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“W-what did you say You are President Lin from the Lingyun Group!”

“Surprising isnt it”

“Its indeed a little out of my expectations.” Cao Jingqiu calmed herself down.

This piece of news had indeed had a huge impact on her.

She did not expect to meet this big shot who wanted to invest in her in such a manner.

“Can you sit down now”

“Of course.”

“Do you still think Im a scumbag”

“No, I dont.

Youre a good person.”

“Your attitude changed so fast that I dont even dare to invest in you anymore.”

“I cant help it.

Who asked you to be rich Our financing plan is set for 14 million.

If you invest more, my attitude might become even more enthusiastic,” Cao Jingqiu said with a smile.

Lin Yi tapped his fingers on the table twice.

“Ill invest 20 million.”

“Oh You invested 6 million more for no reason.

Are you trying to hit on Me President Lin, youre really daring.”

“36% of the shares.”

Cao Jingqius expression froze as she started to re-examine Lin Yi.

She didnt expect him to bring this up.

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“According to the normal equity pricing, 20 million will only get you 32% .”

“But this is an angel stage investment.

If nothing goes wrong, well continue investing in the Series A and Series B.” Lin Yi pried open the leg of a king crab.

“Other companies cant give you that much money.”

“14 million is already more than most companies can offer.

Now, President Lin is adding another 6 million.

Is there any other reason behind this”

Cao Jingqius sharp business sense surprised Lin Yi.

It was much better than Cao Xiangyus.

“If I said I saw your companys potential, youd think I was bragging,” Lin Yi said.

“But if I said I was looking at your boobs and back, youd think I was a jerk.

In this scenario, I will choose not to invest 20 million anymore.

So, lets go with your original financing plan of 14 million.”

At this time, no matter how he answered, he would fall into Cao Jingqius trap.

Therefore, hecouldnt answer directly.

Lin Yis reversal of the situation made Cao Jingqiu unsure of what to do.

“I know Lingyun Group is rich, but from what I know, every possible invesment for a venture capital company should be strictly scrutinized.

Why is Director Lin being so casual about this”

“Lingyun Group is already so rich.

Do you think 6 million is a lot of money to us”

“Of course,” Cao Jingqiu said.

“If President Lin didnt have such an interest in this investment, why would he meet me here in the middle of his busy schedule”

“I came here to have a meal and coincidentally invited you here.

Is there a problem”

“But why did you choose this place Isnt it to make the deal official”

“Peninsula Hotel is one of my businesses, I dont pay for my meals here.”

Cao Jingqiu, “…”

Even though she looked calm, Cao Jingqiu was still shocked.

She didnt expect this hotel to be his.

Perhaps this was just a microcosm.

Lingyun Group had more tentacles in other industries than she thought.

“Okay, 20 million, 36% of the shares.”

“Lets sign the contract.”

The two signed the investment contract, and Lin Yi established a preliminary relationship with Cao Jingqiu.

The next step was to prevent her from getting involved in Ciscos business.

However, based on the current situation, it seemed that Cao Jingqiu wasnt interested in Cisco at all.

Otherwise, with Ciscos current size, she wouldnt care about this little bit of money.

“Director Lin, when are you planning to send someone over” Cao Jingqiu asked.

In the investment field, venture capital companies would usually send someone after confirming their investment, but it was just for show and they didnt have much power.

“Im not going to send anyone, I believe in your ability.”

“Weve only met once, yet you believe in my ability”

“You can even clear the name of an idiot like Li Qingfeng, so what do I have to be afraid of” Lin Yi said.

“Business is business.

As long as you can make a profit, its fine, but you still have to hand in a post-deployment report.”

“Thats easy to say.

Im working on it, but the direction of the post-deployment is in the media industry.

Do you have any pointers, President Lin”

“The media industry is good,” Lin Yi said.

“Sign more beautiful actresses, but none which are too young.

Its against the law if youre under eighteen.”

“I understandwhat you are getting at.” Cao Jingqiu said with a smile.

“Since youre so generous, Ill do you a favor too.”

“What favor”

“Didnt you scam Li Qingfeng today That b*stard didnt want to let it go and is looking to get someone to deal with you.”

“Did his brain get eaten by a dog”

“Its possible it was completely devoured.”

“Okay, Ill handle this.”

Ring, ring, ring…

At that moment, Cao Jingqius phone rang, and she picked it up elegantly.

“Im thinking about it, lets not talk about it for now.”

“Dont we have my brother at home Let him handle it.

Im a woman, I wont get involved.”

“Well see.

Im in the middle of something.

Well talk when we have time.” Cao Jingqiu said.

The call was short, and Cao Jingqiu soon hung up.

Even so, Lin Yi managed to gather some useful information from this.

The person who called her should be her father, Cao Jiadong.

From his tone, it sounded like he wanted her to go back and take over his job.

She just didnt have any thoughts of doing os.

Poor Cao Xiangyu.

He was doing his best, but Cao Jiadong seemed to have already excluded him.

“Whats wrong Why do you look so bad” Lin Yi asked casually.

“Its something at home.

My head hurts just thinking about this.”

“Whats wrong Does your family wants you to earn money and buy a house for your brother”

“With our familys situation, we dont need to worry about a house.” Cao Jingqiu took a sip of coffee.

“Its just some trivial matters.

My dad cant handle it and wants me to help.”

“I really didnt see that coming.

Its a big family.”

“Its just a small business.” Cao Jingqiu didnt say too much to Lin Yi.

“Theres something at home that I need to take care of.

Please excuse me.”


CaoJingqiu left while Lin Yi ate his food silently.

The last sentence she said before she left revealed a lot of information.

Although she was independent, she didnt seem to be completely separated from the rest of the family.

If that was the case, Lin Yi had to be more cautious in the future.

Ring, ring, ring…

At this time, Lin Yis phone rang.

He realized that it was Shen Tianzhuo calling.

“Director Shen, its already two oclock in the morning in the United States.

Why are you still in the mood to call me”

“Programmers dont have a regular schedule,” Shen Tianzhuo teased.

“Then you must not be a good programmer, because your hair is too luxuriant.”

“Haha, its fun talking to you.” Shen Tianzhuo laughed.

“I just finished my work, so I thought to give you a call since I was bored.”

“When are you coming back Ill pick you up.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“I cant hide anything from you.” Shen Tianzhuo said.

“Ive decided.

Ill be back in a few days.

Get your money ready.

Its going to be a big project.”


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