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Cao Xiangyu cursed, “Isnt this kid too greedy He ate and even ordered takeaway!”

“Darling, calm down,” his female secretary comforted.

“Its not strange for a person like him to do such a thing.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be so easy to take down.”

“Youre right.” Cao Xiangyu said.

“He was going to tear down the warehouse and raise koi fish.

Its the first time Ive heard of someone like that.”

“Theres no need to be so calculative.” The female secretary said, “Well make more money using him in the future.”

“Alright, go and settle the bill.” Cao Xiangyu said.

“Damn it, Ill definitely get the money back from you in the future!”

Lin Yi called Qi Xianzhao after leaving the hotel.

He heard that he and He Yuanyuan were at the company, so he drove to Lingyun Group.

“President Lin, youre here.”

Qi Xianzhao stood up to greet Lin Yi.

Lin Yi nodded and looked at He Yuanyuan.

“Hes already standing up, so why are you still sitting there Dont tell me Im not as attractive as your spicy hotpot”

“Boss, look at what youre saying.

Youre the most attractive person in my heart.

Lets talk things out, theres no need to deduct my salary.”

“Then why are you eating even more vigorously now” Lin Yi said.


“Ive been here for so long, yet you wont even let me have a bite”


He Yuanyuan couldnt help but spit out all the meatballs she had eaten.

“Boss, dont make me laugh.

I have to work overtime later.”

“Ill give you some benefits since you two are working so hard.”

Lin Yi threw the two bottles of Chateau Latour onto the table.

“One for each of you.

Take it home and drink up.”

“Chateau Latour I heard it sells for more than 100,000 yuan a bottle.” He Yuanyuan said in disbelief.

“When did you become so generous”

“I got it from a fool.

Why would I spend my own money to buy things for you guys”

“Thats what Im talking about, Boss.

You should never leave empty-handed.

You have to bring something back when you go out.”

“Alright, lets not argue anymore.

Its getting late.” Lin Yi said.

“Ive been gone for so many days.

Is there anything going on at the company”

“Brother Qi and I have our eyes on a few more projects.

Theyve sent over the information surrounding the companies.

Brother Qi and I are studying how much money to invest in them.

Its no fun just handling these small deals.

We need to invest in a few big projects.”

Qi Xianzhao didnt say much as he handed the documents over.

Lin Yi took the documents and said casually,

“When you invest in the future, look at their background more often.

Dont run into idiots like Chen Junye again.”

Qi Xianzhao had already told He Yuanyuan about Chen Junye, so she knew what was going on.

“Got it, President Lin.”

Lin Yi nodded as he flipped through the documents in his hands.

There was a report that he found interesting.

“Hmm You guys invested in Fenglan Culture”

“We are only thinking of investing in them, but we havent decided yet.

Is there a problem, President Lin” Qi Xianzhao asked.

“Didnt I tell you guys before that we want to invest in the technology industry Why is a media company being considered”

“The reason we want to invest in this company has nothing to do with our business plan.

Its mainly to improve the Lingyun Groups appearance,” Qi Xianzhao said.

“If we dont have a good PR company, we probably wont be able to handle any future PR problems.”

Lin Yi understood what Qi Xianzhao meant.

To put it bluntly, they were investing in this media company so that the latter could support Lingyun Group.

“If you dont have any other thoughts on this, you can dismiss this idea for now.

The company is just starting out anyway, so there shouldnt be too many PR problems.

Were not in a hurry.”

“Normally, a new company wont have too many PR problems, but the bosses of those companies are normal.

In contrast, our boss has just opened for business a few days ago, and hes already been sued in court.

Hehehe… I think investing in such a PR company is necessary.” Qi Xianzhao said/

“Ah, ah, ah, personal attacks are boring.” Lin Yi said.

“Were all graduates of famous schools, so why attack each other like this”

“Stop, stop.” He Yuanyuan said.

“Brother Qi and I are the ones who graduated from famous schools, but what about you”

“Whats the use of that Didnt you still end up working for me”

He Yuanyuan, “…”

Wheres my knife

“Alright, Yuanyuan, youre the CEO after all.

You shouldnt talk like that,” Qi Xianzhao said with a smile.

“Fine, fine, fine.

Ill keep my mouth shut.”

Qi Xianzhao turned to look at Lin Yi.

“President Lin, do you have any opinions on the investment into Fenglan Culture”

“No, I dont.

The main thing is that the primary shareholder of this company is very interesting.”

Lin Yi took out the document and waved it in front of the two.

“Its Cao Jingqiu!”

Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan lost their composure when they saw the persons name.

“If I remember correctly, thats the name of Cao Jiadongs youngest daughter,” He Yuanyuan said.

“Thats right.

Check later and see if this Cao Jingqiu shares the same name as Cao Jiadongs daughter.

If its just a coincidence, then deal with it normally.

But if its not, then dont touch this investment.

Ill handle it myself.”

The two nodded when they saw Lin Yis serious expression.

He Yuanyuan had a bad feeling about this.

If this wasnt a coincidence and she was really Cao Jiadongs daughter, then the whole family would probably be screwed by the boss.

Lin Yi didnt sit around idly after that.

He looked at the materials concerning the other companies before leaving.

However, before he left, he chased Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan away as well.

Hard work was good, but what was the point of working too hard One had to combine work and rest.

After leaving the company, Lin Yi returned to the Jiuzhou Pavilion.

The companys development had been stable during the time he was gone.

With Qi Xianzhao and He Yuanyuan in charge, he could completely let go of the reigns.

What he needed to do next was to wait for Shen Tianzhuo to return to the country.

Although he didnt give him a definite answer, there wouldnt be any issues regarding this matter.

It was just that the exact date of Shen Tianzhuos return wasnt something Lin Yi could control.

In short, everything in front of him was developing in the right direction.

All he could do was push little by little as they ascended the peak.

Lin Yi stretched his back after sorting everything out, feeling much more relaxed.

There was nothing else for him to do now, so he could focus on his task.

After washing up, Lin Yi went back to bed and happened to see a WeChat message from Ji Qingyan.

Ji Qingyan, “Mr.

Lin, dont forget to pick me up tomorrow.

If your passenger sees a bouquet of roses on the seat, I think she might give you a five-star review.”


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