Xueru paused.

“Whats 1.2 million dollars”

“Didnt you ask how much Jiajias watch cost I spent 1.2 million dollars on it.”


Everyone looked at Lin Yi in surprise, their expressions frozen.

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He spent 1.2 million on a watch Wasnt that a bit too extravagant

Was her boyfriend that rich

Song Jia let out a sigh of relief.

It was a good thing that Director Lin had reacted quickly and announced the price.

However, wasnt the price a bit too high

Li Xueru said that her watch cost 400,000 dollars, so lets just raise it to 500,000 dollars.

1.2 million was a bit of an exaggeration.

Sigh, it didnt matter.

As long as it could stun her, it would be fine.

“Does Patek Philippe really have such an expensive watch” The boy named Haozi questioned, “This should be a sky-high price watch.”

“Its not that high.” Li Xuerus boyfriend, Gao Renxing, said, “But I dont think Ive seen this watch before when I visited Patek Philippes exclusive shop.”

“Did he buy a fake watch I wouldnt think so,” Qian Xu said.

“Thats just my guess.

I cant say for sure,” Gao Renxing said with a smile.

“Isnt it simple Theres a code on the watch.

Well know after we check it,” Li Xueru said.

Lin Yi smiled at the two of them and shook his head.

If there was a competition for acting tough, Gao Renxing would already win gold.

He was also the type of person who would run away after acting tough.

Li Xueru was at most a bronze rank.

Gao Renxing would run away after acting tough, but she would continue to act.

“Its just a watch.

Is there a need to make such a big fuss” Song Jia pretended to be calm and said.

Her watch was a fake watch that she bought for 260 dollars.

It might not even have a code.

How could she check it!

“Jiajia, dont say that.

We are classmates.

We are doing it for your own good,” Li Xueru said,

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“We are only doing this because we are afraid that you might be cheated.”

“That makes sense,” Qian Xu said.

“There are a lot of cheats in this society, so we have to be careful.”


Lin, please dont misunderstand us,” Xueru said with a smile.

“We are only concerned about Jiajia.”

“I understand.

Lets check it out,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

Under the table, Song Jia held onto Lin Yis arm.

She was so nervous that her palms were sweating.

“Director Lin, this watch is a high-quality imitation.

Theyll know its fake once they check it.

Why did you let her check it I dont want to lose face!”

“Its okay.

My friend sells high-quality imitation watches.

Theyre all very authentic.

There wont be any problems.”

Song Jia didnt know what to say.

Even if it was authentic, it was still a high-quality imitation watch.

Once she entered the code and couldnt find it on the official website, it meant that it was a fake!

“Yo, Jiajia, what are you whispering to your boyfriend about Did we really get it right” Li Xueru said with a half-smile.

“Were talking about other things.

Youre thinking too much,” Song Jia said anxiously.

“Then lets check it out.

We have nothing to do anyway,” Li Xueru said,

“But I have a suggestion.

Lets check my watch first.

What if my boyfriend is trying to trick me too”

Li Xueru took off her watch and waved it in front of the others.

She was very high-profile.

Gao Renxing smiled.

He bought this watch in a specialty store, so how could it be fake

He checked it casually.

Seeing the diamond inlaid on the watch face, Song Jia felt especially bitter.

If she had known that she would be like this, she would not have bought the watch in the first place.

Even so, she was not embarrassed enough to back down.

“Xueru, I have already opened LVs official website.

Tell me the code and I will help you check it.”


“Wait a moment, I will check it for you.”

A few seconds later, Qian Xu said, “I found the watch.

Its indeed authentic.”

Li Xueru looked pleased.

“Dear, thank you.

I knew you wouldnt lie to me.”

“But the price doesnt seem to be 420,000 dollars,” Qian Xu said.

“The price shown on the official website seems to be 380,000 dollars.”

“This is very normal,” the boy named Haozi said,

“They will definitely increase the price at the exclusive store.

With the brand value of Louis Vuitton, 40,000 dollars is not a lot.”

“Then why dont you go to Tmall or the flagship store to buy it There shouldnt be such a large price difference,” Qian Xu said,

“It cost an extra 40,000 dollars, which is not a small amount.”

“At the beginning, I also had intended to buy it online, but on second thought, the goods on the internet might not be authentic.

In the end, I went to the big shopping mall.

Although I spent a little more money, it was still worth it to ensure that the goods were authentic,” Gao Renxing said with a smile,

“Moreover, people in our circle usually dont buy things online.

Although they are cheap, they cant guarantee the quality, so they would rather spend a little more money and go to a specialty store to buy real goods.”

“Thats right.

At your level, you wont care about the small profits.

What you care about most is the quality of the items,” Qian Xu complimented.

“Thats right, thats what I mean.”

“The old saying is true.

Different income means different class.

My main consumption is online shopping.”

“I know, right” Haozi said, “I wait for 618 and 11 every year just to save some money.

Sigh, the difference in our lifestyle is too large.”

“Dont say anything else.

You should work harder to earn money in the future.”


“Alright, Ive checked my watch.

Lets check Jiajias too.” Li Xueru said,

“We used to be roommates.

I dont want her to be cheated.”

“No problem.”

As he said that, Qian Xu logged onto Patek Philippes official website and said, “Jiajia, tell me the code of the watch.

Ill help you check it.”

Song Jia looked nervous and quietly took off the watch.

She prayed that the person who copied the watch would copy the code as well so that it could save some of her face.

Song Jias face lit up with joy as she held the watch in her hand.

There was a line of code on the back of the watch.

“Code, the code is 465868.”

“Wait a moment, Ill check it.” Qian Xu held his phone with interest and started checking.

Song Jia was so nervous that she grabbed Lin Yis hand tightly.

Song Jias mind was racing.

They wouldnt be able to find this watch on the official website,

She was about to be exposed.

Now, she had to think of an explanation or she would lose face.

“This watch is real!” Qian Xu said.


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