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“Lin, Teacher Lin, I respect you a lot…”

Wang Rans tears fell again.

“Dont… dont insult me.”

“Insult you” Lin Yi said.

“How did I insult you Other people can sleep with you for money, but Im insulting you for doing the same What kind of logic is this”

“But youre my teacher, I really respect you!”

“Whats the use of respecting me Can your mothers illness be cured” Lin Yi asked.

“Do you think Im a good person just because Im pretty and am a school teacher”

“If it wasnt for me, you wouldve been dragged to a hotel by someone else today.

Do you really think that sleeping with someone will bring you a lot of money” Lin Yi questioned.

“If you really got to that point, you wouldnt even know how you died.”

“That wont do either.” Wang Ran gritted her teeth.

“Even if Teacher Lin is a bad person, I still respect you.”

Lin Yi sighed.

No wonder those fat nouveau riche liked to keep female college students around.

Purity was one of the factors, but gullibility was the most important trait.


“Then you can continue to respect me.” Lin Yi propped his head on one hand.

“Now that the money is here, its up to you whether you take it or not.”

No one spoke in the suite, and only Wang Rans nervous panting could be heard.

Wang Ran pulled the corner of her dress up slowly, revealing the clothes underneath.

“Teacher Lin, I know youre a good person.

You look down on me after what Ive done,” Wang Ran said hesitantly.

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“But Im really just selling alcohol to others.

Ive never done anything overboard.

At least, Im still clean now.

If you dont mind, Ill stay here with you tonight, but I cant take the money.

Its too big of a favor, I cant return it.”

“If youre going to sleep with me, what do you want in return”

“Im not worth that much money.”


Lin Yi cursed as he ran out of the room.

“Im so impressed.

I Cant help it if I meet such a stubborn person.”

Lin Yi checked into another room and went straight to sleep.


The next morning, he had class for the first time.

Lin Yi woke up early and had a simple bite to prepare for class.

As for Wang Rans matter, Lin Yi didnt bother about it anymore.

She had the money, and even though the medical fees in Zhong Hai were high, it was more than enough.

Lin Yi saw Wang Ran holding the money box as he walked out of the hotel.

She was standing next to his car, looking around like a thief.

“Why arent you leaving yet” Lin Yi asked

“Im here to return the money,” Wang Ran said in a low voice.

“Teacher, I didnt touch a single cent of the money here.

Check it.”

“Theres 500,000 here.

How am I supposed to check it Wont it be dark by the time Im done” Lin Yi asked.

Wang Ran looked embarrassed.

“I know how to count money, and I can do it quickly.

I can help you check it.”

“Take the money.

Dont bother me anymore.”

“Teacher Lin, dont be angry with me,” Wang Ran said with tears in her eyes.

“I really had no other choice.

Thats why I went to Metropolis.

I really cant take this money.

I respect you, but its not because of your money.”

“Is it because of my good looks”

Wang Ran stopped talking.

It was true that she liked Lin Yi because of his good looks!

This was coupled with Lin Yi beating up the foreign students, which improved the lives of the students in the university.

Wang Ran stopped talking, silently agreeing to Lin Yis request.

Damn you!

“I have a company, and youre studying economics.

You can work for me as an intern during your senior year.

This money is your advance salary.”

“Really” Wang Ran stared at Lin Yi, her eyes still wet with tears, giving her a different kind of beauty.


Lin Yi rolled his eyes at ran and got into the car, preparing to go to class.

“Lin, Reacher Lin.”

“Is there anything else Do you want me to send you back”

“No.” Wang Rans face was a little red as she nervously took out a check.

“Teacher Lin, how do I bank this in Can I use it to pay at the hospital”

Lin Yi was speechless.

“Get in the car, Ill get you the money.”

“Thank you, Teacher Lin.” Wang Ran said

Lin Yi gave Sugar a call after getting in the car.

Judging from the current schedule, he definitely wouldnt be able to attend the first class, so he asked her to help him skip his class.

Lin Yi took Wang Ran to the bank and helped her cash the check for forty thousand dollars into cash.

He didnt go back to school, however, but instead sent her back home.

“Teacher Lin, Ill leave on my own.

I wont trouble you.”

“Its fine.

If you want to leave, you can just take the bus after I send you back.”


Wang Ran looked embarrassed.

“Teacher Lin, you already know everything.”

“Im just guessing, what the Hell would I know”

Forty minutes later, Lin Yi arrived at Shu Guang District.

On the way, Lin Yi called Tianlong and told him to contact the hospital to pick up Wang Rans mother later.

They arrived at Shu Guang District again, and the car drove very smoothly.

The other cars automatically maintained a distance of five meters from them, and no one dared to get close to them.

“Teacher Lin, my house is a bit shabby.

Dont mind it.” Wang Ran said.

“My old house isnt even as good as yours.

You were pretty quick when you took off your clothes.

Ive never seen you this embarrassed before.”

“Teacher Lin, dont say that.

I drank last night and I wasnt thinking clearly.”

“Then should I pour some more wine for you” Lin Yi asked.

“Teacher Lin, dont tease me.

I take back what I said,” Wang ran said embarrassedly.

Lin Yi glanced upstairs.

“Go up and take a look first.

The hospital has already contacted you.

You can take care of the rest yourself.”

“Okay, thank you, Teacher Lin.”

The two unconsciously quickened their steps.

Wang Ran opened the door, and before they could say anything, they saw a few people already inside the room.

Lin Yi glanced at the people in the room and found that their expressions were all quite interesting.

They didnt look like they were here to visit a patient, which was strange.

However, if they were here, they must be Wang Rans relatives.

Lin Yi didnt pay too much attention to the others.

He looked into the room and saw a middle-aged woman lying on the bed.

She didnt look too good, and she looked quite similar to Wang Ran.

She must be her mother.

Apart from that, there was an old lady with a walking stick in the living room.

Her hair was full of silver hair.

This had to be Wang Rans grandmother.

Lin Yi looked around briefly before his eyes scanned Wang Rans house.

It wasnt big, and didnt even measure forty square meters.

It was indeed a little small.

“Yo, Ran is back.

Is this your boyfriend Looking at his outfit, he looks pretty good.”

The person who spoke was a middle-aged woman.

Her hair was all curly, and she had the domineering aura of a woman from the marketplace.

“Hes my teacher, Aunty, dont misunderstand.”

Wang Ran then introduced the people in front of her to Lin Yi.

The woman who spoke was Wang Rans aunt, Wang Fang.

The middle-aged man in the lead was Wang Dahai, and the other middle-aged man was Wang Dashan, Wang Rans uncle and third uncle respectively.

“Auntie, why didnt you tell us that you were here I didnt prepare anything,” Wang Ran said politely.

“Were not outsiders, so theres no need to be so polite,” Wang Fang said.

“Little Ran, I heard that you found a job and you earn quite a lot.”

“I did find a job, and I earned a little money,” Wang Ran answered truthfully.

“How much is a little money” Wang Fangs eyes lit up.

“About 8,000 dollars.”

Wang Rans monthly salary was 10,000 yuan, but she received a few complaints, and she broke a lot of things.

After deducting the money, it amounted to about 8,000 yuan.

“Thats great.

I wont beat around the bush with you,” Wang Fang said.

“Didnt you borrow 5,000 dollars from me before Now that you have money, can you return the money to me”


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