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“Since youve invited me so sincerely, Ive decided to agree to your request in order not to hurt your little heart.”

“Tsk, youre still pretending to be a good person after taking advantage of me.”

Ji Qingyan stood up and went upstairs.

When she came down again, she had already changed into her swimsuit.

Although she was wearing a towel, one could see that Ji Qingyan was not wearing the one-piece suit.

“Ive brought your swimming trunks too.

Put them on quickly, Ill wait for you outside.”

Lin Yi went out after changing into his swimming trunks.

He noticed that Ji Qingyan was already in the water.

Her slender legs swayed back and forth like a mesmerizing mermaid.

“Come down.”

Ji Qingyan called out to Lin Yi when she saw him coming out, but her eyes lingered on him for a few seconds.

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How did this guy train his abs

He was so good-looking.

His body was even better than hers.

“Dont worry, Ill be right there.”

Lin Yi jumped down as soon as he finished speaking.

He made a huge splash, but it was too late for Qingyan to dodge.

“Lin Yi, you did that on purpose.”

“I was afraid that you wouldnt be able to wait any longer, so I wanted to come down quickly.

How can you say that I did it on purpose”

“You did it on purpose.

You splashed water all over me.”

“Youre already in the pool.

Its normal for you to get wet, right”

“Youre so unreasonable.

I cant win against you.”

The two swam in the pool for a while under the bright moonlight before they came out one after another.

“Put on the towel.

Dont catch a cold,” Lin Yi said.

Ji Qingyan was touched and smiled at Lin Yi.

“You said it yourself.

If I put on the towel, you wont be able to see anything.”

“Ive seen everything I need to see.

Ill look at it when youre not wearing anything.”

“Hmph, you wont get the chance.”

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The two of them laid on the benches when he saw the unsatisfied expression on Qingyans face.

Lin Yi smiled.

“I feel like you planned this all along just to take advantage of my pool.”

“It couldnt be helped,” Ji Qingyan said.

“I dont have a swimming pool at home, and Im too embarrassed to go outside.

Since you didnt take the initiative to invite me, this is the only way.”

“Dont you just want to swim Ill give you a set of keys and an access card later.

You can come over yourself if you ever want to swim.”

“That wont do,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Ill only come over when you invite me.

I wont come if you dont invite me.”

Lin Yi spoke when he saw Ji Qingyans arrogant look.

“Then Ill give you a house.

This will be your home from now on.

You can come here as you please.”

“I dont want that either.” Ji Qingyan shook her head.

“I can only come if you invite me.

That way, Ill look good.”

“I cant do anything to help you.”

The two of them rested for a while.

Then, she pulled Lin Yi into the water and swam a few laps before they returned home satisfied.

The next morning, when she woke up, she smelled a strong fragrance.

The disheveled Ji Qingyan instantly perked up and ran downstairs.

She found that Lin Yi had made four crème brûlées and placed them on the table.

“Eat this for breakfast.

It wont taste good by the time you get to work.”

“You made four new ones for me”

“What else”

Ji Qingyan reached out two fingers and kissed them before putting them on Lin Yis lips.

“I didnt brush my teeth this morning, so Ill give you a flying kiss.”

Looking at Ji Qingyans cute face, Lin Yi felt that it was even better than the sunlight outside.

“Go wash up, then come down and eat.”

“I want to eat first, can I wash up later”


“Im afraid that the crème brûlée will get cold after I wash up.

I want to eat something warm.”

“Okay, youre the boss.”

“Okay, okay.”

Ji Qingyan picked up a crème brûlée.

“You should try it too, this crème brûlée is really delicious.”

“I dont really like sweet food.

Why dont you go ahead”

“Then I wont stand on ceremony.”

She kept saying that she didnt eat much for breakfast, but the four crème brûlées were quickly destroyed by Ji Qingyan.

“Ive decided that I wont eat your food for the next month,” Ji Qingyan said solemnly.

“Whats wrong Are you planning to lose weight”

“Losing weight is one thing, but I cant always bully you into cook for me,” Ji Qingyan said:

“Normally, women cook for men.

Men cant always be in the kitchen.

Its bad luck.”

“Its not as serious as you say.

This is all feudal superstition.”

“That wont do either,” Ji Qingyan said,

“Ive made up my mind.

Youve been working hard recently, so Ill cook for you.

Thats only fair.

However, let me say in advance that even if the food I cook doesnt taste good, you cant dislike it.”

“Ill definitely give you face since youre taking the initiative to do this.”

“Yeah, thats a good boy.”

Lin Yi sent Qingyan to the office after they finished their meal.

Before she got out of the car, Qingyan said,

“The charity dinner starts at five in the evening.

Remember to pick me up at four.”

“Dont worry, I wont forget.”

“Ill be going then.

Be careful in class, youll get hurt playing basketball,” Ji Qingyan said cutely.

“Also, remember to wear the basketball shoes I bought for you so you can jump higher and shoot more accurately.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi took out a set of spare keys.

“These are my house keys.

Are you sure you dont want to keep a set”

“Im sure.” Ji Qingyan said.

“As long as you invite me often.”

“No problem.”

“Ill be going then.

Ill see you at 4 pm.”


After sending off Ji Qingyan, Lin Yi drove to school.

“Hello, Teacher Lin.”

As soon as Lin Yi got out of the car, a girl came over to greet him.

“Hello,” Lin Yi replied with a smile.

“Teacher Lin, I remember you driving a supercar to school a while ago.

Why are you driving a Shari now”

“That car belongs to my friend.

This Shari belongs to me.”

Lin Yi didnt want to show off his wealth in a place like school.

They were still students, so it was better not to let them know about certain things.

“I see,” the long-haired girl said.

“But dont worry, Teacher Lin.

Even if you ride your bike to work, wed still like you.”

“Not bad, not bad.

Although money is important, one cant be too materialistic.

Everything must be based on reality.”

“Yes, yes, well remember your teachings.”

Lin Yi arrived at the office after being surrounded by more than ten girls.

He found that the other teachers had already arrived, and he was the last one to clock in.

“F*ck! This Judgement player is too weak.

You dont even know how to heal, so whats the point of selecting Judgement!”

Lin Yi pushed the door open and entered the office, only to see Sugar throw her phone on the table.

“Who do you think is responsible for healing Can you use your brain to play I forgot, your brain was eaten by a zombie.”

“Judgement has a healing skill.

If he had healed me, I wouldnt have died, and they would not have gotten the character.”

Lin Yi glanced at Sugars towering peaks.

“You can heal yourself, so you dont need Judgements help.”


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