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“What nonsense are you spouting”

Ji Qingyan rebuked, “Ive ordered a set of gowns.

Im going to pick them up later.

Come with me.”

“Youve ordered a set of gowns Are you going to wear them to an event”

“Theres a charity dinner tomorrow.

All the leaders of Zhong Hai City will be attending.

Im also on the guest list.

I have to go over and take a look.”

Ji Qingyan combed her hair and said, “It just so happens that your foundation has been set up.

Lets go together.

Its boring for me to go by myself.”


I have nothing to do anyway.”

“Then its settled.”Ji Qingyan smiled and said,

“Ill pack my things now.

The two of us will go to get our outfits and then go to the supermarket.”

“Go to the supermarket”

“Yeah, you live alone and since your fridge is empty, Ill go buy something for you.”

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“My fridge is full.

If you need something, someone will give it to you.” Lin Yi said indifferently.

“You cant give me everything, right Lets go to the supermarket.

Maybe theres something you can use.”

“I think you want to take this opportunity to come to my house for a free meal.”

“I didnt even have lunch, and now my stomach is flat.

Are you going to be responsible for this”

“Even if you say that, I dont want to hear it,” Lin Yi said,

“I only ask for someone to take responsibility when my stomach is too big.

Your stomach is too small, so how can you blame it on me”

“Youre talking nonsense again!” Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yi.

“Is there no rest for the wicked If you dont tease me, will you die”

“Then do you still want to eat my food”


“Is there a problem with me teasing you”

“Uh… No.”

“Selling your soul for a meal Youre so useless.”

Ji Qingyan laughed like a naive child.

“Ill be useless as long as you can cook for me.”

Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry when he saw how cute Ji Qingyan was.

“Alright then, I dont have any classes in the afternoon, so Ill follow your arrangements.”

“Yeah, yeah, thats more like it.” Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi.

“Then I wont go to your house tonight.

Well go to my house.

Everything is already prepared, and itll be easier to cook.”

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“Thats not a good idea.

Your house is too dangerous.

Your parents are so unpredictable.

What if they show up again like last time”

“Not this time,” said Ji Qingyan as she patted her chest.

“Theyre on a trip and wont be back for a few days.

You can come over this time.”

“You said the same thing last time.”

“Uh…” Ji Qingyan was in the wrong.

“Okay then, Ill go to your house today.”

In the afternoon, Ji Qingyan was busy in the office again.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, was playing video games on the sofa like a pampered uncle.


Lin Yi was the first person who dared to be so impudent in Qingyans office.

At three oclock in the afternoon, Qingyan finished reviewing the documents in her hands and said to Lin Yi,

“Lets go get the outfits now.”

Twenty minutes later, Lin Yis car arrived at a high-class bespoke clothing store called MISS.

From the size and layout of the store, it was obvious that the items sold inside were definitely worth a lot.

Moreover, with Ji Qingyans clothing and aesthetic standards, the fact that she had chosen this store already proved that it was pretty good.

“Miss Ji, the dress has been prepared for you.

You can try it on first.

If you are not satisfied, we will make some changes.”

“Okay, thank you.”

Ji Qingyan took the dress and said to Lin Yi,

“Wait for me here.

I will select a suit with you later.”

“Okay, you can make the arrangements.”

Ji Qingyan took the dress to the fitting room.

When she came out, she immediately attracted Lin Yis gaze.

She was like a fairy that fell from the sky.

Her smile was like a dream.

Even the other customers in the shop were attracted.

“How is it Does it look good”Ji Qingyan asked expectantly.

“Very good!”

“Alright, stop showing off your wide range of vocabulary.

There are so many people here.”

Seeing that Lin Yi was satisfied with her outfit, Ji Qingyan was happy as well.

At this moment, Ji Qingyan didnt realize that her outfit was more than satisfactory.

“Hello Madam, I have something to discuss with you.”

The woman had short hair and spoke in a polite tone.

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan didnt expect someone to come up at this time.

“Whats the matter”

“I think your dress is pretty good.

Can I have it I can offer you 20% more.”

Ji Qingyan shook her head when she heard that she was asking to buy her dress.

