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Lin Yi hung up the phone.

He didnt know how long theyd be talking for, so he might as well hang up first.

Lin Yi then called Guo Rui.

She was a teacher at the school, and itd be more appropriate for her to handle this matter.

The two soon arrived at an old neighborhood under Wang Yings lead.

Wang Lu and her classmates were sitting in front of shop lot at a loss.

However, Liu Changning, whom they had met before this, wasnt here.

“Lin Bro, youre here!”

Now that she understood Wang Ying and Lin Yis relationship, Wang Lu had changed her way of addressing Lin Yi to Lin Bro.

Lin Yi smiled at Wang Lu, Du Yuxuan, and the others.

He said, “You say youre an adult every day and want to experience the life of an adult at a nightclub.

Why cant you do the same now”

“Lin Bro, these people are such jerks.

We really cant handle them,” Wang Lu said with a smile.

“Were still flower buds.”

“Right, right, right, Uncle.

We havent even gone to college yet.

We dont have the ability to handle this,” Du Yuxuan said.

Lin Yi looked up and saw the signboard of the store that readDeyi Entrance Examination Training School.

However, the door was locked, and no staff could be seen inside.

“Where did they go”

“They left just now.

We didnt stop them.”

“Okay, dont worry.

I have a friend coming over.

Shell take care of it.”


If Wang Ying had said this, they wouldnt be so confident.

However, it was different with Lin Yi.

He was someone on the same level as Qin Han, and it wasnt a problem for him to handle such a small matter.

About ten minutes later, a white Mercedes-Benz E-class drove in from outside the residential area.

After parking the car, Guo Rui took off her sunglasses and walked in.

Guo Ruis dressing was as mature and classy as usual.

She wore a dark-colored one-piece dress with flesh-colored stockings and high heels, giving off a virtuous and beautiful vibe.

Although she was old, Guo Ruis temperament made Wang Lu and the others feel a deep sense of respect for her.

They stared at her with their eyes wide open.

“Why did you call me here in such a hurry” Guo Rui asked with a smile.

“This training institution is run by a teacher from your school, and its suspected being a scam institution.

Shouldnt you deal with it”

Wang Lu and the others were secretly surprised when they found out Guo Ruis identity.

Brother Lin knew people from the Zhonghai Drama Academy

This was too impressive.

“Lets talk over there.”

Guo Rui took Lin Yi to the side.

Although the school forbade teachers from teaching outside, this kind of thing was common in the education world.

If that was really the case, it was better to keep a low profile so as not to ruin the schools reputation.

“Lets keep this a secret for now.

Ill see whats going on first.” Guo Rui said.

“Over the past few years, the school has been strict about giving classes outside of the school.

Theyve already expelled a few faculty members over this.

Logically speaking, this kind of thing shouldnt be happening.”

“Could it be an imposter”

“Its possible,” Guo Rui said.

“But well have to see whats going on before we can be certain.”

“Then this issue is even more interesting than I expected.”

“What are you guys doing!”

Just as Lin Yi was preparing his next move, he heard someone yelling.

“Lin Bro, shes the one who cheated us out of our money!”

Lin Yi looked up and saw a middle-aged woman walking over from behind.

The woman was wearing a pair of shorts and a pink half-sleeve, and she didnt look like an art teacher at all.

Compared to Guo Rui, they were like heaven and earth.

There were two dark-skinned men beside her, and they looked as if they were related to her.

“This village girl Is she the one who cheated you out of your money”

“Yes, yes, thats her,” Wang Lu said.

“Her name is Zhang Xuemei.

When we signed up, we discussed taking all the courses for the 7,000 yuan in our wallets, but now she says that we can only take two hours of classes.

She is obviously cheating us!”

“Whats wrong with two hours of classes” Zhang Xuemei shouted.

“Let me tell you, Im a lecturer in the performing arts department of Zhonghai Drama Academy.

7,000 yuan for two hours is not considered expensive.”

“If you like the price, then join.

If you dont like it, then get lost.

Do you think we have time to entertain everyone” The young man scolded.

“Let me tell you, you all signed an agreement.

If you want to go to class, then pay the rest of the money.

If you dont want to go, then get out of here quickly.

Dont disrupt my business.”

“We dont want to go to your class.

We just want the deposit back!”

“You country bumpkins, dont you understand what Im saying” Zhang Xuemei said.

“We have an agreement.

Do you really think Ill refund your deposit just like that”

Zhang Xuemei dared to make such a big fuss because she knew that Wang Lu and the others were from a small third-tier city.

That was the reason why she was so unscrupulous.

Lin Yi looked at Guo Rui.

“What do you think we should do about this”

Guo Rui shrugged.

“Theyve already signed an agreement, so theyre protected by the law.

Of course, we cant get the money back.”

“Looks like you guys have some understanding people here too.

Ill cut to the chase then.

Hurry up and open the door, dont block the way,” Zhang Xuemei said impatiently.

“Dont worry, of course we dont want you to issue a refund, but as colleagues, shouldnt we get to know each other first”

“Huh What did you say Colleagues”

Guo Rui nodded with a smile.

“Let me introduce myself first.

Im Guo Rui, a professor at the Zhonghai Drama Academy.

Are you a teacher in the acting department Let me introduce myself.”

“You… youre a professor of the Drama Academy”

Guo Ruis revelation made Zhang Xuemeis smile instantly dissapear.

She was so embarrassed that her expression twisted.

“That… thats really quite a coincidence.

Its actually a teacher from the same school.”

“Its indeed quite a coincidence.” Guo Rui smiled and said, “But now, the school forbids teachers and staff from teaching to the public.

Dont you know that”


Zhang Xuemei was so embarrassed that she didnt know what to say.

A few local students from small third-tier cities actually found a teacher from the Zhonghai Drama Academy.

Was this normal

“I already know of your identity.

Ill inform the police to deal with it later.”

“Miss Guo, its useless to call the police.

Weve already done it before,” Wang Lu said.

“Its different if I call them.

Theyll deal with it quickly.”

The girls were secretly shocked and envious.

They were brushed off when they called the police, but when Miss Guo called, the matter would deal with quickly.

This was the difference status made in a big city.

Lin Yi stood at the side, smiling at Guo Rui.

No wonder she could become a university professor.

There werent many people who could do something like this with a mild temperament.

“You… dont go too far,” Zhang Xuemei said.

“Ive been running a training school for so many years, and I have connections.”

“Im just doing my job,” Guo Rui said.

“You should be glad that Im the one handling this.

If it were the gentleman next to me, your fate would be even worse.”

“I… I dont care who he is.

In any case, dont go too far.

Be careful, or Ill find someone to deal with you!”

Guo Rui pointed at the Lykan behind her.

“Is your so-called network worth as much as that 60-million-yuan sports car”

“What… what did you say That sports car is yours!”

“Of course.”

Zhang Xuemei collapsed to the ground and cried.

However, it didnt affect the final result.

After the police arrived, Guo Rui revealed her identity and Zhang Xuemei and the other two were taken away.

The deposit that everyone had paid was also returned on the spot.

This made Wang Lu and the others realize the strength of the upper class once again.

An ordinary bosss surname couldnt be compared to this.


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