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Gao Renxing hesitated for a moment and said,


Lin, I know that your family business is big.

In the past, Old Chen wouldnt be able to compare to you.

But now, his company has already received its angel investment and Series A financing, while their Series B fundraising is about to start.

The market prospects are particularly good.

If we compare it, he might not be far off from you…”

“Is that so Just two rounds of financing and hes already acting this crazy”

“Haha… …” Chen Junye laughed coldly.

“Theres something you might not know, but the people who invest in me arent ordinary people.”

“Then Id like to know who has the right to make you this crazy.”

“You should have heard of Sino-Han Capital, right” Chen Junye said.

“Sino-Han Capital invested in the Series A fundraising, and will also participate in Series B round.”

“Sino-Han Capital gives you so much confidence” Lin Yi said.

“Is Qin Han your relative”

“Are you afraid Are you starting to curse inside” Chen Junye said:

“Let me tell you, in addition to Sino-Han Capital, Huaxias new powerhouse, Lingyun Capital, has also invested in my company, from the angel stage all the way to the Series B round!”

“Junye, why are you talking to a nouveau riche like him” Wang Ziyi said.

“A person like him probably doesnt even know what financing is.”

Ji Qingyan was speechless.

She held her temple and shook her head.

Werent these people a little too arrogant They felt too good about themselves.

Gao Renxing stood up and explained,

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com) to read, pls!


Lin, Im sure youre not familiar with this new Lingyun capital.

I can tell you that even though they came out of nowhere, their strength cannot be underestimated.

The newly built Twin Towers were bought by the boss of Lingyun group for 18 billion yuan1.

With such a person backing Old Chen, you might really…”

Gao Renxing didnt finish his sentence, but he believed that Lin Yi would understand what he meant.

Chen Junye might not have as many assets as he did, but Lin Yi wasnt as impressive as him in terms of future prospects and development.

Gao Renxings words completely shocked the Huaxian people who were eating nearby.

Qin Han was from Zhonghai, but he had a lot of influence on the internet.

The Mysterious Lingyun that he was talking about had spent 18 billion yuan to buy a building.

With these two giants backing him up, who would dare to go against him

If he did, hed be making an enemy out of those two bigwigs!


Ji Qingyan couldnt help but laugh out loud.

They were so arrogant, yet it turns out that Lin Yi was the one who had invested in for them.

Lin Yi laughed out loud, too, not knowing what to say.

“Whos the one who invested in you He Yuanyuan or Qi Xianzhao” Lin Yi asked.

Chen Junye froze when he heard Lin Yi mention He Yuanyuan and Qi Xianzhaos names.

“You actually know Director He and Director Qi”

“Dont ask me a question in response.

Tell me who invested the money in you.”

“Director Qi made the decision.”

“Lets not hurry.

Ill make a call first.”

Lin Yi took his phone and dialed Qi Xianzhaos number.

It took a long time for it to be picked up.

“President Lin”

Due to the time difference, it was already one in the morning in Huaxia, and Qi Xianzhao was already sleeping.

“Do you know someone called Chen Junye” Lin Yi asked.

“I do.

Hes the general manager of Zhongju Technology.

The companys prospects arent bad.

I invested in the angel round and Series A fundraising, and Im planning to follow up in the Series B as well.” Qi Xianzhao said.

“Ive just met the wise guy myself.

He doesnt seem like a good person.

Lets withdraw our investment.”

“Withdraw our investment”

“Thats right, lets withdraw,” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Okay, Ill contact Zhongjus team first thing tomorrowmorning and withdraw our investment.”

“Okay, have a good rest.”

After giving the instructions, Lin Yi hung up the phone.

Chen Junye and Gao Renxing froze on the spot, not knowing what to say.

Chen Junye could tell that the person speaking was Lingyun groups COO, Qi Xianzhao!

And he just called the man in front of him President Lin!

Could it be that they had a superior-subordinate relationship

Even so, Director Qi was already Lingyun Groups COO.

