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“He became the president at 25 or 26” Liang Ruoxus grandfather obviously didnt believe it.

“He must have obtained this identity with money and is using it to build his reputation.”

“At first, I thought so too, but Shen Tianzhuo said that hes an expert in the chip field, and his skills are as good as his.

Moreover, his return this time is also due to mutual appreciation.

Otherwise, he wouldnt have come back at this time.”

“Hes also a technology expert!”

This time, Liang Ruoxus grandfather was not calm.

If he did not have a certain level of skill, he would never receive such an evaluation.

“This cant be fake,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“In the afternoon, we had a meal together and even met the researchers under him.

They all respected him very much.

If it was just money, those researchers would not have given him such respect.”

Liang Ruoxus grandfather was silent for a few seconds.

“Whats his name I think I should be able to familiarize myself with the elders in his family.”

“I cant comment on that.” Liang Ruoxu smiled and said, “This is a very secret matter.”

“You little girl, do you think that I cant control you just because you ran to Zhonghai Youre already starting to keep me in suspense.

Believe it or not, Ill get you transferred the northwest with just a word.”

“Then Ill tell Grandma.”

“Oh you, youve really grown up.

Youre different from when you were young,” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“Alright, since you wont tell me who the other party is, you should at least tell me the purpose of Shen Tianzhuos return.

Why did he join the research institute”

After pondering for a few seconds, Liang Ruoxu said,

“Photolithography machine.”

“What! Photolithography machine”

“Thats right,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Shen Tianzhuo is an expert in the field of computer vision.

The person who invited him back to China is an expert in the field of chips.

When the two of them are put together, they are like a pair of perfectly balanced dual swords.”

“Haha, he actually came back to work on a photolithography machine!” Liang Ruoxus grandfather laughed loudly.

“This kids ambition is not small.”

“Not only is it not small, he still wants to do something that countless researchers and funds have yet to develop.

Im really afraid that we might end up empty-handed.” Liang Ruoxu stood up and took out a can of yogurt from the fridge.

“But I feel that whether this matter succeeds or not, itll still be a good thing.

The positive meaning it can bring is greater than we imagined.”

“My precious granddaughter.

If you say that, you might appear too naive.” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“Your mother founded such a big company and you have been influenced by it for so many years.

Dont tell me that you still havent realized something”

“En What did I miss”

Liang Ruoxus grandfather smiled.

He was most likely showing off in front of Liang Ruoxu.

“A meeting with a lot of people is not important, and an important meeting has not many people.

A big meeting is held to solve small problems, a small meeting is held to solve major problems, and no meetings are held to solve major problems.

Do you understand what I mean”

Liang Ruoxu did not have the mood to enjoy the open yogurt anymore, so she put it aside.

“I understand the logic, but I dont know what this has to do with the photolithography machine.”

“It has everything to do with it.

In reality, a country is similar to a company.

Its not a good if there are too many people involved.”

Liang Ruoxu was silent for a few seconds.

She thought for a moment and said,

“Grandpa, are you saying that when the country first pursued this project, there were too many departments and people involved, which led to the current situation”

“Thats right.

Your grandmother was a researcher.

At that time, why did they only take a few years to develop a nuclear weapon It was because the whole country was doing their best to pursue this.

Now, under the trend of overall development, we have developed many complicated relationships.

This is often detrimental to the advancement of science.”

“Then I understand,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Money aside, what science needs the most is freedom.”

“Of course, this is the most important point,” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“Oh right, when you went to Zhonghai this time, did Zhao Mo contact you”

“Why didnt you warn me earlier” Liang Ruoxu said, “I just got off the plane and he called me.

He asked me to help take care of Cisco, but I ignored him.”

“I knew it.

Why else would this kid come to see me a few days ago Even after all this time, you still wont give him the time of day,” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“His grandfather and I know each other.

If conditions permit, take care of him.”

“Ill see how it goes,” Liang Ruoxu said:

“Ciscos development has exceeded all of our expectations.

As one of the important funds supporting Cisco, Zhao Mo has already made a lot of money.

Theres no need for me to take care of him.”

“As I said before, Zhao Mo is not bad.

