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“This shouldnt be necessary.

Uncle is here.

With him around, what are we afraid of” Du Yuxuan said.

“You dont understand, right Metropolis is a high-end nightclub.

There are many kinds of people here.

Hes just a small white-collar worker.

If something really happens, he wont be able to deal with it.

Its better to wait for my cousin to come.”

The others didnt say anything else after seeing how insistent Liu Changning was.

After all, he was the one who paid for the room, so they had to give him face.

A few minutes later, the door to the room was pushed open.

Two men and three women came in from outside.

The five of them werent very old, being about the same age as Lin Yi.

They were dressed fashionably, and it was obvious that they were nightclub regulars

“Cousin, youre here.”

Seeing the man who came in, Liu Changning went up to greet him.

“Let me introduce everyone.

This is my cousin, Lin Hexiang.”

After saying that, Liu Changning introduced the others to Lin Hexiang, effectively combining the two group together.

However, when he saw Wang Ying, Lin Hexiangs eyes lit up.

This womans temperament was different from the others in the nightclub.

She looked like a good housewife.

This kid Liu Changning was really good.

He actually brought a woman of such high quality.

It seemed that he had to work harder.

“Students, theres no point in staying in the private room.

Ill bring you down for a walk.

The college entrance examination has just ended.

You must release the pressure in your hearts.”

Lin Hexiangs arrival gave Liu Changning some confidence.

He laughed and said,

“Everyone, feel free to play today.

If theres anything you dont understand, just ask my cousin.

He will definitely ensure you have a good time.”

“Thats right.

I often come to Metropolis to have fun.

I know many people here, and Im also quite familiar with the boss here.

You dont have to worry about anything, just do what you want.” Lin Hexiang laughed and said.

The girls were eager to give it a try, and Lin Hexiang led them out of the room.

Lin Yi and Wang Ying walked behind, the latter whispering.

“I didnt know thered be so many people here.

Im afraid well be going back very late today.

If youre tired, just leave, dont worry about me.”

Lin Yis hand pinched Wang Yings waist, and he smiled.

“That idiot Lin Hexiangs eyeballs almost popped out when he saw you.

Do you think I can leave without worrying”

Wang Ying was a little embarrassed by Lin Yis teasing.

She whispered,

“I didnt expect our Little Yi to be so protective of his meal.”


“Dont worry, I wont let them succeed.

Ill keep this meal just for you.”

“Good, I like hearing that.”

Slowly, the group arrived at the dance floor downstairs.

“Why are there two dance floors here” Wang Lu asked when they reached the first floor.

“You dont know” Lin Hexiang said.

“That small dance floor is usually used by newbies.

Veterans like us go to the big dance floor to have fun.

Ill take you there now.”

Wang Lu and the others nodded.

Some of them were not nervous at all.

They were all people who were preparing for the middle school arts exam and had some dancing skills.

When faced with such a scene, they were not worried at all.

“Whats going on Why are these people making way for us” Du Yuxuan asked curiously.

Lin Hexiang was also a little puzzled.

Why did these people automatically make way for him when they saw him

“Look, Mr.

Lin is here.”

“So he is the husband of your dreams.

Legends of him have been circulating all throughout Metropolis.

I didnt expect to see him in person today.”

“I must record such an exciting moment.

Its too exciting.”

Hearing the discussions of the people next to him, Liu Changning became excited.

“Cousin, are these people talking about you when they say Mr.


“If Im not mistaken, that should be me,” Lin Hexiang said with a smile.

“After all, I often come here.

One time, I even bought a drink for all the people here.

They should recognize me.”

“Cousin, youre a little modest.

There are only two people with the surname Lin here, and the other is just a white-collar worker.

He hasnt even been to a nightclub before.

How could anyone know him”

“What you said makes sense.”

Lin Hexiang smiled and waved his hand at the others.

He didnt expect to receive such an exciting treatment just for a casual visit.

Lin Hexiang took out a golden card and handed it to the waiter.

“Waiter, open a booth for me.”

“Yes, sir.

