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“What are you afraid of” Lin Yi asked.

“It goes so high up, and then it rushes down with a whoosh.

Its too scary.”

“I was just bragging before,” Lin Yi said.

“In that case, lets not take the roller coaster.

Well just walk around the park then go back.”


Night fell, and the park was brightly lit.

The two walked around under this lighting for a while.

When they arrived at the childrens section, they saw the children playing on the slide.

Ji Qingyan stood in the distance and watched for a while.

“If you want to play, go ahead.

It doesnt cost money anyway.”

“Are you going”

“Im a man.

I cant play with that thing.

Its too feminine.”

“Then I wont play with it either.”

“Youre a woman.

What are you afraid of”

“All the children are playing on it.

Im already an adult, yet I still want to join in the fun.

How embarrassing.” Ji Qingyan whispered, “I cant stand being pointed at by others.”

“Whats there to be afraid of This is America.

You can just enjoy yourself.

No one knows who you are.”

“Thats not good either.”

“Go, go, go.

You have to enjoy life to the fullest.

You just enjoy yourself and ignore them.”


Lin Yi didnt give Ji Qingyan a chance to refuse.

He pushed her to the edge of the slide, as if he was teaching a baby bird to fly.

“I… Im still a little embarrassed.” Ji Qingyan was a little shy.

“Why dont you sacrifice yourself to accompany me That way, theyll only talk about you and not me.”

“Ji Qingyan, look at what youre up to.

Youre really the best teammate, asking me to take the bullet for you.”

“Haha!” Ji Qingyan chuckled.

“Just play with me for a while.”

“Im not going.

If you want to go, go by yourself.” Lin Yi said.

“Seriously, its just a slide.

Whats there to be afraid of Ill send you up.”

“Dont push me.

Ill go quietly.”

Ji Qingyan walked quietly through the shadows and carefully approached the slide.

There was a pile of sand not far away.

There were many children playing with the sand, and Ji Qingyan didnt want to disturb them.

She quietly climbed up the slide and gestured to Lin Yi to look at his phone.

Lin Yi glanced at it and saw a WeChat message from her.

Ji Qingyan, “Can you take a picture for me”

“I even have to take a picture.”

Lin Yi complained as he took out his phone and took a few pictures of her.

Lin Yi felt that cameras were only useful for female users.

That was because men only used them to scan QR codes.

On the slide, Ji Qingyan hugged her skirt as she descended from the slide.

Her beautiful eyes were narrowed into crescents and her smile was as bright as a flower.

When she landed, Ji Qingyan was ready to leave, but she saw that all the children who were playing with the sand had run over.

“Hi, Sister, we want to play with you, can we”

A little boy with blonde hair said.

“Dont you guys mind that Big Sister has stolen your slide”

“Of course not.” The little boy held a shovel and said, “The slide is very dangerous, I can protect you.”

Ji Qingyan smiled.

“Then come and play with me.”

Ji Qingyan was not satisfied to begin with.

Now that someone had invited her, she would play again.

At this moment, other children walked over and stood in front of Ji Qingyan.

It seemed that they wanted to play with her.

Faced with such a scene, Ji Qingyan naturally did not reject anyone.

She looked happy, like a kindergarten teacher.

“Alright, alright, stop playing.

What time is it Lets go back.”

Ji Qingyan was having a good time when she heard Lin Yi calling her.

“Why are you still angry”

“I dont want you to play with them anymore.” Lin Yi pointed at the little boy standing on the edge of the slide.

“Hes already flirting with girls at such a young age.

Hes obviously not a good guy.

Hell definitely be a scumbag when you grow up.”


Ji Qingyan couldnt help but laugh out loud.

“Theyre only four or five years old.

Youre exaggerating.”

“Scumbags develop their bad personality when they are babies.”

“Doesnt that prove that Im attractive” Ji Qingyan pulled on Lin Yis arm happily.

“Lets go.

You said you werent going to play, so lets go back.”

“Thats right.”

After returning to the hotel, the two of them went back to their rooms to rest.

