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Lin Yi paused for a moment, recalling the story that had caused her to lose her appetite.

“If thats the case, lets not look at the elephants,” Lin Yi said.

“Theres a little white rabbit and a little black rabbit up ahead.

Lets go and take a look at them.”

“Lin Yi, youre going to die!” Ji Qingyan chased after him, wanting to give him a kick.

He was too infuriating.

“The world is so beautiful, but youre so hot-tempered.

How terrible is that”

“Youre just trying to make me angry.” Ji Qingyan said with a straight face.

“Dont be angry.

Ill buy you some water.

Theres a juice stall ahead.”

“Thats more like it.

I want mango juice.”

“You like mango too”

“I didnt like it at first, but after seeing that you like it, I tried it a few times and it tasted okay.

Now Ive started to become fond of it.”

“Wait here then.”

A few minutes later, Lin Yi came running over with two cups of freshly squeezed mango juice.

There was also a big straw hat in his hand with a gap at the edge, which gave off an old-fashioned feel.

There were also two balloons in Lin Yis hand, which he handed to Ji Qingyan.

“Its too hot, wear this straw hat.”

Seeing the straw hat and balloons Lin Yi bought for her made her heart flutter.

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“Do I look like Luffy when I wear the straw hat”

“You know quite a lot.

You even know about Luffy”

“My roommate during my postgraduate studies was an otaku.

She watched anime every day in the dorm, and the room was filled with her figurines.

I didnt really want to learn about them, but she fed me so much knowledge every day.” Ji Qingyan covered her mouth as she laughed.

“If you put it that way, you dont look like Luffy, but more like the Empress.”

Ji Qingyans heart fluttered even more “Is it because youre good-looking”

“Dont flatter yourself.

Im referring to your figure.”

“Thats also a compliment,” Ji Qingyan said proudly with her head held high.

Next, the two of them strolled around the park for a while before heading to the amusement park next to it.

This was also the essence of Disney.

“So many people.” Ji Qingyan stood in place.

Seeing that there were many people queuing for every ride, her enthusiasm significantly dampened.

“I want to go on the carousel, but I dont know how long Ill have to wait.”

“I think there are VIP tickets here.

Ill go and buy two more tickets, so therell be no need to wait in line.”

“Thats great.” Ji Qingyan said, “Ask them if there is a limit to the number of times we can ride it as well.”

“Isnt it enough to ride it once”

“Nope, I want to try them a few times.”

“Wait here.”

Lin Yi went to the ticket counter and lined up again.

At the same time, many other people were also lining up.

“Look, that little brother is so handsome.

Hes obviously from China.”

“Zhao Lele, can you stop being infatuated Youre going to start drooling soon.”

“Everyone loves to take in beauty.”

The girls at the back of the line couldnt hold themselves back when they saw Lin Yi at the front.

“Whats the use of being handsome Society is very realistic.

Money is the real currency,” the short-haired man beside Zhao Lele said.

“But hes here to buy VIP tickets.

He must be pretty well off.”

“A VIP ticket only costs a few thousand dollars.

Its not much.

Anyone can afford it.

Its nothing,” the short-haired man said.

“A VIP ticket costs 1,899 dollars.

If converted into RMB, the price is more than 10,000 dollars,” Zhao Lele said.

“If thats not a significant sum, then what is”

“If he buys ten tickets at once, Ill admit that hes rich.”

“Are you kidding me Hes all by himself.

Whats the point of having so many tickets” Zhao Lele said.

“Because the real rich people dont care about this bit of money at all.

Theyll just buy it as they please.”

“Li Dongyang, youre not saying that because youre jealous of his good looks, are you”

“Tsk, hes just a little more handsome than me, but Im richer than him.

Whats there to be jealous of”

Ten minutes later, Lin Yi walked to the ticket window and asked,

“How much are the VIP tickets”

This time, Lin Yi didnt use his poor English, but his standard spoken English.