Who else could be his superior besides the chairman


Lin… Mr.

Lin, what did you just say Did you say to withdraw the investment” Chen Junye said nervously.

“Thats right, I withdrew my investment.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“But dont worry, I havent finished my calls yet.”

Lin Yi took his phone and dialed Qin Hans number again.

Compared to the dazed Qi Xianzhao, Qin Hans side was more chaotic.

There was even a womans seductive voice in the background, causing Ji Qingyans face to turn red.

It was obvious that they were playing a multiplayer game again.

“What happened Whyre you calling me in the middle of the night”

“Did you recently invest in Zhongju Technology I met their boss today and felt that his IQ was a little embarass.

Dont participate in their Series B, and withdraw the funds from your Series A as well.”

“F*ck, why didnt you say so earlier” Qin Han scolded, “Did that wise guy offend you Do you need me to reach out to my contacts and have them blacklisted”

“Thats fine too.”

“Im busy right now.

Ill do it after Im finished with my game tomorrow.”


After hanging up, Lin Yi smiled at Chen Junye.

“Lets continue talking.

Do you have any other identities Tell me and Ill see if you have the qualifications to sit with me.”

Chen Junye was already trembling.

His face was ghastly pale.

“You… Who are you…”

“Who am I” Lin Yi smiled.

“Its quite a coincidence that Im the boss of Lingyun Group.

Im the person who spent 18 billion on the building.”


Chen Junye almost vomited blood!

“You… youre the boss of Lingyun Group!”

“Thats right.” Lin Yi wiped his hands.

“Also, Im the one who asked Sino-Han capital to join in with the investment.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have the energy to waste his time on you.”

Gao Renxing, who was listening by the side, felt his heart skip a beat.

He felt like he and Chen Junye were two retards.

Chen Junyes company had such a bright future because of this man in front of him.

Yet, he still had a sense of superiority!

What a retard!

“So… so you were the one who brought the two titans together…”

“I was the one who did it.” Lin Yi said.

“I suggest you stop playing around and go back to deal with the company.”

“No, dont…”

Chen Junye knelt down in front of Lin Yi.


Lin, please give me another chance.

Im just starting out.

If you guys withdraw your investment, Ill be finished!”

“You dont have to beg me for this.” Lin Yi said.

“Heaven may forgive your sins, but youll have to live the rest of your life shouldering them.

Youd better pray for yourself until then.”

Chen Junyes eyes were blank, as if his soul had been sucked out.

“Junye, you dont have to do this.

With your talent, I believe that you will definitely make a comeback,” Wang Ziyi said.


Chen Junye turned around and slapped Wang Ziyis face.

“Its all your f*cking fault.

You had to feed the giant panda and then go flaunt in front of President Li.

If it wasnt for you, I wouldnt be in this situation!”

“You actually hit me!”

Ziyi covered her face.

“I was wrong about you!”

“I was wrong about you! Its all your fault! My future is ruined because of you!”

“Youre the one whos useless! How dare you blame me!” Wang Ziyi scolded.

“Youll never be as good as Director Lin in this life!”

Lin Yi wiped his mouth and left with Ji Qingyan.

It was better for them to deal with this mess themselves.

That afternoon, Lin Yi took Ji Qingyan around the park.

There were a lot of fun rides, but many of them were very intense.

Thus, Ji Qingyan didnt dare to try them.

Especially the Ferris wheel.

Ji Qingyan really wanted to sit on it.

However, she was afraid.

In the end, she decided to keep the Ferris wheel as a side project and come back again before they left.

“Lin Yi, you promised me that you would ride the Ferris wheel with me before we leave.

You cant go back on your word.”

“I brought you to Disneyland.

Why would I be afraid of bringing you on the Ferris Wheel” Lin Yi said.

“Youre the one who didnt dare to ride it.”

“But I might ride it in a few days, so you cant go back on your word then.

You have to join me on it.” Ji Qingyan said seriously.



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