They boarded the plane the next morning and returned to Huaxia.

It was already the afternoon of the second day by the time they got off the plane.

Lin Yi sent Ji Qingyan home while he went to the Longxin Research Institute.

“President, do you have any new instructions” Sun Fuyu asked in the office.

“Nothing major.” Lin Yi said.

“Ive already taken care of Shen Tianzhuo.

Hell probably be joining us in a few days.”

“Ah! Is that true”

“Of course its true.

What do you think Ive been doing these past few days”

“Massage sessions.”

Sun Fuyu and Lu Ying said at the same time.

“What the f*ck! Do you think Im nothing but a massage addict in your hearts Can you please show me some respect as the president” Lin Yi said.

“Do you know how many girls Ive supported”

“I understand,” Sun Fuyu said.

“The sales at Durex are the highest in the world.

Their success is inseparable from President Lins hard work.”

“F*ck! Lets change the topic.”

Lin Yi waved his hand helplessly.

“Hows the renovation of the scientific innovation building going”

“Its done.

Some large-scale equipment has been moved in, and the rest are on their way.

We can start the research and development work soon.”

Lu Ying looked at Lin Yi.

“Boss, is the name of the new research institute still going to be Longxin”

“Im not going to rename it before I take down Cisco.

I dont want to cause unnecessary trouble,” Lin Yi said.

“Im not sure when Shen Tianzhuo will be back, but only the two of you will be present at its opening.

There wont be many people working there, so dont cause any trouble.”

“Will there be any more people”

“Yes, besides Shen Tianzhuo, his team will also be joining us.”

“AH! His team”

The two of them stared at each other, their jaws almost dropping to the ground.

“Yes, Ive poached all of them together.”

The two of them looked at each other, so surprised that they were stunned speechless.

They had been gunning after Microsoft for two days, but the other party didnt even give them a chance to meet.

The boss hadnt just brought him here, hed even poached his team.

Wasnt that a little too impressive

“President Lin, how did you do it We didnt even get a chance to meet him, yet you did it so easily,” Sun Fuyu asked.

“Doesnt he like women”

“What” Lin Yi said.

“I applied for a job at Microsoft and became their executive vice president.

I got along with him, and after reasoning with him, I won him over by appealing to his emotions.”


“You joined Microsoft!”

“What else” Lin Yi said.

“Hes such an awesome person.

How could he meet me for no reason I had to overtake him at the curve.

Normal methods wouldnt work.”

The two gave each other a thumbs up.

They were completely in awe of Lin Yi

“I came here to talk to you about this,” Lin Yi said.

“Director Shen will take on the position of director of the research institute.

The two of you will be deputy directors, but Longxin will still be yours.

The two sides will be independent of each other.”

“I dont care.

As long as theres progress on the project, Ill do anything,” Lu Ying said.

“Me too.

Ill just guard the gate,” Sun Fuyu said.

“That reminds me.

The new research institute has been set up, and we need a watchman.

Why dont you do it”

Sun Fuyu praised him.

“Dont be silly.

Im just saying that.”

“Look, look.

You just dont have the spirit to study hard,” Lin Yi said.

“Look at Hawking.

Hes disabled and strong-willed.

Then look at yourself.

Cant you do research in the guard room”

“Its mainly because my legs are still pretty good.”

“Legs are still pretty good” Lin Yi said.

“If youre not sick, take a few steps for me.”

“Chief, are you trying to trick me into limping”

“Of course not.

Theres a mop at the door.

You can use that if you want.

It looks like its made of stainless steel.

Not bad at all.”

Sun Fuyu, “…”

Ring, ring, ring..

Lin Yis phone rang at this time.

It was a call from Cao Xiangyu.

“This guy is really enthusiastic.

Hes been chasing me relentlessly!”

“Brother Lin, when are you coming back Ive been waiting for you for a long time.”

“Im already back,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Thats great.

Ill see you at 5pm tonight at Dynasty Hotel 608.

The mares are ready for you.”


Lu Ying, “”



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