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Liang Ruoxu looked at Lin Yi, curious about his identity as well.

Apart from the Rolls-Royce Phantom he owned, the cars that he had arranged to pick up Shen Tianzhuo were pro-license cars, meaning that they were obviously new cars.

Spending more than 20 million on cars just to pick him up wasnt something an ordinary second-generation rich kid could do.

In Huaxia, famous families would definitely be ranked and recognized by the wider community.

However, there were only a few Lin clans in Huaxia, and all of them were lacking in terms of strength.

She could even list down the members of the Lin Family in Yanjing by name, and it didnt seem like there was such a person in their family.

Other than that, although there were quite a few second-generation heirs in Huaxia who acted busy running their businesses all day long, deep down, they couldnt change their pleasure-seeking nature.

For this reason, he and Shen Tianzhuo should be two completely different types of people.

Even if they had a project that they could collaborate on or hired him as a scientific consultant, his parents would have been the ones to do it.

Lin Yi himself wouldnt be able to attract such a talent.

Shen Tianzhuo really wasnt ordinary.

From this point of view, Lin Yis identity was very interesting.

Liang Ruoxu extended her hand.

“Liang Ruoxu, you know my identity.

I focus on the economy.”

Lin Yi straightened his expression and tidied his clothes before reaching out his hand toward Liang Ruoxu.

“Lin Yi, director of the Longxin Research Institute.”

“You… you are the president of the Longxin Research Institute!”

Liang Ruoxu was shocked when she learned of Lin Yis identity.

She knew about Longxin.

After all, it was a powerful research institute in Zhonghai.

She didnt expect this young man to be the president.

She looked at Lin Yi from head to toe.

This completely different identity needed Liang Ruoxu calm down for a while before she could accept it.

Lin Yi smiled and nodded.

“Because we were recently planning to secretly develop the photolithography machine, we brought Director Shen back.”

“Youre going to develop a photolithography machine!”

Liang Ruoxu studied philosophy, but shed been working in politics for many years and knew a lot about the weak scientific foundation of Huaxia.

The photolithography machine was the most advanced piece of technology in the world, and it wasnt an easy task to develop it.

Even though Shen Tianzhuo was back, Liang Ruoxu still felt that this was just a fantasy.

“Thats right, Ive been thinking about this for a long time.

Now that Director Shen is back, we can finally put this on the agenda.”

Lin Yi had never told anyone about the photolithography machine as it was a confidential project.

Liang Ruoxus identity was too special, though.

If she learned about this, she should be able to provide some policy and aid in certain areas.

This was very important.

Under the modern system, there were many disadvantages if one did not have enough connections.

Liang Ruoxus identity was an important safeguard.

Shen Tianzhuo wasnt good at the ways of the world, so Lin Yi had to handle these things himself.

“You really surprised me.

I didnt expect you to want to make a photolithography machine,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“In my opinion, a photolithography machine is a huge project.

Arent you afraid that your efforts will be in vain”

“Of course Im afraid,” Lin Yi smiled.

“Director Shen asked me the same question before, but he still said that someone had to do it.

In the words of our Longxin researcher, I want the Huaxian people to believe that our country is no worse than any other country.

“To be honest, Im tired of hearing about big countries who own heavy industries.

Now, I feel that big countries owning big technologies is very pleasing to the ears, so I decided to give it a try.”

“Perhaps Directors Shen and I will collapse somewhere along this road and go bankrupt.

No one knows, but I believe that everything weve done will not be in vain.

I believe that more young juniors will continue on this road.”

Liang Ruoxu was shocked.

Her pair of peach blossom-like eyes were shining brightly.

At this moment, she seemed to see two souls on the man in front of her.

One was asleep during the day, and the other was awake during the night.

It was truly awe-inspiring.

Liang Ruoxu reached out her hand again.

“Thank you for making me change my opinion of the second generation nouveau riche, and for making me believe in your hearts and feelings of the country.”

Lin Yi breathed a sigh of relief.

Hed been bragging so much, but it hadnt been in vain.

Hed finally managed to trick Liang Ruoxu.

The trump card should be secured now.

“Mayor Liang, if you say that, it sounds a bit shallow ,” Shen Tianzhuo said with a smile.


“He has another identity.

Can you guess what is is”

“Professor Shen, youre making things difficult for me.

His identity at the Longxin Research Institute is enough to shock me.”

Shen Tianzhuo smiled, “Actually, Lin Yi is an expert in the field of computer chips, due to some special reasons I cant reveal more, but I can promise you that hes not inferior to me in terms of technology.”

Liang Ruoxu was stunned again.

Compared to the bold words just now, Lin Yis identity made Ruoxu feel incredulous and unbelievable.

An expert in the field of microchips!

A person who didnt belong to Tianzhuo in terms of technology!

Liang Ruoxu no longer thought that Lin Yi was a useless person when even the capable Shen Tianzhuo gave him such an evaluation!

However, he was so young.

He was at the age of debauchery.

No one would say anything even if he hung around the club all day.

This was what a person of his age and identity should do.

However, he did not do so.

Instead, he learned a set of superb technological skills and charmed Shen Tianzhuo to develop the photolithography machine together.

This was not something that an ordinary person could do.

However, due to his previous actions, if it was not for Shen Tianzhuos reminder, she might never have guessed that such a man actually had stars and the sea hidden in his heart.

“Are you shocked” Shen Tianzhuo said with a smile, “Actually, after I learned of his ability, I was also shocked.”

“Professor Shen, I finally know why you decided to suddenly return to the country.

I think it must be because you appreciate each other,” Liang Ruoxu said.


If it werent for him, my plan to return to the country might have been delayed.”

Liang Ruoxu had a smile on his face.

Previously, she had still been trying to guess why Shen Tianzhuo suddenly returned to the country.

Now the truth was revealed.

It was all because of this man in front of her.

On the way back, Liang Ruoxu learned something else that made her not know whether to laugh or cry.

Lin Yi had applied for the position of executive vice-president of Microsoft in order to get in touch with Shen Tianzhuo.

This mans methods were definitely not simple!

About forty minutes later, the convoy stopped at the Peninsula Hotel.

Liang Ruoxu looked up and felt that the conditions were still acceptable.

After getting out of the car, Liang Ruoxu looked at Lin Yi and Shen Tianzhuo.


Lin, you didnt give me any face at the airport.

Now you have to let me show off.

Ill treat you to this meal.”

“Im afraid I cant do that.” Lin Yi said awkwardly.

“Do you have to insist on even paying for this meal It doesnt matter whos treating whom, right”

“Its not a question of whos treating whom.

The main thing is that this hotel is mine, so theres no point in you paying for any meals.”


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