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A simple lunch ended with laughter.

Lin Yi didnt go anywhere because there was still a taekwondo class in the second period of the afternoon.

He went back to his office.

“Sis Su, Sis Li and I have something to do, so we wont be in the office this afternoon.

Id like to ask you for a leave of absence,” Song Jia said.

“Director Su, I have something to do at home too, so Id like to ask you for a leave of absence,” Li Xingbang said.

The other teachers in the office followed suit.

Sugar glanced at Song Jia and the others.

“What the hell are you guys doing”

“Were afraid that well delay your and Lin Bros business.

As subordinates, we have to be aware.”

“What are you talking about” Lin Yi said before Sugar could respond.

“Isnt it bad if we stay here”

“Whats not good about it” Lin Yi asked.

“The thrill comes from the risk.

If you all leave, itll be the same as going to a hotel.”


Li Xingbang, “You young people have so many tricks up their sleeves.”

“Lin Yi, do you believe that Ill strangle you to death”

“Then you can play by yourself in the future.

Dont ask me to accompany you.”

Suger was terrified at the mention of the games.

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It was just a misunderstanding.

If he didnt invite her anymore, hed be tortured to death by others in the future.

“Go, go, go.

Go back to work.

Whoever asks for leave today will have their pay deducted.”

Everyone went back to their desks and continued working.

Lin Yi and Sugar also went back to their office.

Sugar didnt stay idle.

She called the dean and was about to ask about Wang Ran.

At the same time, Lin Yi called Qin Han.

In the morning, he said that he had something to ask him.

“Can you hurry up Ive already contacted my driver, why havent you given me the information When are you going to do it” Qin Han shouted as soon as the call was connected.

“Ive already settled everything in the morning.” Lin Yi smiled.

“Didnt you say you were looking for me this morning Whats the matter”

“Nothing much.” Qin Han said.

“I have your Lykan, right Im almost done driving it.

I was thinking of getting you a drink tonight and giving the car back to you.”

“If you like it, you can keep it.

I have a lot of cars, and I dont need this one.”

“That wont do.

Its like Im asking you for a car.” Qin Han said.

“If you really want one, just buy one back for me.

I wont stand on ceremony with you.” Lin Yi said.

“F*ck off, theres no way.”

“Alright, come out tonight.

Go to Metropolis on Aijian Road.

Call me when you get there.” Qin Han said.

“Alright, Ill come over after work.” Lin Yi said.

“See you then.”

Lin Yi put down his phone after hanging up.

At that moment, Sugar walked over to the printer and took out a few pieces of paper.

“These are Wang Rans truancy records.

Take a look for yourself.”

Lin Yi nodded as he took the few sheets of paper from Sugar.

He didnt think much of it at first, but he realized that her truancy rate was quite interesting.

Most of them were focused on the last class in the afternoon, and a few were on the first class in the morning.

The second class in the morning and the first class in the afternoon didnt show any records of truancy.

What was more interesting was that the classes that Wang Ran missed werent targeted at any particular subject.

She missed almost every single one of the classes held at the aforementioned time.

Lin Yi looked down and found that Wang Ran had missed another class the night before.

However, when he saw her at the school gate yesterday, she seemed to have said that there were no more classes.

After he dropped her off at home, she had rushed to the bus stop and left.

Judging from the time difference, she probably didnt even return home and went straight to the bus stop.

This was a little suspicious.

Lin Yi tapped his finger on the table without saying a word.

Sugar sat opposite him, quietly looking at Lin Yi, waiting for his opinion.

If he insisted on canceling Wang Rans scholarship, Lin Yi wouldnt be able to protect her anymore.

“Beep beep, pew~”

Hmm I was waiting for your decision, but youre playing games now

If you werent thinking about this matter, why did you pretend to be so serious!

“Why are you still playing games”

“My class is during the second period.

There are still more than 40 minutes before class ends.

If I dont play any games, Ill play with you…”

“Sister Su…”

At the same time, the office door was pushed open.

