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“What did you say! You want us to drink all the water in the pool!”

George snorted.

“Did I hear that right”

“You didnt mishear,” Lin Yi said.

“Ill leave the matter here today if you do.

If you dont drink it, none of you are leaving.”

“Hehe, not only will we leave today, but well also walk out right in front of you!” George said.

“Also, Ill tell the principal about the kick you gave me just now.

Youll just have to wait to be expelled.”

George waved at Roca and the others.

“Lets go, we dont want to disturb their class.”

“Lets go, lets go back to the party.


Lin Yi got up from his seat expressionlessly and stood in front of George and the others.

“Let me see if you can walk out.”

George and Lorca didnt look too friendly.

“Do you want to fight”


“Yes, I do,” Lin Yi said.

“Although we are students from the university, we are international students.

We are different from the weak Chinese students.

If you go too far, we will fight back.”


Lin Yi didnt waste any more words and slapped Georges face.

The latter fell to the ground after being slapped!

“F*ck, beat him up!”

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George cursed as he shouted at Roca and the others!

“F*ck, how dare you try to challenge our Teacher Lin Do you think were all useless!”

This time, the boys couldnt take it anymore.

These guys could bully them, but they couldnt bully Teacher Lin!

“Stay there, this is none of your business.”

After saying that, Lin Yi moved as well!

He saw Roca rushing at him and kicking him in the face!


A scream was heard as Roca was kicked more than ten meters away!

Wang Ran and the others were stunned, “Lin, Lin Yi is too powerful, that move was too cool.”

“Go, Lin Yi!”

“Lin Yi, I love you!”

“Lin Yi, your eight-pack abs are so cool, can I lick them”

In less than three minutes, the six foreign students were all knocked to the ground by Lin Yi.

They groaned and struggled for a long time, but they couldnt get up.

Seeing the miserable state George and the others were in, the foreign female students screamed in fear.

They ran away from the swimming pool as if they had seen a ghost.

At this time, George and the others were dumbfounded.

None of them could even land a blow.

How could Lin Yi be so powerful

He actually knocked them all down!

“You… What are you doing” George said nervously as he saw Lin Yi walking over.

“Let me tell you, Im an international student.

If you beat me up, the school will definitely fire you!”

“No one dares to fire me in this university.”

Lin Yi squatted down, grabbed Georges hair, and walked to the edge of the pool.

Along the way, Georges screams echoed throughout the entire swimming area.

“I told you to drink the water in the pool, and I wont go back on my word.”

Lin Yi grabbed Georges head and pushed him into the pool!

Wuuuuu… Wuuuuu…

Bubbles floated up from the bottom of the pool.

George kept struggling, but he couldnt break free from Lin Yis grasp!

Ten seconds later, Lin Yi pulled George up.

“Are you full”

“I, I know Im wrong.

Please dont do this to me.”

George felt like he was going to die in those ten seconds.

This Chinese man was too terrifying.

He was almost sent to meet his God.

“One should take responsibility for ones actions.

Continue drinking if you know youre wrong.”

Lin Yi turned around and looked at Roca and the others.

“And you guys.

Do I have to do it myself”

“No, no need, well do it ourselves.”

Roca and the others crawled to the edge of the pool and popped their heads in to take big gulps.

“This is so f*cking satisfying! Ive always hated these foreign students!”

“F*ck, we normally let them show off, but today were going to make them suffer a lot!”

“Teacher Lin is so handsome, I saw his abs just now!”

“This old mans maiden heart!”

“Nonsense! What are you all doing”

Just as everyone was celebrating, a shout sounded.

Everyone looked towards the door and saw that the person who entered was a middle-aged man in his forties.

They immediately quieted down and no one dared to laugh.

The man who entered was called Feng Jiadong.

He was the executive vice-principal of the university.

He was responsible for the international students in the school.

Feng Jiadong didnt know what happened at the swimming pool.

If it wasnt for the girls who ran out, he wouldnt have rushed over at this time.

“Principal Feng, youre finally here.

He hit us.

Hurry up and take care of him.

Were going to sue him!” George shouted.

“I already know the whole story,” Feng Jiadong said.

“Stand aside for now.

Ill handle this.

Then, Ill give you an explanation.”

“Who the hell told you to get up”

Lin Yi cursed, “You forgot about the pain, didnt you”

George and the others were scared out of their wits.

They fell to the ground instinctively and stuck their heads into the pool again.

However, they didnt gulp down their drinks like before.

“Teacher Lin, what is the meaning of this!” Feng Jiadong roared, pointing at George and the others.

“Theyre international students, cant you tell!”

“Of course, but so what if theyre international students” Lin Yi retorted.

“Are you giving them the privilege to be so pretentious in school”

Feng Jiadongs expression froze.

If he admitted to them being treated differently, he wouldnt be able to defend the reason for doing so.

“Theyre international students, and Im only giving them humane treatment! What do you mean by privilege!”

“If you say that, then I understand what you mean.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“I dont have any external interest, I just like sleeping with other peoples wives.

Principal Feng, can you give me some humane treatment in that case too”



The boys and girls couldnt help but burst out laughing.

Lin Yi was awesome!

“Teacher Lin, please be mindful of your identity!” Feng Jiadong shouted.

“They are students, you are a teacher!”

“Alright then.” Lin Yi pointed at a few boys not far away, “You guys are good-looking, dont you like cuckolding Principal Feng has given up his family for everyone, and he wants to give you some humane treatment after.

Why dont you thank Principal Feng”

“Lin… Teacher Lin, dont be like this…”

A tall boy pointed at a pretty girl beside him.

“My girlfriend is here, lets talk about this when theres no one else around.”

“Teacher Lin, his wifes not that young anymore.

We arent really into that.” One of the guys said.

“F*ck you guys! You guys dont even cherish the chance we give you.”

Seeing Lin Yi talking and laughing with the other guys, Jiadong was so angry that he vomited blood.

“Lin Yi, let me tell you something.

Ill take this matter seriously.

Not only will you be expelled, youll also have to bear legal responsibility for this!”

Lin Yi smiled calmly.

“Principal Feng, Im being reasonable here.

Im giving you enough respect.

Quit while youre ahead.

Dont make things unpleasant.”


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