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“No, no, no…”

Wang Ran was so flustered that she dropped half a piece of sausage on the ground before she could finish it.

“You scared me.

If you really had such thoughts, Id give you a red packet for the new year,” Lin Yi said.

“But youre the campus belle of the university.

There should be a lot of people chasing after you.”

Wang Ran was a little embarrassed.

“No ones chasing me because my family is poor.”

“Thats normal,” Lin Yi said.

“In todays society, women measure mens conditions, and vice versa.”

“But Teacher Lin doesnt dislike me.”

“Because Im handsome and rich, why would I dislike you”

“Thats why I have to thank you, Teacher Lin,” Wang Ran said.

“But dont worry, Teacher Lin, Ill definitely work hard in the future.

I wont slack off.”

“As long as you say so.”

Lin Yi finished his last bite of the fruit pancake and drank a mouthful of mineral water.

He dusted his butt and prepared to leave.

“Im leaving first.

You stay here.” Lin Yi said.

“Ill help you apply for leave from school.

Let me know when your mother finishes her surgery tomorrow.”

“Got it.

Thank you, Teacher Lin.” Wang Ran bowed deeply to Lin Yi.

“Lets go since were done.” Wang Ran got up quickly.

“Alright, head back.

Im tired of hearing you thank me every day.” Lin Yi said.

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Lin Yi waved his hand and was about to leave when Wang Ran stopped him from behind.

“Teacher Lin, I… I want to ask you something.” Wang Ran said.

“What is it” Lin Yi asked.

“When I was working in Metropolis, I met a lot of customers.

They liked their sisters to call themdaddy…”

“So what”

“Teacher Lin, if you like it, I can call you that too, as long as it makes you happy.”

Lin Yi, “…”

Did every woman have the same desire to be conquered

“I dont have a daughter as small as you.”

Lin Yi drove off after finishing his sentence.

“I, Im already 20 years old.

Im not small anymore.”

Wang Ran quickly realized that Lin Yi wasnt talking about her age.

A B-cup should still be alright!


Lin Yi didnt go home after leaving the hospital.

He drove to Huaqing Lake instead.

He had already gotten the imperial set, so he couldnt waste it.

He took a comfortable bath before the head technician arrived.

She massaged his feet and applied a facial mask at the same time.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

His phone rang at that moment.

Lin Yi glanced at it and realized that it was Lu Ying Calling.


Lin, are you asleep” Lu Ying asked on the other end of the phone.

“Dont ask if Im asleep or not.

Just tell me whats going on.”

“The thing is, Brother Sun and I are at the airport in Washington right now.

Well be able to rush back to Zhong Hai tomorrow morning.

Wed like to report our schedule to you.”

“There is no rush.

You two will be jet-lagged when you get home.

Youve worked hard these past few days.”


Lin, youve worked hard too.

Compared to you, were nothing.”

“I really havent worked hard.

Im wearing a face mask and getting my feet massaged now.”

Lu Ying, “…”

“Actually, its not easy to have to sit around with a face mask while getting your feet massaged either.

Its a hard job.”

Lu Ying could only comfort herself with this.

“How about this, Ill send someone to pick you up after you get off the plane.

Rest well at home for a day, and Ill take you to a nice place tonight to relax.

Well talk about it in detail then.”

“Got it, Mr.


Lin Yi was anxious about the photolithography project as well, but he couldnt be too harsh on them since the preparation of sharpening a knife would never delay the act of cutting firewood.

Flying all over the world during this period of time was indeed hard work.

The next morning, Lin Yi drove to school.

The mission progress had reached (17/20) .

The lesson he had to make up for yesterday and the lesson he was supposed to attend today meant that he had two classes today.

After that, the mission progress would reach (19/20).

He still had one class tomorrow, and if everything went according to plan, he would be able to complete the ultimate task of being a teacher tomorrow.

He was a little excited just thinking about it.

Apart from the class, Lin Yi played a few games with Sugar, successfully bringing her up to diamond rank.

That afternoon, Lin Yi received a wechat WeChat from Wang Ran, informing that the surgery was a success, and expressing her thanks again.

After a simple reply, Lin Yi put his phone back into his pocket.

He had a lot of things to do these few days, so hed go over to take a look after he was done.

Lin Yi picked up Lu Ying and Sun Fuyu later.

It was obvious that both of them had put in a lot of effort, especially Lu Ying.

Her dress was knee-length, and she was wearing a straw hat while a pair of black sunglasses hung on her chest.

No one would be able to tell that she was a female doctor in science and engineering.

Sun Fuyu, on the other hand, had a new breakthrough in his style as well.

He had changed into a new plaid shirt.

“You two became a lot more avant-garde now that youve left the country.”

Sun Fuyu chuckled.

“We both bought our clothes at the duty-free shop at the airport.

These come from big brands.”

“Do big brands make plaid shirts” Lin Yi asked.

Lin Yi realized that plaid shirts werent just the standard for engineers and scientists in their country.

Theyseemed to have the same taste in other countries as well.

“President Lin, dont look at me.

Look at Little Yings outfit.

Its pretty good, isnt it” Sun Fuyu said.

“Its pretty good, but its useless.

Shell have to take it off later.” Lin Yi said.


Lu Yings face turned red.

What was Mr.

Lin saying

“President Lin, am I imposing myself” Sun Fuyu asked tentatively.

“Should I leave now”

“Dont go, just watch from the side.”Lin Yi said

“Im already married.

I dont need a daughter-in-law.

Whats the point of watching you two”

“Its more exciting that way.”

Su Fuyu gulped.

Dont say its exciting for you, its exciting for me just listening to this.

Lin Yi drove them all the way to Huaqing Lake.

Sun Fuyu looked up.

“Presdient Lin, if I remember correctly, this is the biggest bathing house in Zhong Hai, right”

“Looks like youre a man of character!”

Sun Fuyu chuckled.

“I heard about it from others.

The price isnt cheap, and I cant afford it.”

“F*ck!”Lin Yi cursed.

“Whats this Ill give you another 20,000 a month as a special bathing fund.

As the director of the Longxin Research Institute, you cant even afford to relax.

Isnt that a slap in my face”

Lu Ying, “…”

Bathing Fund!

Was this the so-called five insurance and two gold

Lin Yi turned back to look at Lu Ying.

“Do you usually get massages If you do, Ill give you a raise too.”

“I usually wash at home, I dont come to places like this.”

Although she was a science and engineering girl dealing with men every day, she was still a girl, so she was still sensitive to these matters.

“Thatll be a bit difficult.

Ill find time to give you a bathtub so that you can think of me every time you take a bath.”

“Presdient Lin, isnt it more reasonable to think of you on a lonely and unbearable night” Sun Fuyu said sullenly.

“Dont you take a bath before you do anything”


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