Song Jia stood rooted to the ground with an awkward expression on her face.

“Im… Im fine now.

Sorry to bother you, but you guys can continue playing as if were invisible.

Our hearing isnt good, so we cant hear anything.”

“Lin Yi, I told you to stop spouting nonsense! Now youve made them misunderstand again, and I cant explain this away even if I wanted to.”

Suge pounced on Lin Yi like a tigress descending the mountain.

Lin Yi finally understood when he saw the two mountains that were just inches away from him.

So this was what crashing into mountains meant!

After about half a minute, Sugar realized that something was wrong.

The casual touch made her blush.

“Are you thinking about Wang Ran” Sugar changed the topic.

“Not really,” Lin Yi said matter-of-factly.

“Shes an adult now.

She can do whatever she wants.

We dont have the right to interfere with her life.”

“Are you sure you dont want to do anything” Sugar said.

“I think she cares about you.”

“What are you talking about There are plenty of women who care about me, and shes not one of them.”

“What about the scholarship”

“Deal with it according to the rules.”

“Is there no room for negotiation”

“Yes, in this university, no one has special privileges except for me,” Lin Yi crossed his legs and said pretentiously.

“Dont go into the game yet.

Ill join too.

The two of us can kill everyone together.”

Lin Yi played a game with Sugar before heading to the gym for class.

It was 4:30 pm.

After class, Lin Yi drove to meet up with Qin Han.

However, he didnt go to Metropolis.

Instead, he went to Huaqing Lake.

Qin Han had previously said that this place wasnt bad, so Lin Yi was going to get him a membership card.

After all, he owed him a lot of favors.

Huaqing Lake was bigger than Lin Yi had imagined, and it was probably the biggest the largest of its kind in Zhong Hai.

The security guard at the door froze when he saw Lin Yis Shari.

A Shari didnt normally show up at a pace like Huaqing Lake.

“Manager Ma, are we going to receive this Shari guy” The security guard asked.

The female manager pondered for a few seconds.

“Just receive him normally.

Were just workers.

Dont look down on him.

Hell leave on his own if he cant afford it.

We dont need to say anything more.”


The female manager walked over with a smile when she saw Lin Yi get out of the car.

“Sir, are you coming alone”

“I want to get a card.” Lin Yi didnt waste any time and told her the purpose of his trip.

“Get a card” The female manager was stunned.

She hadnt even started her sales pitch yet, so why was he taking the initiative to get a card

No wonder he didnt mind driving a Shari that looked like that.

It was obvious that he was an experienced patron!

“Cant I get a card This is such a big store, so surely you have these facilities.”

“Thats not what I meant.” The female manager explained, “What type of card do you want to get If it cost more than 1,000, you get 100 free, and…”

“An imperial set.”

“Ah An imperial set”The female manager was surprised.

“Sir, the imperial set is the best card in our store.

The price is 188,000…”

“Yeah, two.”


The female manager and the security guard almost dropped their jaws when they heard that he wanted two cards.

This was close to 400,000!

Youre already so rich, so whats the point of driving a Shari!

“Alright, Alright, please come in.

Ill get it for you right away.”

Ten minutes later, Lin Yi took the two golden membership cards and left with satisfaction.

“Its not bad.

Come and have some fun when you have time.”

After getting the cards, Lin Yi went to Metropolis, which Qin Han had talked about.

In terms of scale, although Metropolis wasnt small, but it also wasnt amongst the largest in Zhong Hai.

Even so, after the renovation, it was a unique place.

Qin Hans visit here was also in line with his status.

As for his car, it was parked at the entrance.

It occupied the most eye-catching spot and was surrounded by cones.

It was extremely high-profile.

It was unknown whether it was because the car was too good or because of Qin Hans status that he could receive such treatment.

“Look, isnt that red sports car a Lykan Super 7 It seems to sell for more than 60 million dollars.”

“Dont point your fingers at it, thats the Emperor of Zhong Hai, Qin Hans car.”

“So its Qin Hans car.

No wonder its so high profile, even taking up two parking spaces.”

