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“You, you actually bought more than 100 tickets!”

“Didnt you say that you wanted to ride it a few more times I bought the rest of the tickets so that we wouldnt have to wait in line.”

The people standing in line were all dumbfounded.

VIP tickets were 1,899 dollars each, yet he bought 105 tickets at once.

That was more than 200,000 dollars!

Was this how the rich shopped at Disneyland

This was the first time in their lives that they had seen someone pamper his girlfriend so much.

The most unacceptable thing was that he wasnt some old person at all.

On the contrary, he was very handsome.

Dont act like you wouldnt get jealous seeing this.

Ji Qingyan was touched and held Lin Yis hand.

“Actually, you didnt have to buy so many tickets.

You just need to buy a few.”

“It isnt easy for us to find the time to come here.

I have to make sure we get enough of it.”

“Youre so nice.” Ji Qingyan said quietly.

“After this, I wont have any regrets.”

“Are you just going to give me a verbal reward”

“You want to take advantage of me again.” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly.

“Especially when we go back tonight.”

“Thats right.”

Ji Qingyan chuckled, her beautiful face as pretty as a flower.

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Lin Yi took Ji Qingyan to ride the carousel a few more times over the next half an hour before leaving satisfied.

“Lin Yi, Im a little hungry.

Lets go eat.”

“Lets go eat then,” Lin Yi said.

“We can come in as many times as we want throughout the day anyway.”

“Whats there to eat” Ji Qingyan said.

“I saw earlier that when you buy VIP tickets, in addition to being able to skip the queue, you will also get a free lunch.

We can eat here and save some money.”

“Whats the point of saving money If we were to die prematurely, itd be a pity if we didnt spend all our money.”

“We can just leave it for the kids.”

“Even they wont be able to spend it all.”

“Then well just have a few more then.”

Lin Yi looked at Ji Qingyan.

“I believe you have the ability to do this.”

“Youre going to die! Whos going to give birth for you Dont you have any shame Hurry up and take me to eat!”

The two arrived at the dining area.

Since they bought VIP tickets, they could order anything here.

However, the f*cking thing was that the choice of food was limited.

They could eat everything here, but it was not satisfactory.

The two of them ordered a lot of things, but there werent many of the dishes that were actually enjoyable.

Only a few of them tasted good.

“Lin Yi, I think this mango smoothie is pretty good.

Can you get me another one” Ji Qingyan asked in a low voice.

In private, she could eat whatever they wanted in front of Lin Yi without fear of him laughing.

However, this was a public place and she had to be mindful of her image, so she had to arrange for Lin Yi to get it.

“Its the end of the month, eat less cold food.” Lin Yi said as he pinched her nose.

“Alright then.” Ji Qingyan was very obedient and didnt dwell on it.

She pointed at the vanilla soufflé on the table.

“I think this is pretty good too, but the portion is too small.

Can you get me another one”

“Sure, Ill get it for you.”

Lin Yi wiped his hands and walked to the bar counter.

“Id like two vanilla soufflés.”

Lin Yi handed over his VIP tickets.

The black woman in charge of the sales was very polite when she saw Lin Yi.

This Huaxia1 man had bought more than 100 VIP tickets.

Based on that, he could eat whatever he wanted in the restaurant.

However, just as the black woman was about to take something for Lin Yi, she heard a mocking voice.

“Vanilla Soufflés are limited to members.

You cant just take it.

You should stick to your own domestic buffet.”

Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan turned around and realized that the person who spoke was the long-haired woman who wanted to feed the giant panda.

“Im really unlucky to have met you guys here.” Lin Yi said speechlessly.

“Sigh, I really cant do anything about you guys.” Chen Junye said.

“Dont you guys look at the logo You guys are embarrassing yourselves overseas.”

“I bought 105 VIP tickets.

I can eat whatever I want here.

What do you guys care How ridiculous.”

“What did you say! You bought 105 VIP tickets!”

Chen Junye and Wang Ziyis eyes widened in disbelief.

Lin Yi ignored them and took the two vanilla soufflés from the black woman before returning to Ji Qingyans side.

“You bought so many tickets at once.

You must be a country bumpkin whos never seen the world.

You came here to get a sense of superiority,” Wang Ziyi said sarcastically.

“Please be courteuous,” Ji Qingyan said with a straight face.

“Were already being very courteuous,” Wang Ziyi said.

“I just wanted to remind you guys to watch your words and actions when youre out, so you dont embarrass the Huaxian1 people.”

“I wonder which idiot was feeding the giant panda.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“If somebody was embarrassing our country, it wasnt us.”


Wang Ziyi was about to lose her temper when she was interrupted by two people who approached them from behind.

“Old Wang, why are you two standing here instead of finding a place to eat”

“If you meet two meddlesome country bumpkins, teach them a lesson here so they dont embarrass the Huaxian people.”

The man and woman who came in from behind looked at Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan, and their expressions suddenly froze.

Lin Yi was also stunned when he saw the two people who came in.

Werent they Gao Renxing and Li Xueru from Song Jias class reunion

Birds of a feather flock together.

People who liked to act cool all hung out together.


Lin, what a coincidence.

I didnt expect to see you here.” Gao Renxing greeted politely.

“You guys know each other” Chen Junye was surprised.

“We met once at a dinner party,” Gao Renxing said.

“I think theres been a misunderstanding.

Were all well-regarded people.

Why dont we sit down and have a drink Its not a big deal.”

After discovering Lin Yis true identity, Gao Renxing and Li Xueru didnt dare to show off in front of him anymore.

“Do they deserve to sit down and have a drink with me” Lin Yi asked faintly.

“Do you think they have the right to do so, or are you looking down on me”

“No, no, no, Mr.

Lin, thats not what I meant.” Gao Renxing said with a smile.

“Were all respected figures.

Harmony breeds money.”

“Whats there to be polite about” Lin Yi said.

“Theyre not even on the same level as me.

Do you really think we can get along”


“Old Gao, who is this guy Why is he so pretentious” Chen Junye asked nervously and seriously.

From their conversation, Chen Junye could tell that this man in front of him seemed to have some status.

Otherwise, Old Gao would not have spoken to him in such a tone.


Lin has a respectable background.

He is not an ordinary person,” Gao Renxing said.

“Hehe, how is he not ordinary” Chen Junye said.

“Old Gao, you know my situation.

Do you think I still need to be afraid of anyone now As long as it is not someone at Young Master Qins level, theres no one I have to watch my words around, right”


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