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Lu Wenda glanced at Luo Yuanfa.

“Luo, this is your operation departments business.

Go handle it.”

Luo Yuanfa turned around and looked at Lin Yi.

“Kid, you have some guts.

You actually came to our company.

Still, let me tell you, even if you came here, its useless.

Ill seal you up.

You have to endure it even if you dont like it! Get lost, or Ill call security!”

Lin Yi shrugged and sat down on the sofa.

“Tian Yan, you handle it.”

Tian Yan looked at Lu Wenda, Luo Yuanfa, and the others with a cold face.

“Right now, as the Vice President of Didi, Im disqualifying Jericho Company from partnering with us!”

“You… youre the Vice President of Didi!”

Tian Yan snorted and threw her business card on the table!

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Upon seeing Tian Yans card, Lu Wenda, Luo Yuanfa, and the others widened their eyes and felt their jaws hit the floor.

They were all badly frightened.

What… what was going on

Why was even the vice president alarmed when a persons operating license was revoked

“President Tian, please listen to my explanation,” Luo Yuanfa said,

“This person is suspected of insulting passengers and has caused a bad impact on our companys reputation.

Otherwise, we wouldnt have done this.”

“So what if he insulted the passengers” Tian Yan said coldly.

“Let me tell you.

The person standing in front of you just bought 21% of Didis shares yesterday.

He is the second largest shareholder of the company.

Do you need us to say anything else”

As soon as these words were said, it fell on the attendants heads like thunder.


They knew that someone had bought the companys shares.

They never expected that it was this man in front of them!

“Tian… President Tian, you are not joking with us, right” Lu Wenda said with fear and trepidation.

“He is just a Didi driver, how could he be a shareholder of the group”

“Then I have to say, Director Lin is using Pagani to drive for Didi.

What else do you want to say” Tian Yan questioned.

“Director Lin has a chivalrous mind and refuses to be mixed up with those good-for-nothing sons and daughters.

He ventured out to experience life, but he was actually banned by you people without so much as a question.

From today on, your operator license is revoked.

Pack up your things and leave!”

“Luo Yuanfa, look at what youve done!” Lu Wenda cursed.

“Go apologize to Director Lin, or Ill kill you!”

Luo Yuanfas head buzzed as he crawled toward Lin Yi.


Lin, please dont lower yourself to my level.

Just treat me like a fart.”

“Werent you acting all high and mighty just now Why are you so scared now” Lin Yi said.

“What do you mean customers are gods So what You want me to just roll over and die With your behavior, you must have bullied a lot of people over the years.”

Luo Yuanfa didnt say anything because there was no room for argument.

“As one of Didis shareholders, its better to deal with this seriously.” Lin Yi said lightly.

“Just like Tian Yan said, pack up and leave.”

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At this time, Lin Yis phone rang.

Upon seeing the caller, Lin Yi didnt hang up and instead said,

“Tian Yan, you take care of the rest, Ill go down first.”

“Got it, Director Lin.”

Coming out of the meeting room, Lin Yi picked up the phone.

“Wang, you wanted to see me”

The person called Wang was known as Wang Cuiping, the director of the orphanage.

She was the one who took care of Lin Yi, and all the children in the orphanage called her that.

In other words, if it wasnt for Cuiping, Lin Yi would have died a long time ago.

“Yi, are you busy with work now” Cuiping asked with a smile.

“Everythings fine.

You and Uncle Zhao are fine, right”

“Were fine too.

You dont have to worry about me,” Cuiping said.

“I want to ask you something.

Theres a girl named Liu Sisi, you should know her, right”

“Liu Sisi Whats wrong with her” Lin Yi asked

Lin Yi was a little confused.

Mother Wang probably didnt know about him and Liu Sisi, so why was she asking about her

“A few days ago, this girl called me and said that you guys broke up.

She wanted me to talk to you.” Cuiping said

Lin Yi finally understood what was going on.

Liu Sisi knew about his history.

She should know that there was no hope of getting back together with him, so she called Wang and wanted her to talk to him about it.

“You watched me grow up.

You know my character, I wouldnt do things without reason.”

“Youre still so stubborn, Kid.”

It was obvious that Cuiping had expected such an outcome.

“I know I cant persuade you, and I cant get involved in the affairs of young people, but youre not young anymore.

You need to start thinking about marriage.”

Lin Yi smiled.

“Wang, Im guessing thats not the only reason you called me today.”

Cuiping knew Lin Yi, and the opposite was also true.

She would not have called him just because of Liu Sisi.

There must be something else.

“Its nothing, actually.” Cuiping said with a smile:

“I have a good friend.

Her daughters about the same age as you, and shes single as well.

I just wanted to set you up with her, so I took the time to meet her first.” Cuiping said with a smile

“No way! Youre trying to force a connection!” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Its mainly because my friend has taken a liking to you.

She told me a long time ago, and I waited until now to call you.” Cuiping teased.

“I only called you because I had no other choice.”

“Its just a meeting, so whats the big deal” Lin Yi said.

“Wang, just say the word, and I wont hesitate even if theres a fire pit dead ahead.”

“You little brat, what are you talking about” Cuiping lectured.

“Ill send her contact information to your phone later, and you guys can meet up when you have time.”


“I know youre busy with work right now, so come back when you have time.

I miss you already.”

Lin Yis nose twitched.

“Got it.

Ill come back to see you in a few days.”

“You dont have to make a special trip.

Just come back when youre free.

Dont delay your work.”

“I got it.”

“Alright then, thats all for now.

I wont disturb your work.”

Lin Yi hung up the phone and shook his head helplessly.

This Liu Sisi really did not want to give up!

Soon, Lin Yi received a WeChat message from Wang Cuiping.

It was the specific information for the blind date.

Her name was Song Yunhui.

She worked in a bank and there was a photo of her attached to the back.

Because she was using an extremely powerful beauty filter, it was impossible to tell what she really looked like.

Since Mother Wang had said it herself, Lin Yi had to give her respect.

He had to find some time to meet her.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At that moment, Lin Yis phone rang again.

It was Ji Qingyan.

“Are you busy Is business good” Ji Qingyan asked with a smile.

“Business is bad.

We havent finished the deal yet.”

“The most important thing is the experience.

It doesnt matter if you make money or not.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“You should have a reason for calling me at this time.”

“Its not a big deal.

Its my grandpas birthday tomorrow, and I want us to go shopping together tonight.

I want to buy some clothes, and Ill buy you some as well.”


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