“I dont have any plans to do this.

Im sorry.”

“Miss, do you think my offer is too low If you have any requests, feel free to ask.”

“No need to ask!” Lin Yi said.

“Its just a few coins in your pocket.

Dont embarrass yourself.”

“How dare you talk to me like that! Do you know who I am !”

“Who the hell are you dating that you can talk like that Get lost!”

She was just here to buy some clothes, and yet she was met with such a pretentious person.

She really should have checked her almanac this morning.

The short-haired woman gritted her teeth in anger when she saw Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan leave.

She took her own clothes and left angrily!

Outside the clothing store, there was an Alphard.

The short-haired girl got into the car after exiting the store.

In the car, besides the driver was also a long-haired woman.

If there were other people here, they would definitely recognize that this woman was the current popular female celebrity, Liu Fangfei!

“Why the long face” Upon seeing her assistants expression, Liu Fangfei asked.

“Sister Fei, I saw a woman in the store just now.

She tried on a very nice evening gown.

I thought that it would look good on you, so I wanted to offer her a higher price to buy it, but the other party didnt know what was good for her and didnt accept it at all.

Its really infuriating.”

“Theres no need.

Even if the dress is a little ugly, I can still beat everyone with my temperament.”

“Thats right.

I think that person is just a small internet celebrity.

She cant be compared to Sister Fei!”

“Lin Yi, do you really think that this dress looks good Youre not lying to me, right”

In the car, Ji Qingyan asked again.

“Why would I lie to you It makes my heart itch.

I want to get it done before the end of the month.”

“Get it done”

Ji Qingyan was stunned for a second before she reacted.

“Get your head out of your *ss.

Drive properly and go to the supermarket.”

The two of them went to the supermarket in Times Square on the way.

Because they were going to Lin Yis house, Ji Qingyan bought a lot of things.

Most of them were daily necessities, and she even picked out several types of facial masks for Lin Yi.

When she bent down to pick out items and compare the prices, her whole body exuded the aura of a housewife.

Back home, Lin Yi went into the kitchen.

Ji Qingyan helped put the fruits in the fridge, and the rest of the daily necessities in the bathroom.

He also took a shower and changed into his pajamas.

“From the looks of it, youre not leaving tonight.”

“Of course not.” Ji Qingyan said matter-of-factly.

“You can take me to work tomorrow.”

For Ji Qingyan, living at Lin Yis house seemed to be a normal occurence.

It wasnt a big deal.

Lin Yi didnt think it was a problem.

Everything was going as planned.

“Lin Yi, I want to eat your creme brulee.

Can you make it for me again” Ji Qingyan asked as she stood at the kitchen door.

“How many do you want”

“Make six.

Two for tonight, and Ill bring the other four with me to work tomorrow.”

“Itll be cold by the next day.

Ill just make it for you early.”

“No need, no need.” Qingyan rejected immediately.

“Thatll be too much trouble.

Theres an oven in the kitchen.

Ill just heat it up.”

“Alright then.”

Lin Yi didnt say anything else as he started working on the food.

It was the same as before, four dishes and one soup.

Qingyan had put in a lot of effort to help cut and wash the vegetables, and her movements were gradually improving.

“The caramel pudding you made is so delicious.”

After tasting it, Ji Qingyans face showed an unprecedented sense of satisfaction.

“Didnt you say you would only eat two This is already the third one.”

“I thought about it just now.

Ill bring three to work tomorrow,” Ji Qingyan said.

“It just so happens that I didnt eat much in the morning.

Ill only be full if I eat three.”

After the meal, Ji Qingyan was extremely satisfied.

She sat on the sofa and touched her stomach.

“If I keep eating like this, my weight will break pass 105.”

“Youre 175.

You shouldnt weigh more than 105 pounds, right” Lin Yi said.

“And all the meat on your body has went to the correct places.

I cant tell how fat you are.”

“Hehe, Ill take that as a compliment.” Ji Qingyan changed her position and sat up from the sofa.

“Teacher Lin cooked a sumptuous meal to reward me.

Im going swimming.

Do you want to come along”


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