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Lin Yi received a round of applause when he arrived at the swimming pool during the second morning period.

“Welcome, Teacher Lin, to our swimming class.”

Lin Yi felt that these girls were scarier than the aerobics class when he saw them.

“Im just here for a class.

What are you guys so excited about”

“Teacher Lin, you dont know this, but weve been hoping that Teacher Ding would get sick all this time.

Finally, our dream came true.

Teacher Ding caught a cold and took the day off.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Even going so far as to hope that Teacher Ding would get sick

Lin Yi had a feeling that if he stayed in school for too long, the lives of the other teachers would be in danger.

“Alright, enough with the blabbering.

Lets begin class.” Lin Yi said.

“Yeah, yeah.” The girls eyes lit up.


For them, this swimming class was even more exciting than opening a package.

They might even have a chance to see Teacher Lins abs.

Just thinking about it made them unable to close their legs.

Because of the special nature of the swimming pool, students werent allowed to come in early before class.

They had to be led by the teacher.

Lin Yi discussed it with the teacher in charge of the swimming pool, who allowed them to enter after registering.

“Go and change your clothes first.

Well gather outside after youre done.”

The school had a very strict management system for the swimming pool, and the teacher had to lead them every step of the way.

Lin Yi found it troublesome as well, but it was the rules, and he could only follow them.

“Got it, Teacher Lin.”

There was still a big gap between the swimming classes in the university and what he had imagined,

Boys couldnt only wear shorts, and they had to wear clothes on their upper bodies as well.

Girls swimsuits were flat-angle one-piece swimsuits, and two-piece swimsuits were forbidden in the school.

Not only would they lose all aesthetic appeal, their assets would also lose a lot of points.

Hence, there was no chance for him to enjoy the waves here.

He could only look at their legs.

However, in a school like this, looking at ones legs could lead to malnutrition as well.

Even so, Lin Yi was able to find the girl named Wang Ran.

It was hard to not notice her in the crowd.

Her figure and looks were too prominent.

Wang Rans looks were impeccable.

Her hair was straight and dark, while she didnt appear any worse off than Xiaoyu.

Despite this, she was a little shy, and would keep her head down most of the time.

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She would blush occasionally when she met Lin Yis gaze.

Lin Yi pushed open the door of the swimming pool after the group had gathered.

At the same time, the sound of playing could be heard coming from the swimming pool,

There were a few foreign students playing and swimming in the pool.

However, these people were dressed very differently from the students who came to class.

The men were shirtless while the women wore revealing bikinis, and they didnt seem to notice anything wrong with them.

“Hey, George, are you sure you cant attend the Chinese language class later”

The person who spoke was a young black man named Lorca.

He was a student majoring in Chinese language and literature in the university.


George climbed up from the pool and wiped the water off his body.

“Im not going,” George said.

“I recently saw a very beautiful Chinese girl.

I want to pursue her and make her my girlfriend.

She will be coming to class soon, so Im going to wait for her here.”

“Oh my God, no way.” Rocas had an exaggerated expression.

“Youve only been in China for two years, and youve already gotten fourteen Chinese girlfriends.

Dont tell me youre going to look for another Chinese girl”

“Of course,” George said.

“That girl is very beautiful.

I must conquer her.”

“Are you sure” Roca said, “Beautiful women have very bad tempers.”

“How is that possible Look at my well-developed muscles.

which girl wont like me” George said confidently, “As long as I express a little bit of affection for her and send a few flowers afterward, I can guarantee that I can take her down.”

George combed his hair.

“In case you didnt know, Chinese women have no resistance against us.”

“As expected, Italian romance is not just a saying,” Roca said.

“But when you take down good prey, you have to know how to share.”

“No problem.

Ill invite you to share it with me when I get the girl.”

“I wish you success.

Dont make me wait too long.”

As the two were talking, Lin Yi walked in with the students from the swimming class.

The boys automatically turned their heads when they saw the foreign girl in a bikini.

They were too embarrassed to look at her.

“Whats wrong with these people According to the schools rules, everyone who comes here has to wear the same swimsuit, right” Lin Yi asked.

“Also, isnt the swimming pool closed to the public during the summer and winter holidays How did they get in without any other teachers supervising them”

“Teacher Lin, theyre international students.

The schools management is more lenient toward them, and they can enter and leave the swimming pool at any time,” Wang Ran said in a low voice.

“What kind of f*cking rules are these”

“We… We dont know either.

Okay, I think its the principals rules.”

F*ck, what kind of f*cking rules is Zhao Qi setting!

Wang Ran was scared out of her wits.

Lin was too fierce and scary.

Would she get scolded if she didnt swim well later!

George, Lorca, and the others looked at the crowd when they saw Lin Yi bringing the students in.

“Hey bro, did you see that” George said.

“The girl next to the male teacher is the one I like.

Isnt she pretty”

Rocas eyes widened when he saw Wang Ran, his face revealing his excitement.

“This girl is too pretty! I swear to God, shes the most beautiful Chinese woman Ive ever seen.”

“Dont worry, shell be mine soon.

Ill share her with you.”

“Ill remember you, buddy.

Ill share mine with you when I get a new prey too.”

“No problem, its a deal.”

George wiped the water off his body as he walked over to Wang Ran.

“Hey, Teacher.”

George greeted Lin Yi with a smile, then turned to Wang Ran.

“Nice to meet you, classmate.

Im George, an international student studying Chinese language and literature.

Im from Italy.

Can I be friends with you”

Wang Ran was shocked.

She didnt think that these people were here for her.

“Lin… Teacher Lin.”

Wang Ran hid behind Lin Yi, too scared to speak.

“Who let you in” Lin Yi said.

“According to the rules of the university, students are not allowed to enter the swimming pool unless its during summer or winter break.

Dont you know this”

George looked at Lin Yi with an incredulous smile.

“Oh my God, Sir, are you new here Im an international student, not a Chinese student.

We have the right to come and go as we please.”

“Are you different from others”


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