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“Why wont I be able to find you Dont you have a mouth under your nose”

“Because your foreign language skills are terrible,” Ji Qingyan said proudly, with a trace of superiority on her face.

“Very good, very good.

You used to show off a lot of chinese-western word combinations.”

“CEO Ji, youre looking down on me.

At least I hold a bachelors degree, and have taught in a university.

My English level is still good.”

“But you only have a bachelors.

In your university, you taught sports and Taekwondo.

This has nothing to do with English.”

“You really havent learned from your mistakes.

Have you forgotten how I tricked you before”

“That was before.

This time will be different.”

“How about a bet”

“Lets make a bet.” Ji Qingyan showed a fearless expression.

“Book a room later.

I wont involve myself throughout the whole process.

If you can settle this, we can share a room tonight.”

“I dont want to share a room with you.

I cant even sleep well when you snore in the middle of the night.”


Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly, “Im not like that.”

“Well I still dont want to share a room with you.

Lets change to another reward.”

“I havent done anything to you yet.

Why are you being so mean to me”Ji Qingyan said angrily, “Well, we still need a room tonight, so how about the loser sleeps on the floor!”

“Sigh, in the end, this looks like our only option.

Looks like this Disney trip might very well become the trip on which I lose my virginity!”

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“Bah, bah, bah, thats so disgusting.

I was just afraid that you would touch me,” Ji Qingyan said with disdain.

“Hurry up and book a room.

If you lose, youll sleep on the floor.”

He was then pushed into the hotel lobby by Ji Qingyan.

As a theme hotel under Disney, the moment they entered, they could feel the cheerful atmosphere.

Disneys cartoon characters were wandering everywhere, to the point where there were no blind spots where they could hide.

The characters seemed to be everywhere.

“Lin Yi, I want to buy this hairpin.”

Lin Yi looked in the direction Ji Qingyan was pointing at.

In the vending machine was a red hairpin with white spots and two round mouse ears.

It was a classic Disney hairpin.

“If you like it, then buy it.”

“No, I want you to buy it for me.”

“Are you kidding me Its 39 dollars each.

I have better ways to spend my money!”

“No, thats what I want.

You buy it for me.”

The people in the lobby found it funny to see Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan arguing over a hair clip.

They couldnt agree on its value.


However, if Qin Han were here, hed probably give them the middle finger.

One was a female CEO with a net worth of more than three billion, and the other was a rich kid with a net worth of more than ten billion.

They were arguing over a $39 object.

They were crazy!

“Okay, okay, Ill buy it for you.”

“Hehe, thats right.”

Since it was self-service, Lin Yi completed the whole operation himself.

Ji Qingyan held her Minnie hairpin and put it on her head happily.

“Lin Yi, do you like it”

After learning from the experience before boarding the plane, Lin Yi said, “The hairpin is average, the person is more beautiful.”

“Youre so sweet.” Ji Qingyan said happily.

“Seeing that youre doing so well, I wont make you sleep on the floor when you lose.

Ill give you the sofa.”

“How do you know that I will lose You dont think that I have the ability to get a room”

“No, because your level is too low.”

“If a tiger doesnt show its power, you would treat it like Hello Kitty.”

The two walked to the reception counter, and the female receptionist spoke in standard English,

“Welcome to the Disney Animal Kingdom Hotel.”

Ji Qingyan turned her body and tilted her head to look at Lin Yi, as if she was watching a good show.

Lin Yi hesitated for a moment before he frowned.

“Hello, ken yu speek Chainis”

“I can,” the receptionist said.

“Every day, many Chinese guest visit our hotel, so we speak a little Chinese.”

Ji Qingyan, “”

What was this

An actor

“Give me the best room you have.

I only need one bed.

My friend will sleep on the sofa.”

“Okay, please wait a moment.

Thatll be 349 dollars in total.”


Lin Yi handed the money over and exchanged it for a room card and a small travel souvenir, which was something like a key chain.

“Lin Yi, youre cheating!”

The two entered the elevator and Ji Qingyan said angrily, “What asking if she spikes Chinese in broken English Who does that”

“You cant blame me for that,” Lin Yi said.

“You said it yourself before you came in.