“1,899 dollars per ticket.”

“I want to ask, do the VIP tickets allow for unlimited rides”

In China, many amusement parks had unlimited-ride tickets, but this wasnt China, so he had to ask.

“Im really sorry.

There is a limit to the number of times a VIP can enjoy each ride.

One game can only be taken once, but this includes free queuing and many other value-added services.

Its very worth it.”

“Hey, buddy, can you stop joking” Li Dongyang mocked.

“This is not China.

Even if its a VIP ticket, it can only be used once.

If you dont understand, go online and check in advance.

Dont embarrass yourself by asking such a stupid question.”

“Li Dongyang, what are you saying!” Zhao Lele said.

“Hes just asking.

Whats wrong with that Youre just jealous because hes handsome.”

“Jealous that hes poorer than me Are you kidding me” Li Dongyang said disdainfully.

“Are you buying it or not VIP tickets can only be used once per ride.

If you dont think its worth it, then leave.

Dont delay the people behind waiting to buy tickets.”

Lin Yi glanced at Li Dongyang but didnt say anything.

He turned to look at the saleswoman.

“Are there any other types of tickets The ones that dont limit the number of rides”

“Im really sorry, we only have normal and VIP tickets.”

“Then how many VIP tickets are left”

“Wait a moment.” The saleswoman looked at the machine.

“There are still 105 left.”

“Alright, Ill take them all.”

“What, all of them!”

The people standing at the side were all stunned.

Many of them were looking at the Chinese man beside them in disbelief!

VIP tickets cost 1,899 dollars each.

105 tickets cost nearly 200,000 dollars!

If converted into RMB, it would be nearly 1.4 million dollars!

This person was way too rich!

“Sir, are you sure you want to buy the rest of the tickets”

“Of course.”

Since there was no online payment system in the US, Lin Yi took out his credit card to pay the bill.

Lin Yi took the two electronic tickets and walked away, leaving the people behind stunned.

“Li Dongyang, who do you think has more money now”

Li Dongyang, “…”

Lin Yi went back to the park and found Ji Qingyan with a vanilla ice cream cone in her hand.

“Lin Yi, this ice cream cone is delicious.

Do you want one Ill buy it for you.”

“Its too sweet, I dont want to eat it.”

Lin Yi took the electronic ticket.

“Follow me, Ill bring you to ride the carousel.”

“Got it, Big Bro.” Ji Qingyan said politely.

With the VIP tickets in hand, the two entered the facility.

“Huh Why are you stopping outside”

“This kind of ride isnt suitable for a macho guy like me.

You should ride it alone.”

Ji Qingyan stopped in her tracks and said unhappily, “If you dont want to ride it, then I wont ride it either.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

Ill bring you in.”

“Thats right.

If you dont come along, I wont have any fun riding it by myself.”

There were many other things in life that were like that.

Eating hotpot by yourself was a lonely experience, but eating it with somebody else was very enjoyable.

Since she was wearing a dress, Ji Qingyan sat in a small carriage.

“Lin Yi, you ride the little white horse next to you.”

Her eyes were full of stars and her smile gave off a moonlight glow.

Ji Qingyans excitement was written all over her face.

“Alright, Ill do as you say.”

The bell rang and the merry-go-round started slowly.

Lin Yi was speechless.

This wasnt something a tough guy like him should be seen on.

“Lin Yi, turn around.”

Lin Yi turned around when he heard Ji Qingyans call.

He looked straight at her camera and she snapped a few photos in a row.

After a few minutes, the ride ended.

Despite this, Ji Qingyan wasnt satisfied.

“Oh right, I forgot to ask you earlier.

Do the VIP tickets allow for unlimited rides”

“Of course not.”

“Alright, although Im not really satisfied, I guess we can only leave.”

“However, I bought the remaining 105 VIP tickets.

We still have another 100 rides left.

This should be enough to satisfy you.”



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