“Thats for sure.

This car sells for over 60 million.

Who else in Zhong Hai can drive such a good car other than Qin Han”

Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh when he heard the others discussions.

It was a misunderstanding after all.



Lin Yi walked to the door and saw Liu Yinxi walking over.

“Why are you standing outside” Lin Yi said with a smile when he saw Liu Yinxi.

Lin Yi had a good impression of this burly man because he had taken care of two issues with him.

“Young Master Qin knew that you were coming, so he sent me over to wait here.”

“Tell him not to play tricks next time.

Im not an outsider.

Theres no need to do this.”

“Understood, Mr.


Liu Yinxi was secretly impressed by Lin Yi.

He owned a Lykan and Koenigsegg, yet drove a beat up Shari.


Lin was no ordinary person.

When they reached the third floor, they could hear the noise and screams of the women inside the room.

“Is this guy playing a multiplayer game inside”

Liu Yinxi pushed the door open and Lin Yi saw two other boys inside, but they looked unfamiliar.

He had never seen them before.

However, there were other familiar faces inside.

Lina was there too.

Even so, she and the other tall women were all wearing bikinis and holding beer in their hands.

They were twisting their bodies crazily, each wave higher than the other.

“Lin Bro, youre here.

We were waiting for you.”

Lina took the initiative to hold Lin Yis arm and rub it against her body.

“I just finished class, so Im a little late.”

“Old Lin, come, come, Ill introduce you to a few friends,” Qin Han called out, pointing at the slightly chubby boy.

“This is Liang Jinming.

Xinhua Airlines in Zhong Hai belongs to his family.”

Qin Han pointed at the other person and said, “This is Gao Zongyuan.

Long Teng Machinery belongs to his family, and they produce cables.

The cables used on aircraft carriers are all their products.”

“Hello, Brother Lin.”

“Hello, Brother Lin.”

The two of them reached out their hands at the same time, very enthusiastic.

The man in front of them was incredible.

After all, not every rich second generation could lend Qin Han their car to drive around.

“Nice to meet you, nice to meet you,” Lin Yi said politely.

“Lets have a nice drink later.”

He wasnt going to anger these smiling gentlemen.

He needed to keep up a good attitude.

“Okay, okay, okay.”

They sat down, and Lin Yi handed the membership card to Qin Han.

“The imperial set from Huaqing Lake.

I just went to get it for you.”

“F*ck, you really went.” Qin Han laughed.

“Youre the best.”

“Youre welcome.”

Lin Yi laughed as he pointed at the girls in the room.

“Did you find all of them”

“No, I didnt.” Qin Han said.

“I brought Lina, and the rest were given to me by Baldy.”


“What kind of memory do you have” Qin Han mocked.

“Its that Liu Qiang you beat up a few days ago.

He and Yao Donglai opened up a parlor recently, and he insisted that I come over to have fun.

He even arranged for these people to entertain me.

I heard that theyre all college students.

Just take whoever you like.

Theyre all clean.”

“No, I dont like that kind of thing.”

“Haha, I knew it.”Qin Han laughed.

“These girls are good in every way except for their motherf*cking youth, haha…”

Qin Han put his arm around Lin Yis shoulder.

“I remember that you hooked up with a woman named Guo Rui.

She seems to be the vice president of the Zhong Hai Literary and Sports Association.

Shes pretty good, right”

Liang Jinming and Gao Zongyuan were stunned.

Brother Lin was too awesome.

He could even hook up with the vice president of the f*cking Literary and Sports Association

“Dont say that.

Shes a married woman.”

The two of them were even more confused.

They were completely impressed.

A married woman!

A master!

“Alright, I understand.” Qin Han laughed loudly.


Just as the two of them were talking, the door of the private room was pushed open.

Two tall women in miniskirts walked in with red wine and fruit plates in their hands.

“Sir, your wine and fruit plates…”

They stopped mid-sentence.

The lady holding the fruit plates stared at them nervously.

“T-Teacher Lin, why are you here”


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