You were the only one who could settle the hotel booking, and Id be the one sleeping on the sofa.

Now that Ive settled it, why arent you accepting your punishment”

“Who told you to speak Chinese”

“They can speak Chinese, so its more convenient for us to communicate that way.

Dont tell me that I could only speak English”

Ji Qingyan puffed up her cheeks and didnt say anything.

She was so angry.

“If youre willing to bet, you must admit defeat.

If youre going to sleep on the sofa, then sleep on the sofa!”

After exiting the elevator, the two of them found their room.

The decoration of the room was also Disney-themed.

Especially the bedroom.

There were a lot of cartoon character toys in it, making Ji Qingyans heart itch.

Especially the bed sheets.

They was a pink Minnie, and it was even bigger than her double bed.

Ji Qingyan didnt want to let Lin Yi sleep on it anymore.

“If you really like it, you can sleep in the room,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“No,” Ji Qingyan said.

“I was the loser.

I cant be so shameless.”

“You said it yourself.

In that case, Ill leave you alone.

Dont blame me if you catch a cold at night.”

“I slept on the plane for a long time.

Im not sleepy at all.

I can stay up all night.”

“The plane was so bumpy.

Could you really sleep well”

“Thats none of your business even if I couldnt sleep well,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Ill think of a way to get back the bed tomorrow.

Youd better be careful.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill wait.” Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

Lin Yi ignored Ji Qingyan and went back to his room alone, locking her outside the bedroom.

The first-class cabin provided as much comfort as possible on a plane, but it wasnt a place to sleep.

Hed only have the energy to have fun the next day if he rested at night.

Lin Yi rested his hands on the back of his head as he organized his plans.

Playing with Ji Qingyan wasnt his main goal.

He had to think of a way to deal with that Tianzhuo guy.

Microsoft was based in Washington, and he was in Orlando.

He had to think of a way to go there.

However, the crux of the problem lay with He Yuanyuan.

He could only take action after she had dug up Shen Tianzhuos background.

During this period, his mission was to bring Ji Qingyan around to have as much fun as possible.

Fortunately, Orlando was a famous tourist city.

In addition to Disney, there were more than a dozen theme parks here.

It was enough to keep them entertained for a while.

Besides that, Miami was close to Orlando.

If he got tired of this, he could give Miami a spin.

It was enough to buy him some time.

If He Yuanyuan couldnt find out anything about Tianzhuo during this period of time, hed fire her when he got back!

Even so, he still had to prepare for now.

It wouldnt be fun if Ji Qingyan found out that he had ulterior motives.

Lin Yi stretched lazily at the thought, feeling sleepy.

Lin Yi got out of bed and opened the door quietly.

He found that Ji Qingyan was already asleep.

She had curled up and dropped her phone on the floor.

The Korean drama she had been watching was still playing on it.

“Whats the point of this”

Lin Yi quietly carried Ji Qingyan onto the bed, fulfilling her dream of sleeping on the big Minnie Mouse bed.

The next morning, when Ji Qingyan woke up, she was surprised to find that she was sleeping on the bed!

First, she was surprised, then her heart warmed up.

Lin Yi must have felt sorry for her and carried her over.

Quietly, she got up.

Ji Qingyan heard the sound of running water in the bathroom and found Lin Yi washing up.

“Lin Yi, thank you.” Ji Qingyan leaned against the door, her big eyes narrowed into crescent moons as she said sweetly.

If she hadnt brushed her teeth, she would have given him a kiss as a reward.

“Did you sleep well”

“Yes, yes.”Ji Qingyan nodded heavily.

“The bed was very comfortable.

I slept very well.”

“Did you have any dreams”

“Yes, yes!”

Ji Qingyan was energized when she mentioned the dream she had the previous night.

She waved her hands and said,

“I really had a dream last night.

It was very interesting.

Listen to me.

“I dreamt that I turned into Snow White yesterday.

A dwarf was chasing after me, but I ran into a big white bear on the way.

It helped me chase the dwarf away and brought me into the jungle.

I hugged it and slept soundly.

You know, when I hugged it, it felt really comfortable and soft… Huh How do you know I had a dream”

Lin Yi opened his shirt, revealing a few red scratches.

“How do you think I know”


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