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“I didnt mean that.

I just thought that it wasnt very nice.”

“Then Ill go change into a long dress.”

After saying that, Ji Qingyan went back to the room and changed into a matching long dress that reached all the way to her ankles.

“How about now”

“This is not bad, very good.”

“You still dont want to admit it” Ji Qingyan said.

“You just dont want me to show my thighs.”

“Whats there to show with your thick legs Im trying to prevent you from showing your flaws,” Lin Yi said seriously.

“Im not fat, and my legs arent thick.” Ji Qingyan said.

“You obviously have selfish motives.

Apparently, you can see it, but others cant.”

“Wrong!” Lin Yi corrected her.

“I was just admiring you.

I dont have any evil thoughts.”

Ji Qingyan squatted down with a smile and cupped Lin Yis face with both hands.

“I can see that your mind is full of evil thoughts.”

After that, Ji Qingyan stood up.

“The weather outside is really good.

Lets go out and take a look.”

“Lets go.”

Lin Yi went downstairs and gave another two thousand dollars as a deposit.

He didnt know how long he would be staying there, so he handed over the money first.

Seeing Lin Yi talking to the female receptionist, Ji Qingyan couldnt help but think of the phrase, “When youre worried about a girl, you must separate the two”.She couldnt help but laugh.

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After settling the deposit, the two walked out of the hotel and prepared to buy tickets to enter the park.

Naturally, Ji Qingyan wasnt short of money, but she used to spend most of her time on her studies and work.

Even though there was Disneyland in China, she never had the chance to go.

Shed only pass by it when she went out to discuss business.

To her, this trip to Disneyland seemed to have a different meaning.

There were many people lined up at the entrance of the park, and there were many Chinese people bringing their families here to enjoy themselves.

“So many people.” Ji Qingyan tiptoed forward.

“There are so many people.

The smart thing to do was to arrive early.”

“Its Disneyland, after all.

Its normal for there to be a lot of people.” Lin Yi said.

After queuing for a while, Lin Yi bought the tickets and the two of them entered the park together.

The Disneyland in Orlando was the largest theme park in the world.

Their first stop was the Animal Kingdom within Disney.

“Lin Yi, I heard a tigers cry.” Ji Qingyan grabbed Lin Yis arm, as excited as a child.

Lin Yi didnt ruin her mood, smiling.

“Ill take you there.”

“Well go later.” Ji Qingyan pulled Lin Yi and pointed at a small stall not far away.

“Look at that stall over there, theyre selling a shiny hair clip.

Isnt it nice”

“Yeah, its pretty.”


Ji Qingyan wanted one, but she wanted Lin Yi to offer it to her first.

“So what if it looks good What else”

“Dont you want to buy one for me”

“Not yet.”

“No.” Ji Qingyan couldnt take it anymore, and decided to stop being reserved.

“I want the shiny hair clip and a Mickey balloon.”

“Why do you want everything If you keep begging me, I wont take you out anymore.”

“I still want one.” Ji Qingyan said sweetly.

“Buy one for me.”

“Thatll depend on your performance.” Lin Yi said.

“Besides, I bought you a hairpin yesterday.

Why do you still want one today How many heads do you have”

“Alright then, you can buy one for me later.”

With Ji Qingyans wealth, she could naturally afford everything here.

However, she wanted Lin Yi to buy it for her.

Only then would it feel right.

“Darling, I want that shiny hair clip.”

Not far from them, a girl in a Loli outfit said.

“That hair clip costs more than 40 dollars.

Its too expensive.

Theres no need for it.” The boy next to her pointed at Ji Qingyan and said.

“Look at her.

Shes so pretty and she listens to her boyfriend.

She wont buy it if he says no.

Youre not as pretty as her, so you have to listen to her.”

“If you were as handsome as that little brother, Id listen to you, but youre not.”


Ji Qingyan couldnt help but laugh out loud.

That was a bit of a blow.

Animal Kingdom was a part of the amusement park, but it was very large, and many animals kept here could not be found within the country.

There were all kinds of species.

“Lin Yi, look, theres a giant panda over there!”

The park was filled with foreign animals, and Ji Qingyan was extremely excited when she saw the giant panda.

“The giant pandas here were transported from Sichuan Province.

Lets take a look.”

“But to be able to see a giant panda here feels so intimate.”

“Thats true.”

Most people wouldnt feel anything if they saw such a scene in China.

On the other hand, coming across anything related to China would give one a sense of familiarity.

“Hubby, that giant panda seems to be a little thin.

I want to feed it something,” a woman with a ponytail and shorts said.

“Feed it.

Dont you have a biscuit in your hand Just feed it.”

The man who spoke was wearing glasses.

He was dressed casually and had an arrogant look on his face.

The mans name was Chen Junye.

He graduated from Fudan University in Zhonghai and was now the boss of a start-up company.

The woman beside him was his girlfriend, Wang Ziyi.

“But the place is sealed off.

Theres no way to feed it.”

“Isnt it simple” Chen Junye said, “Theres a door over there.

Ill open it quietly, then you just have to throw it in.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Lets do it that way.”


Seeing that the two of them were eager to try feeding the food privately, Ji Qingyan could not help but stop them.

“According to the rules of the park, feeding the animals is prohibited.”

Wang Ziyi glanced at Ji Qingyan.

She had wanted to use her aura to suppress the other party.

However, she realized that the woman standing next to her was not only taller than her, but her legs were longer as well.

Both her front and back also protruded more than her.

Most importantly, the other partys face was prettier than hers.

It was complete domination.

“Disneyland does not belong to your family.

I can do whatever I want.

I dont need you to monitor me!”


Ji Qingyan was furious.

Compared to other animals, giant pandas were more special.

Even in China, the keepers were very careful in feeding them.

No one was allowed to touch them.

If she fed them without permission and caused a problem, no one would be able to bear the responsibility.

After all, giant pandas were too rare, and they belonged to her country.

Ji Qingyan couldnt bear to part with them.

“Alright, why bother with them” Lin Yi said.

“These two giant pandas were lent to Disney by China, and they are protected by Chinese laws.

If something really goes wrong, they will be directly sentenced in our home country.

Let them feed them as they please.

If they die due to this, well get to enjoy a good show.”

Lin Yis words made Chen Junye and Wang Ziyi give up the thought of feeding them.

They hadnt thought it through before this.

As it turned out, the consequences were pretty serious.

Even so, they still muttered something to try to save their last shred of dignity,

“What a busybody.”

Lin Yi glanced at Wang Ziyi.

“Were just reminding you out of kindness.

Please be nice.

Does your boyfriend have uremia Why are his words so harsh”

Ji Qingyan paused.

What did this have to do with uremia

“Say that again!”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“Itll be the same even if I repeat myself.

Your boyfriend looks like hes at the end of his life.

Good luck.”

Lin Yi held onto Ji Qingyans hand as he spoke.

“Lets go somewhere else.

I think theres an elephant there.

Lets go take a look.”

“Im not going!” Ji Qingyan rejected immediately.

“I dont ever want to see an elephant!”

“You dont want to see an elephant”

Lin Yi said, “Miss Ji, if this is the case, then I have to say a few words to you.

Pandas are cute, and thats why you are willing to look at them.

On the other hand, just because elephants arent cute, you dont want to spare them a glance.

Youre too focused on aesthetics.

You cant be so unfair.”

“You still have the nerve to say that”

Ji Qingyan pinched Lin Yis waist.

“If you didnt tell me a little story about rice before, I wouldnt be like this.

Its all your fault!”


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