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Everyone was shocked!

“W-what did you say Youre the vice-principal of the university”

Not only were Li Xueru and the others surprised, even Song Jia was stunned.

Didnt Vice-President Lin run errands How did he become the vice-principal of the Normal University

“Thats right.

If you dont believe me, you can look it up on the official website.

My information is on it,” Lin Yi said slowly.

The crowd didnt believe him and took out their phones, only to really find Lin Yis name in the leadership section!

“You, youre really the president of the university !”

“Why would I lie to you”

Song Jia was confused.

How did Vice-President Lin become an honorary vice-president

This was too magical.

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“Didnt you say that youre the boss of a startup company How did you become the vice-president of Zhonghai Normal University”

“Maybe its because Im too outstanding.” Lin Yi shrugged.

“If one day you guys are as outstanding as I am, then a school will also invite you guys to be their vice-principal.”

Li Xuerus expression was awkward.

It was a slap in the face!


Lin is really something.” Gao renxing said with a smile.

“But as far as I know, an honorary vice-principal is just an empty title.

I dont think he has any real power.”

“Doesnt have any real power” Lin Yi said.

“Could it be that Mr.

Gao is the real power principal of a certain university Which school I might know it.”


Song Jia burst out laughing.

Gao Renxing was the boss of a start-up company.

He didnt have the ability to be a principal.


Lin, you must be joking.

Im not very interested in school matters, so I didnt go in that direction,” Gao Renxing said awkwardly.

“Okay, okay, lets not talk about it.” Li Xueru changed the topic and said,

“Its not easy for us to get together.

Lets drink this glass of wine first.

After dinner, well find a place to have fun.”

“How about going to a disco I havent been there for a long time,” a girl said.

“Disco dancing is too intense.

Lets change to something more comfortable.

My old waist cant take it,” Qian Xu said.

“How about this Wangjiang Dock has just been renovated.

Lets rent a boat and cruise along the coastline.

We can take in the night view of Zhong Hai,” Gao Renxing said.

“Thats a good idea,” the others agreed.

“But I just remembered that Jiajia seems to get seasick.

She cant sit on that thing,” a girl said.

“Its okay.

I know the boss of Wangjiang Dock.

I can ask him to get a bigger boat.

Itll be steadier so as to avoid seasickness.”.

Before they came here, Song Jia had built Lin Yi up as a rich man.

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However, now that Lin Yi was wearing a watch worth 17.5 million, she didnt need to set him up anymore.

He might really know people from Wangjiang Dock himself.

“Thats quite a coincidence.

My boyfriend also knows people from the Wangjiang Dock, and hes the manager.

Right now I just dont know which one of you has more reputation there.”

“Ive known Manager Bi from Wangjiang Dock for many years.

who has more reputation than me at Wangjiang Dock” Gao Renxing said.

“Thats perfect.

You can contact the people from Wangjiang Dock,” Song Jia said calmly, as if she didnt care about it.

Song Jia couldnt make up her mind anymore.

She didnt know if Lin Yi genuinely had any connections at Wangjiang Dock.

After all, she had asked him to brag before coming here.

If he was just talking nonsense, then she would be exposed.

Xueru crossed her arms in front of her chest, looking arrogant as if she had won a battle.

“Renxing, I dont think their connections are as good as yours.

Even if they called, it wouldnt be as strong as yours.

My classmates are all here today.

Please help me.”

“No problem.” Gao Renxing took out his phone.

“With my relationship with Manager Bi, as long as I make a call, I can get us a luxury ship.

I guarantee that everyone will be satisfied.”


Gao is really amazing.

I heard that Wangjiang Dock is being renovated.

The newly-comissioned luxury ship is not lent out at all.

I didnt expect Mr.

Gao to be able to settle it with a call.

Thats really amazing.”

“Its fine, its fine.

Its nothing.

Our friendship is whats most important.”

Gao renxing took out his phone and dialed Bi Songjiangs number.

Du Du Du….

Di Di!

The phone was picked up.

After a few rings, the call was hung up.

Gao Renxing had a smile on his face and pretended to be calm as he said,

“I wonder why he hung up on me.”

“It might be a mistake.

Try calling again,” said Li Xue Ru.

“Its possible.”

Then, Gao Renxing made another call, but it once again disconnected after a few rings.

“I know.

Manager Bi must be in a meeting, so its not convenient for him to pick up my call,” Gao Renxing explained,

“As you know, the Wangjiang Dock is undergoing renovation recently.

There are too many things to do, so he doesnt have time to pick up my call.

Lets eat slowly.

When hes done, hell call me back.”

“Thats normal.

I usually dont answer my calls during meetings.” Qian Xu said with a smile.

“Let me do it.” Lin Yi said with a smile as he held his phone.

“I dont think thats a good idea.

Hes in a meeting, so he probably wont have time to answer your calls.” Song Jia said.

Lin Yis performance today was already very good.

He gave her enough face, so she didnt want to cause any trouble.

“Its fine, Ill make a call and ask.”

Li Xue Ru glanced at Lin Yi.

“My boyfriend said that Manager Bi is in a meeting, and he doesnt have time to answer other peoples calls.

Dont waste your time.”

“I have nothing to do anyway.”

Gao Renxing looked at Lin Yi with disdain, cursing in his heart,

“This guy, will he really not give up until he reaches the Yellow River Ive been friends with Manager Bi for so many years, and he didnt answer my calls.

How could he pick up your calls Look at yourself!”

Lin Yi took his phone and dialed Bi Songjiangs number.

Du Du Du…

The dial tone was heard, but no one took it seriously.

They thought Lin Yi would be hung up on in a few seconds.

“Chairman Lin, are you looking for me”


The moment the call was picked up, everyones breathing seemed to have stopped!

The call was actually picked up!

And the other party even called him Chairman Lin

What was going on

“Are you in a meeting If youre busy, Ill call you later.”

“Im not in a meeting.” Bi Songjiang said, puzzled.

“Im picking up the kids at the gate of the kindergarten.

Im not busy at all.”

There wasnt a meeting!

Li Xueru and Gao Renxings faces were awkward, as if they were sitting on pins and needles.

They felt like their butts were a little hot.

They called twice, but the other party didnt pick up.

Yet, he picked up Lin Yis call right away and even said that he wasnt busy at all.

This was too much of a slap to the face!

“Since youre not busy, why didnt you pick up when someone called you”

“Someone called me” Bi Songjiang paused for a second and came to a realization,

“I remember now.

It was an unfamiliar number just now.

I didnt recognize it, so I didnt bother with it.

Could that person be a friend of Chairman Lin Ill call back now to see whats the matter.”


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