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Lin Yi didnt know what to say!

You really did investigate thoroughly!

Lin Yi didnt reply to He Yuanyuans message, nor did he read the information on Shen Tianzhuo.

He already had the information, and it was up to him to decide when to take action.

However, before the plan started, he still had to make some preparations.

Ji Qingyan walked slowly by the side, and noticed that Lin Yi hadnt said anything.

He had been fiddling with his phone, so she didnt disturb him.

If it wasnt due to work, he wouldnt have such an expression on his face.

The two of them returned to the hotel and she saw that Lin Yi still wasnt saying anything.

He was frowning and didnt even tease her.

Ji Qingyan wasnt used to this behavior.

“Do you want to take a shower” Lin Yi said, “If you want to take a shower, Ill go un later.”

“Its okay, you can go first.”

Noticing that Lin Yi was distracted by work, Ji Qingyan stopped joking with him.

“Ill get your pajamas.”

Lin Yi nodded and took the pajamas before entering the bathroom.

After entering the bathroom, Lin Yi sat on the toilet with one hand on his chin, thinking about how to trick Ji Qingyan.

First of all, the purpose of this trip was to bring her here for fun, so he couldnt reveal his intentions.

She wouldnt be angry, but the atmosphere would change.

He had to ensure she had a thoroughly pleasant experience.

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Despite this, his main priority was to go to Washington, because the headquarters of Microsoft was there.

He had to think of a suitable reason to get Ji Qingyan to follow him there.

Lin Yi Thought for a moment and said in his heart, “Guan Ya seems to be able to do it.”

After thinking about it, Lin Yi casted Guan Ya in the female supporting role.

Even so, he still needed a supporting actor to play along with him.

He Yuanyuan could, but she wasnt the best person for the job.

After excluding her, he felt that Qi Xianzhao was the most suitable candidate.

Lin Yi sent a message to both of them after he decided on the supporting actors.

After everything was settled, he took a quick shower and walked out of the bathroom.

“Have you been too tired recently Business should be done slowly, dont put so much pressure on yourself.”

“Its fine, Ill be fine.” Lin Yi said seriously.

Ji Qingyan didnt feel good.

She couldnt help him at all after all that hed done to her.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At that moment, Ji Qingyans phone rang.

It was Guan Ya.

“Im going in to take a call.

If youre tired, lie down for a while.

Ill massage your shoulders later.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

Lin Yi fell onto the sofa after Ji Qingyan returned to her room.

Shoulder massage

Wasnt that a little too nice

He felt a little sorry for Ji Qingyan!

Forget it, forget it.

Who will suffer if not you Me

Twenty minutes later, Ji Qingyan walked out with her phone in her hand.

She had a conflicted expression on her face.

She found Lin Yi in the middle of a video call with Qi Xianzhao.

“President Lin, didnt I tell you earlier that the companys been busy lately Whyd you run off to America”

Ji Qingyan was taken aback.

Qi Xianzhao had always been a kind and gentle person, and it seemed like hed never lose his temper.

Why was he talking to Lin Yi like that

He was obviously angry.

“Didnt I give you all the authrity What do you need me for What do I need you for”

“Im the COO of the company now, and its not like I get paid for nothing.

You gave me this job, but I cant handle it at all!” Qi Xianzhao said indignantly.

“Besides, youre the boss of the company.

The company is following up on several projects, but youre out enjoying yourself.

Have you thought about how I and the other employees feel”

“Im the boss and Im paying you guys a salary.

What do your feelings have to do with me !”

“I dont have anything else to say.

Anyway, come back soon.

The company is already so busy.

You have to come back!”


I cant go back anytime soon.

I still have to stay here for a few days,” Lin Yi said.

“If you can do it, then do it.

If you cant do it, then leave.

I dont believe that Lingyun Group wont be able to function without you!”

“Fine, then I wont do it.

Its not like Im starving to death out there!”

“Wait, wait!”

Ji Qingyan couldnt sit still anymore.

She ran over and snatched Lin Yis phone.

“Brother Qi, calm down.

Its my fault.

Your President Lin came here to keep me company.”

Ji Qingyan felt guilty.

She didnt think that Lingyun would be so busy.

Lin Yi had given up so much for her.

No wonder Lin Yi frowned and didnt say anything after he came back.

They must have gotten into an argument back then.

Lin Yi tilted his head and looked at Qi Xianzhao in the video.

“What the f*ck, hes a natural-born actor! His acting skills are too awesome! I need to give him a drumstick when I get back!”

“Since hes going out with President Ji, I wont say anything else.”

“Dont worry, well be heading back soon.

We wont affect the companys work any longer.”

“Its fine, its fine.

Ill just work a little more.”

“Its fine, Ill make the arrangements.

Just dont get the wrong idea of Lin Yi.

Hes a man with a sharp tongue and a soft heart.

He doesnt have any bad intentions.”

“I know.”

“Thats good then.

Thats all for today.

Ill talk to him after this.”


After hanging up, Ji Qingyan was touched.

“The company is so busy.

Why are you still saying that its nothing Youre making him angry.”

“I wanted to have fun with you.

Besides, the companys business isnt as important as you.” Lin Yi pretended to be angry.

“Its okay as long as you have me in your heart.” Ji Qingyan held Lin Yis hand.

“Id be happy even if you took me around the streets, let alone to America.”

“How can that be The streets cant compare to Orlando.” Lin Yi said

“That means you dont understand women.” Ji Qingyan said, embarrassed.

“How can I not understand”

“It doesnt matter where you go.

What matters is who you go with.” Ji Qingyan said, blushing.

“Im happy that you have time to accompany me.

After all, you still have a lot of things to do.”

“Fine, whatever you say.”

Lin Yi lowered his head, his face still expressionless.

His acting skills were comparable to the best actors.

“Oh right, what did Guan Ya call you about” Lin Yi asked

“Its nothing, you dont have to worry about me,” Ji Qingyan explained.

“Tell me, what is it I can tell that youre lying.” Lin Yi said

“She said that there are several professional design institutes in Washington that specialize in outdoor design, especially in the construction and related aspects of the dock.

They have a lot of unique insights, so she wants to go visit them with me.”

“Go where Were here to play, so what work are you busy with” Lin Yi said.

“This Guan Ya is really something.

Ill have to teach her a lesson.”

“No! We have to go against you on this!”

Ji Qingyan said with certainty, “This is the Wangjiang Dock project.

We have to take it seriously.

We cant be careless!”

“What kind of deal is this We are coming out to enjoy ourselves, but we are getting delayed by them.”

“Alright, I know what youre thinking.

Ill remember this.”

“Alright then, well go to Washington together tomorrow.

This is our familys business anyway, so its only natural that we put in some effort.”

“What are you talking about” Ji Qingyan blushed.

“Were not from the same family.”

Lin Yi pinched Ji Qingyans cute face.

“Since its all arranged, go wash up and rest early.”

“Okay.” Ji Qingyan looked at Lin Yi and said seriously, “Thank you for sacrificing so much to be with me.”

“Thats nothing.

Its what I should do.

We all need to have our priorities.”

This time, Ji Qingyan didnt call Lin Yi any names.

There was a layer of mist in her bright eyes.

“Theres no need to return to our previous days arrangement.

Ill give you a chance.

Lets both sleep in the bedroom.”


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