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“Yuanuan is a typical money-grubber.

If you dare to deduct her salary, be careful that she doesnt grab a knife and fight you to the death,” Ji Qingyan teased.

“Its okay.

Ill prepare a big pie for her if that happens.

With her IQ, she will definitely fall for it again.”

“Ill let the two of you go at each other then.” Ji Qingyan smiled.

“Actually, Im also responsible for this.

If I hadnt gone to the second floor to discuss some matters, Zhao Zhengyang wouldnt have seen me and you wouldnt have been involved in the lawsuit.”

“Then shouldnt you express all your feelings in the form of some S-squats for me”

“That depends on you.

If one day Im in a good mood I might just put on a performance for you in my swimsuit.”

“Lets not try to hope for the perfect chance.

Its a beautiful day today, so lets not let the moonlight go to waste.”

“Not today.

This massage is too good.

I dont want to move at all,” Ji Qingyan said lazily.

“You lie on your stomach and dont move after eating.

If youre not fat, there should be no problem for you to get up now.”

“Id eat even if I were fat.

Humph.” Ji Qingyan held her stomach and said,

“By the way, Im preparing to book a ticket for tomorrow night.

We can sleep at night and when we wake up, well be in America.

But because of the time difference, itll still dark when we get off the plane.”

“Alright, Ill do as you say.”

“Thats right, you have to be a good boy.”

* Buzz Buzz Buzz *

Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a video message from He Yuanyuan.

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The background in the video was Lingyun Corporation, and he could occasionally see Qi Xianzhao walking past her.

“Its late at night, why are the two of you still at the company Are you going to do something shameful”

“Dont say that.

Im thick-skinned, but Brother Qi cant stand it.”

“F*ck, whats there to be afraid of Tell him that when he goes out in the future, there will definitely be times when he will be in uncomfortable situations, especially as someone from Lingyun Corporation.”

“You still have the cheek to talk about others Its been so long, but you still havent taken down my senior sister.

How embarrassing.”

“Arent you the same If youre that awesome, go and push Old Qidown.”

“Dont push me, I, He Yuanyuan, am not afraid of you.

If you push my senior sister down, Ill push Brother Qi down in my office!”

“Youre the one who said it.”

Lin Yi pointed his phone at Ji Qingyan.

“Your sister is lying here, please start your performance now.”

“Lin Yi, dont record me or Ill kill you.”

Ji Qingyan quickly jumped aside to avoid Lin Yis camera.

“We just finished one round, its your turn now.” Lin Yi said.

“You guys…”

He Yuanyuan was dumbfounded.

Although she kept saying that Lin Yi had to take Ji Qingyan down as soon as possible, she knew that with her seniors conservative personality, he wouldnt be able to take her down anytime soon.

It wasnt until she saw the scene in the video that He Yuanyuan realized that she was still an innocent little girl.

Moreover, her senior sister was wearing her pajamas, and most importantly, she was in his Jiuzhou Pavilion.

This was solid evidence!

“Quick, quick, quick, Ive already prepared the popcorn.

Im just waiting for you guys to start.

Whether its the shrew sitting on a lotus position or the tiger from behind, Im ready to watch it firsthand.”

“Senior Sister…”

He Yuanyuan was already on the verge of tears, so she could only seek outside help.

“Alright, stop fooling around.” Ji Qingyan grabbed Lin Yis phone and asked, “Is there something you need from him”

“Its nothing for me.” He Yuanyuan said, “Sister, why are you at President Lins house”

“Im here for dinner.

He wont let me leave tonight.” Ji Qingyan pushed the responsibility away.

“Whats with the pajamas Why is there a set of womans pajamas at his house”

“He bought them for me.

He begged me a few times, and I was too lazy to move, so Im staying here for the night.”

Lin Yi didnt expose Ji Qingyans lie.

He had to give her some face.

“Senior, although President Lin isnt a good person, I dont think he would do something like that.”

“Huh What do you mean Do you think I came here on my own accord”

“Thats possible.”

“Then go live stream for Lin Yi.”

Ji Qingyan threw her phone over angrily and walked out of the room to apply her face mask.

What kind of person was she She was helping her get rid of Lin Yi out of the kindness of her heart, but this girl dared to provoke her.

Was she that bad a liar!

He was the one who dragged her here!

Lin Yi took the phone and straightened his expression:

“There must be something going on for you to send a message so late.”

“Didnt you ask me to investigate a black Land Rover during the day I already did.” He Yuanyuan said.

“Guess what, this car belongs to Cao Xiangyu!”

“Cao Xiangyu”

Lin Yi paused for a moment before reacting.

Wasnt Cao Xiangyu the boss of Cisco, the son of Cao Jiadong.

It was a surprise to see him in front of Lin Yis factory.

“Thats right, its his.” He Yuanyuan asked:

“Did you catch wind of something Its such a coincidence! I was just asked to investigate a person, and it turned out to be Cao Xiangyu.”

“Its nothing, I was just casually investigating.” Lin Yi said.

“If theres nothing else, Ill hang up first.”

“Whats the rush Lets talk for a bit more.”

“Your senior is still with me, why are you pulling me away to chat Miss, youre weighing me down!”

“Uh, I get it, Ill hang up now.

Im done chatting.”

Just as the call ended, Ji Qingyan walked in while wearing a mask.

She was holding an unopened face mask in her hand, and the incident didnt seem to have affected her at all.

“Here, let me put one on you.

This mask is really good.”

“Ill pass.”

“No, you have to.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Do you want to see me in a swimsuit doing an S-squat for you or not”

“My face is weathered by the wind and the sun.

Im not as handsome as I used to be, so I need a mask to replenish the moisture.”

Ji Qingyan smiled happily.

“You are truly a hooligan.”

Ji Qingyan tore the mask open and stuck it on Lin Yis face skillfully.

“I have a way you can prevent me from being a hooligan in the future.”

“Hows that”

“Let me have my fun now.

I wont be like this when Im no longer interested.”

“You wish.” Ji Qingyan said.

“By the way, what did Yuanyuan say”

“I bumped into someone today.

It turned out to be Ciscos bosss son, Cao Xiangyu.

Hes in charge of the business at Ciscos factory.”

“He let his son manage the factory” Ji Qingyan was surprised.

“Whats wrong This is normal, right After all, its his familys business.”

Ji Qingyan hesitated for a few seconds.

“How many children does Ciscos boss have”

“Two, a son and a daughter.

The womans name is Cao Jingqiu.

Shes three years younger than Cao Xiangyu.”

“Then its obvious.” Ji Qingyan said.

“Although its not 100% guaranteed, its possible that hes expressing his attitude through this.”

Lin Yi frowned slightly.

“Youre saying that Cao Jiadong is using this method to remind Cao Xiangyu that hes fallen out of favor”


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