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“No, Im not mistaken…”

Wang Lu froze for a moment when she saw Lin Yi on the sofa.

She was planning to sneak over and give her sister an unexpected surprise.

She didnt expect to end up surprising herself first.

“Sis, is this little brother the new brother-in-law you found for me”

Wang Lus eyes lit up.

The new brother-in-law was so handsome.

Lin Yi had known about Wang Lu since a long time ago.

Wang Ying had told him about her family when she was working at Chaoyang Group.

She knew that she had a sister who was in her third year of high school.

However, she didnt expect to meet her in such a way.

It was pretty awkward.

“What new brother-in-law Dont talk nonsense,” Wang Ying lectured.

“His name is Lin Yi.

Hes my colleague.”

“Sis, youre trying to trick me.” Wang Lu obviously didnt believe her, “If he really was your colleague, would you have brought him here And your clothes are too revealing, sob sob sob… The two of you are obviously up to no good.”

Lin Yi rubbed his hands helplessly.

were all third-year students this open these days

“Enough, stop talking nonsense.”


Wang Ying knew that there was no way she could explain herself in their current state.

To put it bluntly, her sister didnt believe that they were innocent, so she decided not to try to proclaim her innocence.

“Have you eaten yet Are you hungry Theres still a lot of food left.

Lets eat something first.”

“I ate a lot in the car.

Im not hungry anymore, so dont trouble yourself.”

After ushering Wang Lu to the sofa, Wang Ying asked,

“Didnt you just finish your exams Why are you here instead of studying at home”

“I want to enter the Zhonghai Drama Academy.

My score should be good enough, but there are also physical exams.

I dont have confidence in this aspect, so I found a professional training institution in Zhonghai and came here to train with my classmates.”

“Will you really cut it in this field” Wang Ying said with disdain.

“Your score is not considered low.

It would be better to look for a 211 university than to try to be an actressin a Drama Academy.”

“Why not Sister, dont always insult me.” Wang Lu retorted.

“My looks are not bad, and my legs are long enough.

Even you are not my match.

It would be a pity if I dont become an actress.”

“Do you know how chaotic the entertainment industry is Be careful of the unspoken rules.”

Wang Yings worry was not without reason.

The current entertainment industry no longer relied on real ability.

If no capitalist was willing to support you, no matter how good your acting skills were, it would be useless.

Furthermore, whether or not someone was willing to support you depended not on acting skills, but on another set of skills.

Only someone like Ji Qingyan, whose looks and figure were heaven-defying, would have any hope of being successful.

Although Wang Lus qualifications werent bad, they werent exactly heaven-defying.

In the entertainment industry, where there were countless beauties, if one didnt have the favor of the heavens, one could very well disappear in the vast sea of people.

However, when a youth was atthe innocent and romantic age, it was only natural to have unrealistic dreams.

Lin Yi felt a little sad at the thought of this.

Apart from being handsome and rich, he had nothing else.

“Sis, dont insult me.

Let me try.” Wang Lu looked at Lin Yi.

“Brother-in-law, hurry up and persuade my sister.

Its the 21st century now, and she still thinks in such a dated fashion.”

“I think its good that she has her own ideas.

Dont interfere too much.”

“Youre smart.

You know how to ask for backup.”

“I cant help it.

Good-looking people have a gravitational pull to them.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“You have good taste.

If you really gain a foothold in the industry, you should be able to make it in the entertainment industry in the future.”

“Sis, look, my brother-in-law had already said this.

Youre a woman.

You cant go against him.”

Wang Ying rolled her eyes at Wang Lu.

“Fine, fine, fine.

I wont worry about you anymore.

Youre already so old.

There are some things you have to learn to decide for yourself.”

Wang Ying also knew that her sister had grown up.

There were some things that she couldnt interfere with anymore.

No one could predict the future.

Moreover, every step of a persons life was probably pre-destined anyway.

Just like herself.

If it wasnt for Lin Yi, she might not have been able to stay in Zhonghai anymore.

“Hehehe, thats right.” Wang Lu said as she held Lin Yis arm.

“Sis, when I went upstairs, I saw a red supercar beside your car.

It looked very handsome and cool.

Did brother-in-law drive it Can you let me sit in it Ive never seen such a coolcar in my life.”

“Its not his.

Dont let your imagination run wild.” Wang Ying said.

“Although youll be going to college soon, you still have to study hard.

Dont be so vain.”

Lin Yi suddenly understood Wang Ying.

The current third-year students let themselves go after taking the college entrance exam.

They were like unbridled wild horses, untamable by anyone.

The way Wang Ying was lecturing Wang Lu was also a form of education.

Acting cool was only for adults.

Children should not join in the fun.

“Youre right.

Brother-in-law is your colleague.

He shouldnt be able to afford such a good car,” Wang Lu said.

“But sister, youre doing very good.

You just got promoted and already got brother-in-law.

Not bad, not bad.”

“What nonsense are you spouting Weve known each other since I was still a regular office worker,” Wang Ying said embarrassedly.

“You dont have to explain.

I understand.”

Wang Ying was speechless.

She didnt know what her sister had understood.

Ring, ring, ring…

Just as the three of them were talking, Wang Lus phone rang.

Looking at the number, Wang Lus expression suddenly dropped.

She took the phone and went to the bathroom.

Wang Ying glanced at Lin Yi.

“Who is she talkin to Why is she being so mysterious”

“Dont be so surprised.” Lin Yi didnt know whether to laugh or cry.

“Shes already 18 years old.

Shes about to go to college.

Cant you let her live her life”

“That wont do.

What if shes seeing a bad person” Wang Ying said seriously.

“Shes been a troublemaker ever since she was a kid.”

Ten minutes later, Wang Lu came out of the bathroom.

“Sis, I have something to do.

I have to go to my classmates house.

Ill be back later.”

“Stop right there!” Wang Ying said.

“Its so late.

Which classmate are you going to meet Besides, do you have any classmates from Zhong Hai”

“Yeah, I do…”

“Your sister has been in Zhonghai for so many years.

I have seen all kinds of people.

You want to lie to me with this little trick of yours” Wang Ying said with a straight face.

“You will stay here tonight.

You cant go over!”

“Sister, dont be like this.

I have an appointment with my classmates.

They are waiting for me downstairs,” said Wang Lu.

“How can you set an appointment for the middle of the night Youre not allowed to go anywhere.

If you want to go out and hang out, you can do it tomorrow.”

“But I cant do this kind of thing during the day.”

Lin Yi, “”

Something that could only be done at night

That was too much information!

“I dont know what kind of things you cant do during the day,” Wang Ying said.

“Its obviously not a good thing! Ill say it again, just stay here, you cant leave!”

“Sister, several of my classmates have already agreed to our plans tonight.

We want to experience going to a nightclub in Zhonghai.

If you dont let me go, Ill be so embarrassed.”


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