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“Thank you for your help, Professor Guo,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Dont be sarcastic,” Guo Rui said.

“With your ability, you could handle this matter in under a minute.

Im just wasting my time.”

“Theres something else I want to talk to you about,” Lin Yi said, looking at Wang Lu.

“Theyre all seniors, and they want to apply to your school after the college entrance exam.

Can you think of a way to help them” Lin Yi asked.

“Since youve asked me of this, I have to give you some face.” Guo Rui said.

The girls were excited.

If Teacher Guo had said it like that, then they would definitely have a chance!

After all, she was a professor at the school!

Then again, Brother Lin was able to get Teacher Guo to say something like that.

Wasnt that even more impressive

“I have a friend who runs a training school.

She is pretty good.

Ill introduce them to her,” Guo Rui said.

“After your grades come out, if youre not confident in your grades, you can apply to my Quyi Academy.

When the time comes, Ill help you guys switch your department.

Your first priority should be to enter the school.

From there, the rest will be easy to handle.”

“Really You can just randomly switch departments after you enter”

“Others cant, but with your Brother Lins reputation, such matters wont be a problem.”

“Brother Lin is awesome!”

“We love you!”

“Autograph please, autograph please!”

“Be careful, your future teacher is here.”


“I have to go pick up my kids.

Give them my phone number later.

Just tell them to contact me for the follow-up.

You dont have to worry about it.”


Seeing Guo Rui leave, Wang Lu silently saidBrother Lin is awesome a hundred times in her heart.

He could even take down a young woman with a child!


“Sister, I just realized that Lin Bro seems to have a special relationship with Teacher Guo,” Wang Lu said quietly.

“So what if its special Whats the big deal” Wang Ying didnt care.

“I agree.

Lin Bro is so outstanding, its normal for him to have more women.”

Lin Yi then left Guo Ruis phone number and chatted with Wang Ying for a while before driving to the alley on Zhongxuan Road to buy egg fried rice for Ji Qingyan.

“Uncle Kong, two egg fried rice, make them high quality and add two fried eggs,” Lin Yi said.

“Brother Yi.”

Kong Jing, who was cleaning the table, ran over when she saw Lin Yi.

“You havent visited for a long time.”

“Ive been busy with work recently, so I couldnt come over.

The college entrance exam is over, right Have the results come out yet”

“The results havent come out yet, but I estimate that I scored 680.

Teacher Gu said that I should be able to get into Tsinghua and Yan universities, but I still want to go to Fudan to study medicine, since its close to home.”

“680 isnt bad.

As for which university to go to, you can decide for yourself.

After all, you still have to walk your own path in the future.”

“Yes, yes, Brother Lin, youre the best.

My parents only want me to apply to Tsinghua and Yan University, but I dont even want to go.”

“Uncle Kong, Aunt Liu, you guys are old thinkers.

Fudan isnt bad either, and some courses they offer are even better than those in Tsinghua and Yan University.” Lin Yi persuaded.

“Alright, Ill listen to you,” Kong Jings mother said.

“We havent studied before, so we dont know anything.

Ill have to trouble you to give us some advice.”

“No problem.”

Lin Yi patted Kong Jings head.

“Let me know when the acceptance letter comes.”

“Yes, yes, I understand, Brother Yi.”

After chatting with the family of three for a while, Lin Yi took two plates of egg fried rice and went to the Chaoyang group to look for Ji Qingyan.

Ji Qingyan was overjoyed when she saw that Lin Yi had added two extra fried eggs to the egg fried rice he had bought for her.

“Lin Yi, youre so nice.

I only asked you to add one egg, but you added two.

Not bad, not bad.”

Lin Yi was speechless.

“One of them is mine.

You get the other one.”

In the next twenty days or so, apart from driving for Didi, Lin Yi spent most of his time thinking about how to trick Cao Xiangyu.

The results were impressive, and it was very effective.

However, something happened that made his heart skip a beat.

He spotted Cao Jingqiu when he was explaining things to Wang Ran.

She didnt notice him, but Lin Yi noticed that Cao Jingqiu was getting involved with Cisco.

Lin Yi didnt know how much authority she had at Cisco.

Despite this, from Cao Xiangyus actions, Lin Yi could see that he had no chance of even competing against Cao Jinqiu.

Cao Xiangyu, that idiot, had already started his attack.

Not only did he increase the number of patrols around the factory, he even added dozens of surveillance cameras.

If nothing else, he was probably guarding the place against Cao Jingqiu.

From this point, Lin Yi could see that Cao Xiangyus guard against Cao Jingqiu had reached an extreme level.

Lin Yi even suspected that this idiot Cao Xiangyu would one day kill his sister to prove himself.

After lunch at the Peninsula Hotel, Lin Yi picked up his phone and called Cao Xiangyu.

“Brother Cao, how are you managing the factory My secretary reports to me every day.

Theres a woman who goes to the factory every day and spouts nonsense.

Everything we develop is confidential.

What if someone plagiarizes our goods”

Lin Yi didnt mention his name.

Although Cao Xiangyu was a bit stupid, he immediately knew who he was talking about.

“Brother Lin, I know about this.

Dont worry, Ive already figured out a solution.

Only those with work permits can enter the factory freely in the future.

Otherwise, I wont let even a fly enter.”

“I trustBrother Caos methods.

Otherwise, he wouldnt be able to support such a big factory.

Im just telling this to you in passing to avoid any future problems.”

“Thank you for your kindness, Brother Lin.

Ill treat you to a meal after Ive settled this matter.”

“No problem, Ill leave this to you then.”

Lin Yi called He Yuanyuan after he hung up on Cao Xiangyu.

“Boss, whats up”

“I need you to get us a hotel room.”

“Lin Yi, what nonsense are you talking about!”


Lin Yi paused for a moment when he heard the voice.

Wasnt that Ji Qingyans voice

“Youre at Chaoyang Group”

“Of course, Im here to ask my senior something.

I didnt expect you to ask me to get us a room.

What a jerk.”

“Everyone in the world has the right to call me a jerk, but you dont.

Dont pretend to be a pure and beautiful girl.”

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, I quit.”

“Alright, stop bickering every time you two meet.” Ji Qingyan interrupted.

“This is the first time Ive seen the boss and his employees bicker to this extent.

You two are really something.”

“If it wasnt for the five million annual salary, I would have definitely quit.”

“Ill give you an additional one million year-end bonus at the end of the year.” Lin Yi said.

“The boss is a good person, and I pray that the boss has a safe life.

If you have any new tasks, just assign them to me.

Ill make sure to complete them with quality and speed, and I will do them wholeheartedly.”

Ji Qingyan, “…”

He Yuanyuan, youre such a disgrace to Yan University!

“Have you heard anything about Fenglan Culture recently”

“Its just a small company we invested in.

I dont have the time to care so much about them.”

“Find time to arrange some jobs for them.

In short, the more the better.

Just dont let them stay idle.”

“Boss, do you have any new tricks up your sleeve”

“This is a normal business technique.

Its not a trick.

This is an insult to my character.”

“Hehehe…” He Yuanyuan sneered.

“You dont even have a character to speak of in the first place.

What is there to insult”

“Your year-end bonus is now 2 million yuan.”

“Boss, you have a noble character and are extremely moral.

You are a great person who has escaped the pursuit of low-class interests.”


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