His investment and business methods are also not bad.

In this huge Yanjing City, he can be considered to be number one.

Since hes interested in you, give him a chance.”

“Ill hang up if you continue talking about this matter,” Liang Ruoxu said.

“Okay, okay, okay.

I wont mention it anymore,” Liang Ruoxus grandfather said.

“Now, isnt Shen Tianzhuo going to study lithography machines If he needs any green lights, do take care of him.

Whether it succeeds or not, this matter will have a positive effect on society.”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.

When its time for me to step in, Ill take care of him.”

“Just now, I asked you to take care of Cisco, which is under Zhao Mo.

You didnt agree.

Now, when I ask you to take care of Shen Tianzhuos photolithography project, you immediately agree.

Why do I feel that something isnt right”

“Hmm Whats not right about this”

“I asked you just now who the person wroking with Shen Tianzhuo on the photolithography project was, but you wouldnt tell me no matter what.

Is it because of this person Twenty-five or twenty-six.

Hes pretty good-looking, isnt he If hes not, he wont be able to get past your grandma.”

“Beep beep beep…”

Liang Ruoxu didnt say anything.

She immediately hung up the phone and complained to herself.

“Youre already so old, why are you still so gossipy”

At the Peninsula Hotel.

Lin Yi looked at the time after Liang Ruoxu left, then went to pick up Ji Qingyan from work.

Lin Yi thought for a moment.

Of the total of 4,000-plus kilometers he had driven, about 1,000 of it was all thanks to her.

She had really helped him out in this regard.

“Do you need to work overtime today” Lin Yi asked on the phone when he reached the parking lot.

If she still needed to work overtime, he would go up for a while.

If she didnt, he would wait for her here.

As for the mission, Lin Yi wasnt worried anymore.

There were less than 200 kilometers left, and he could easily complete it tomorrow.

There was no need to rush.

“The bidding process is almost done.

Theres nothing much to do tonight, just wait for me in the parking lot.

Ill change and go down now.”


Soon, he saw Ji Qingyan in a dark blue dress walking out of the elevator with Hermès handbag in her hand.

Her steps were light and elegant.

“Theres not much left at home.

I want to go buy some food.

Come with me, dont run away at night.”

She knew that Lin Yi would continue driving for Didi at night, so Ji Qingyan often used all sorts of excuses to make him accompany her at night.

On the other hand, it was easier to stay by her side than to go out and drive for Didi.

“No problem.”

After confirming their destination, Lin Yi drove to the nearby Wanda Plaza.

Ring, ring, ring…

Lin Yis phone rang not long after the car left.

It was from that girl, Kong Jing.

Before Lin Yi could say anything, Kong Jing started chattering.

“Yi Bro, my acceptance letter just arrived.

698 points, Fudan medical department.

Im going to register tomorrow.”

“Youre going to register tomorrow! So soon”

“Youre a busy man.

Of course you think time passes quickly,” Kong Jing said.

“The days I spent waiting for the letter were torturous.”

“Torture is a good thing.

At least it means you didnt let your parents down.”

“Hehe, Ill definitely repay them in the future.”

“Are you at the stall”

“Yeah, Im here helping my parents.”

“Okay, wait for me there.

I havent eaten yet.”

“Okay, Ill treat you today.”

“Youre just a little girl.”

Lin Yi ended the call after saying that with a smile.

“Who was that”

“Uncle Kongs kid.” Lin Yi said.

“Her dad cooks your favorite egg fried rice in the alley.

She scored 698 points this year and received admission from Fudans medical department.

I wanted to go over and have dinner while Im congratulating her.”

“Why is she going to Fudan with such a high score She should have gone to Yan University.

What a pity.”

“Youre really protective of your alma matter.

Youve already graduated, and youre still thinking about your school.”

“Thats expected.” Ji Qingyan said proudly.

“My Yan University isnt an ordinary school.”

“Are you trying to say that the school is good because it raised a student like you”

“Im not that humble, but if you are the one saying it, Im not going to deny anything.”

“Hehehe…” Lin Yi laughed coldly,

“So what Im a graduate of Zhonghai University of Science and Technology.”


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