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Lin Yi said, “Ill give you a warning.

Next time, youre cant enter the pool without a teachers supervision.”

George shrugged with a nonchalant expression.

“Teacher, I hope you can be polite to us.

Were international students and we have to swim.

Were romantic Italians.

If we cant swim, well die.”

“Do you need me to book a bed for you at the crematorium”

“Well even prepare two wreaths for you!”

“Yes, yes, yes, well see you off with a set of trumpets.”

“Then Ill have to find a few black people to carry you coffins.”

The female students present werent easy to deal with.

Due to Lin Yis presence, they werent afraid of anything.

“Sir, Im talking to this student.

Please dont restrict my freedom of speech,” George said angrily.

“Dont you even know about human rights in China This place is too backward.”


“But I dont want to talk to you!” Wang Ran stood behind Lin Yi and continued,

“I dont like foreigners.

Please stay away from me.”

“Beautiful lady, I know youre shy, but its okay.

You wont want to reject me anymore after we spend some time together,” George said.

“Italy is a romantic country.

Its much better than the unromantic Chinese people.”

“F*ck, what the f*ck are you talking about” The boys at the scene scolded.

“Stop f*cking acting cool!”

George spread his hands.

“Am I wrong Italy is the publicly recognized romantic capital of the world.

The Renaissance era began in our country.

I dont think Im wrong.”

“Renaissance my ass.

Get lost quickly.

You are not welcome here!”

“Right, when I make a move, you will be crippled!”

“Come on, hit us.” George spread his arms.

“I can guarantee that as long as you make a move, the school will definitely expel you.”

“Right, right, right.

Come and hit us.” Roca said, “Dont they say that Chinese kung fu is very powerful Let us experience it.

I really want to be hit.”


The boys present clenched their fists tightly, and it looked like flames would spew out of their eyes.

They were not afraid of fighting, but it would not be worth it if they were expelled over this.

Moreover, it was not like such a thing had never happened before.

Unless it was absolutely necessary, they could not be impulsive.

Seeing that the boys present were not moving, George and Rocas expressions became even more uncaring.

They said fearlessly,

“Whats wrong Didnt you want to fight just now Why arent you daring to move now Dont you have the courage to do so”

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“Dont f*cking show off.

I just dont want to lower myself to your level!”

“If youre timid, then just say it.

Why use such a reason to explain”

George smiled, his eyes full of disdain.

He then said to Wang Ran

“Classmate, as you can see, Chinese men are not romantic and have no backbone.

Dont you want to consider me”

“Well, then I dont like foreigners either.

Dont harass me!” Wang Ran said angrily.

“Im not harassing you,” George said.

“I just want to have a swimming lesson here.

This isnt considered harassing you, right Haha…”

“Oh yeah!”

Roca and the others cheered when they saw George dealing with the Chinese students without changing his expression.

“Students, if you want to learn how to swim, you can come to our side.

Im very skilled, I can teach you.”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin.

“I dont have a good temper.

If you get out now, you might still have a chance.”


George pretended to be innocent.

“Why is your temper so bad Is it that hard to admit that were better than you Are you afraid that well beat you”

Lin Yi laughed.

“Youre not going to get out, are you”

George shrugged, “Teacher, were international students.

We have special privileges.

You should be happy we even want to study here.

Youll be able to teach us foreign students.

This is an honor for you…”


Lin Yi raised his foot and kicked George.

“Why dont you know your place Do you think Im your mother”

Lin Yi was far stronger than George, and the latter lost his balance and was kicked into the pool.

“Teacher Lin is so handsome! Hes so manly!”

“I like this type of guy.”

“So what if hes an international student This is the result of showing off in front of Teacher Lin !”

“After hearing Teacher Lins scolding, I suspect he must have graduated from Zaun.”

George fell into the water and created a big splash.

Roca and the others were shocked.

None of them had expected that this Chinese man would actually attack international students like them!

“Could it be that he doesnt want to work anymore!”

“George, are you okay”

Seeing George climb up, Roca ran over to see if his companion was injured.

“Im fine!”

George said with his eyes wide open, “How dare you treat me like this You can forget about this class!”

“You dont want to let me continue this class Who do you think you are”

George didnt say anything but responded to Lin Yi with actions.

Georges back was facing the pool.

He took off his swimming trunks and peed inside.


The girls screamed and turned their heads around.

“F*ck you, hooligans!”

“Haha, If you dont mind, you can continue with the lesson,” George laughed and said.

“Were leaving now, isnt that exactly what you want”


Roca and the others laughed.

“I happen to want to go to the bathroom.

Lets settle this here.”

Under Georges instructions, Roca and the others stood by the pool and took off their swimming trunks without hesitation.


The boys couldnt help it anymore, “Fuck them!”

“Dont move, take the girls to the side,”Lin Yi said lightly.

There wasnt a single expression on his face.

“Got it, Miss Lin.”


The girls stood to the side under the escort of the boys.

Although they were all girls, their tempers werent small either, and they had the aura of fighting for their lives.

Lin Yi, on the other hand, sat at the side calmly, as if nothing had happened.

Half a minute later, George and the others put on their swimming trunks and waved.

“Hey, friends, lets go.

Dont disturb their swimming class.”

“I really want to see them swimming in there, but I dont think we have a chance.”Lorca said.

“There are other ingredients in there.

I think theyll have a better time swimming.”

George shrugged.

“Thats a possibility.”

“Did I tell you to leave”Lin Yi said.

“Didnt you say that we werent allowed to have classes here”George said innocently:

“Were leaving now.

Isnt that what you want”

Lin Yi smiled.

“You can leave if you want.

Drink the water in the pool.”



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