Please wait a moment.”

“Cousin, I saw the wordsMetropolison this card.

Is it a membership card for this club “Liu Changning asked.

“This is the highest-quality membership card in Metropolis.

You can only apply for it after you deposit 100,000 yuan,” Lin Hexiang said with a smile.

“When I came to support the opening ceremony, I conveniently got one.

No matter what you order, youll receive a 70% discount.

Its very cost-effective.”

“Arent you a little too reckless You bought a 100,000 yuan card just like that”

“Its just 100,000 yuan.

Its not a big deal.

Ill earn it back in a few days.”

“Cousin, youre the best.

I have to learn from you in the future.”

“Whats with all the praise Its not a big deal.” Lin Hexiang waved his hand arrogantly, “Everyone, please order whatever you want on the menu.

Dont stand on ceremony with me.

Since Im here today, I have to do my best as the host.

I promise that everyone here will get to eat, drink, and have fun.”

The few girls nodded their heads and expressed their gratitude toward Lin Hexiang.

Although he was not as handsome as Uncle Lin, they still had to thank him for spending his money.

“Look, what did I say When my cousin came, everyone was shocked, right” Liu Changning said pretentiously.

“Everyone calls my cousin Mr.


This is not a title that everyone can enjoy.”

“Alright Changning, were all here to play, and were all on the same side.

Theres no need to show off my identity.

Its meaningless.”

“Cousin, no wonder you can earn so much money.

Your low-key personality isnt something anyone can replicate,” Liu Changning said with a laugh.

“If it were me, Id be eager to show it off every day.”

“Youre still young.

When youre older, you wont have such thoughts.” Lin Hexiang crossed his legs.

His expression was carefree, as if he was giving pointers.

“Alright, stop flattering me.

Lets have a few drinks first.

Ill bring you guys to the dance floor later.”

“Okay, okay, okay.

I cant wait either.”

At the same time, there was a commotion around the booth.

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, move aside, dont block my path.”

Hearing someone shouting from behind, the onlookers automatically made way.

They saw several people walking toward them with different things in their hands.


Lin, I didnt know you would come here to hang out.

I didnt prepare anything in advance.

I just ordered a bottle of Ace of Spades.

Have a taste.”


Lin, this is my brother.

He just stole this 82 Lafite from our dads liquor cabinet.

Have a taste.”

“Brother Lin, we dont have much money.

We ordered a fruit plate for you.

Dont mind it,” a short-haired girl said with a smile.


Lin, we dont have much money.

We can only send you two cases of beer.”

“And our…”

It didnt take long before the table in the booth was filled to the brim with stuff.

There was a mountain of stuff on the table, and they wouldnt be able to finish it even if they drank until the next morning.

Lin Yi smiled.

These people had good taste.

They actually took the initiative to send stuff over.

Hed better pay for the whole table later.

He couldnt be too stingy.

Seeing the stuff on the coffee table, Liu Changning was dumbfounded.

His cousins aura was too overwhelming.

He had just sat down for a few minutes, yet people were actually taking the initiative to send things over.


Super awesome!

“Did everyone see that Check out this huge spread.” Liu Changning straightened his back and said.

“If it werent for my cousin, you guys would never have seen such a big spread in your entire lives.”

Du Yuxuan and the other girls were also very surprised.

Zhonghai was the richest city in Huaxia.

Liu Changnings cousin was really something to be able to have such a big reputation in such a city.

Seeing that the girls in front of him were all looking at him with envy, Lin Hexiang said with a smile,

“You guys are too polite.

I just came here to play with my cousin and a few of his classmates, yet you guys are giving me wine and fruit platters.

Its making me feel embarrassed.”

“Who the f*ck are you Dont be so smug.

Were not talking about you.

Stop acting cool.”

Lin Hexiang paused.

None of the people in the booth had any status or reputation.

Who else here deserved such treatment other than himself

“If youre not talking about me, who else could it be”

“Well, I think the Mr.

Lin theyre talking about is myself,” Lin Yi said with a smile.


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