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“Who sleeps naked” Qingyan said embarrassedly.

“You rich people, since youre so busy.”

Qingyan was speechless.

“Youre richer than me, okay”

Lin Yi found a set of pajamas for Qingyan when they reached the fitting room on the second floor.

“You should wear these, theyre new.”

Qingyan didnt really care about whether it was mens and womens pajamas so long as they fit.

She took the pajamas to the bathroom and prepared to take a shower.

Lin Yi ignored her and went back to the master bedroom to sleep.

After the shower, Ji Qingyan lay in the bedroom, unable to fall asleep.

What was Lin Yis background How could he be so rich

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Why had she not heard of him before

The next morning, Lin Yi woke up early.

After the two washed up, Lin Yi sent Ji Qingyan to the company and received a five-star review.

The mission notification in his mind showed that he was at 8/10 completion.

If he took on two more missions today, the mission would be completed!

He didnt know what kind of explosive reward the system would give him this time.

After sending Ji Qingyan off, Lin Yi drove to Peninsula Hotel.

He had been busy the whole morning and had not eaten yet, so he had to get a bite first.

Just as he drove to the parking lot, he saw Wang Tianlong.

“Boss Lin, youre here.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Come and have something to eat.”

“Ill get the kitchen to prepare it now.”

“No need, Im just here for breakfast.

Theres no need to make a big deal out of it.

Go Do what you need to do.

Ill take care of myself.” Lin Yi said

The hotel was already his, and the middle and high-level leaders already knew of his existence.

However, the ordinary employees might not even know who he was yet.

It was a good opportunity for him to examine their working conditions.

“Okay, okay, okay, I got it.”

Tianlong went back to his work, and Lin Yi went straight up to the second floor.

The second floor of the hotel was a restaurant headed by a three-star Michelin chef.

With the size of the Peninsula Hotel, it was definitely worthy of having such high standards.

There werent many people here for breakfast in the morning, and only half of the tables were occupied.

Lin Yi found an empty seat and looked at the menu.

He then ordered a few signature dishes, preparing to sample them.

“Look, that guy is so handsome.”

The girls at the next table discussed when they saw Lin Yi.

“He is indeed handsome.

I want to get his WeChat.”

“Then go.

As long as you take the initiative, a story might develop between you two.”

Lin Yis arrival instantly became the focus of all the women in the restaurant, and they would glance at him from time to time.

“What are you looking at” A man said to his girlfriend.

“Hehe, I just looked at him.

Hes quite handsome.”

“Tsk, he might be a gigolo.

All the hosts in the club are that handsome.”

“What are you talking about Whats with the attitude, calling a handsome guy a gigolo”

“Im just saying.”

“I think youre just jealous.”

After ordering, Lin Yi handed the menu to the waiter,

“Lin Yi”

Just as Lin Yi was waiting for the dishes, he heard someone call his name.

Looking at the person who spoke, Lin Yi instantly felt that this world was too small.

Yesterday, Ji Qingyan had just fired Yu Lili, and he didnt expect to meet her at his hotel today.

“What a coincidence, I didnt expect for you to apply here.”

“It is indeed quite a coincidence.” Yu Lili crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked down at Lin Yi.

“Lin Yi, Oh Lin Yi, I really underestimated you.

I didnt expect you to quietly latch onto President Jis thigh.

I fired you one step ago, and then you went to complain and asked her to fire me.

Thats really something.”

“Do you think its appropriate to tell me this now Im a guest at the Peninsula Hotel after all.

Isnt it a little inappropriate to treat God like this”

“Do you think youre worthy of being called the Peninsula Hotels God” Yu Lili said in disdain.

“Why am I not”

“Youd better take a hike.

Youre just a gigolo for a rich woman.

Do you really think youre a high-class person”

The waiter ran over to Lin Yi when he saw them arguing.

He whispered in his ear,

“Manager Yu, this customer seems to be quite special.

Youd better keep your mouth shut.”

“Whats so special about him I know his situation.” Yu Lili said venomously.

“He used to be my subordinate.

He relied on his good looks to get on the presidents good side.

In reality, hes just a gigolo.

If he didnt have a rich wife to support him, hed never be able to come to the Peninsula Hotel for a meal.”

Everyone else in the restaurant had looks of disdain on their faces when they heard Yu Lilis words.


“Its a good thing I didnt ask for his WeChat just now.

So, it turns out hes a gigolo who sleeps with rich women.

Its disgusting just thinking about it.”

“You really cant judge a book by its cover.

He looks quite elegant, so I didnt expect him to be this kind of person.

I misjudged him too.”

“We need to learn from this.

Dont just pounce on handsome guys anymore.”

The couple sitting at the other table had different expressions when they learned of Lin Yis identity.

“See what I said Hes just a gigolo.

You should believe me now, right” The man said proudly and contemptuously.

“Youre right about that.

I hate men who sleep with rich women the most.

They dont rely on their own hands to work hard, and they only know how to take advantage of opportunities.

Its disgusting just thinking about it.”

“Thats right.

Other than being a little better looking than me, he cant be compared to me in any other way.

I wouldnt go begging a rich woman to support no matter how long I live!”

Lin Yi smiled as he listened to the others gossiping about him.

“Im too lazy to talk to you.

Go get Wang Tianlong.”

“Oh, not bad.

You even know our managers name.

But let me tell you, even if you get Manager Wang here, its useless.

We still have a relationship, and he wont do anything to me just because of a low-level client like you.”

“Then you can call him here and let me see his attitude.”

“Alright, for the sake of our former relationship, Ill make your death a little quicker.

Ill let you see the cruelty of this society.”

Saying that, Yu Lili looked at the waiter beside her.

“Go and call Manager Wang here.”

“No need to call him.

Im already here.”

Wang Tianlong snorted coldly and walked over from not far away.

Yu Lili went up to him and said, “Brother Long, I suspect that this person has been behaving inappropriately.

I suggest that the hotel security remove him to avoid affecting the dining environment of the other guests.”

Wang Tianlongs anger was burning in his heart.

He pointed at Yu Lilis nose and cursed.

“Are you f*cking blind The person sitting in front of you is the owner of the Peninsula Hotel.

Do you think he has been behaving inappropriately Do you not want to work here anymore Hurry up, pack your things and get lost!”


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