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“Please wait a moment, Ill take care of it right now.

Ill make sure to give you a satisfactory answer.”

“Okay.” Lin Yi nodded.

“Go on then.”

Sun Xue straightened her expression and walked over to the Lenovo salesgirl.

“Liu Mei, pack up.

Dont come to work tomorrow.”

“Manager, I.



Liu Mei was dumbfounded.

After working in the mall for so many years, she had never seen any customer except for those bulk purchasers from second-and third-tier cities deposit two million yuan in advance.

Unfortunately for her, she was seeing it today!

“Manager Sun, listen to me.

This is a misunderstanding.

Give me a chance to explain.”

Sun Xue waved her hand impatiently.

“Theres nothing to explain.

Pack up.

You dont have to come tomorrow.”

If she didnt fire Liu Mei, she wouldnt be able to get her 20,000 yuan comission.

By comparison, it was much more practical to fire her.

“Ill pack up now…”

Lin Yi ignored Liu Mei and turned to the female employee of Huawei.

“Pack up the phone and computer for me.”


Lin Yi used his membership card to pay with some of the 2 million yuan he had stored on it, and left after buying the things.

Lin Yi realized that the other benefit of the card was that there was a 5% discount.

Although it wasnt as powerful as in Times Square, it was still beneficial as he would be paying a lower price.

After buying the phone, Lin Yi brought Ji Qingyan and Kong Jing upstairs.

Women were all beauty-loving animals.

Even Kong Jing who had just graduated from high school was no exception.

The dazzling array of fashionable womens clothes made her feel overwhelmed.

She felt like she could buy anything, but she couldnt afford anything.

Lin Yi suddenly realized that family factors could have a profound effect on a child.

Wang Lu and Kong Jing were both high school seniors.

However, their personalities were completely different.

They even looked like people from two different worlds, even though in reality, they were the same age.

“Alright, Ill take Jingjing around here.

You find a place to rest.”

Knowing that Lin Yi didnt like shopping, Ji Qingyan didnt drag him along.

“Thats sounds good.

You two find a place to hang out.

I dont want to join you.”

“Alright, Ill call you later.”

Ji Qingyan left with Kong Jing.

Lin Yi was bored, so he found an empty corner and started playing games with Sugar.

They played for about two hours before he saw Ji Qingyan and Kong Jing walking back with more than ten bags in hand.

“You bought so many things in one go”

“Jingjings school starts tomorrow.

I bought more for her so she can wear them in the future,” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“Thats true.”

“If my mom finds out that I asked for so many things from you, shell scold me when I get home.”

“With your Brother Yi around, whats there to be afraid of” Ji Qingyan said slyly.

“Besides, youre going to college tomorrow.

They cant control you even if they want to.

Dont be afraid.”

“But Im still embarrassed,” Kong Jing said quietly.

“I spent tens of thousands of yuan on these things.

Its almost equal to our familys annual expenses.”

For Kong Jing, the two hours just now had completely changed her understanding of consumption.

She also understood that fashion was not just a casual affair.

Without the support of money, one could never claim to be fashionable.

“For you, this is a new beginning.

Naturally, you have to show a new spirit,” Ji Qingyan looked at Kong Jing and said.

“One must always maintain their confidence and not feel inferior.

Otherwise, even if you get into a university like Fudan, you will never end up achieving anything.”

“Got it, Sister Qingyan.”

“Thats right.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“Look at your Brother Yi.

He didnt graduate from a famous school, but theres an inexplicable confidence coming from his very bones.

Look at him now, isnt he getting along just fine”

Lin Yi rubbed his chin, feeling inexplicably confident.

Those words sounded like they had an additional meaning.

“Thats true.” Kong Jing said with a smile.

“Ill have to learn more from Brother Yi in the future.”

“Okay, okay.” Ji Qingyan said, “Lets go upstairs and have a look around.

Since were already here, we can go shopping together.”

“Sister Qingyan, it seems like the staff are about to end their shifts here.”

“Its okay.

We still have some time.

Weve bought everything we need to buy.

Well just be browsing from here on out.

If theres something suitable, well buy it.

If not, well just go home.”


They soon arrived at the fourth floor of Wanda Plaza.

Kong Jing realized that this was a place where luxury goods were sold, and the prices were absolutely dizzying.

“Come, lets check out Van Cleef and Arpels,” Ji Qingyan said excitedly.

“I recently saw a new accessory they have.

It looks pretty good.”

Lin Yi could tell that Ji Qingyan wanted to buy it herself, and that was why she dragged him and Kong Jing here.

Ah… Women!

The female store manager frowned slightly when she saw the three of them enter.

She was a little hesitant to greet them.

“The store is about to close.

Why are there still people here”

There were rules in the mall.

If someone came to buy something before the store closed, they had to wait for the customers to finish shopping before closing the store.

Otherwise, they would be punished.

According to their past experience, the customers who came here had to browse around would take at least half an hour before they confirmed their purchase.

And this was considered fast.

For example, in the Hermes store, the last batch of customers had arrived half an hour ago, and they still hadnt finished choosing yet.

In the end, there was even the possibility that they would not buy anything, so all their work would be in vain.

“Sister, take a rest, Ill go and greet them.”

The female shop assistant who spoke was tall and slender.

She seemed to be very young.

When she spoke, a pair of dimples appeared on her face, making her appear a little charming and cute.

Her name was Jiang Nan.

“Nannan, the store will close in ten minutes.

Think of a way to get them to leave as soon as possible.

Dont let them delay us from leaving.”

“Thats not very good.

No matter what, theyre still customers.”

“Youre part-timer, so you dont mind.

But weve been working here for years and we hate to see such customers, so hurry up and get rid of them.”

“Oh, Ill give it a try.”

Jiang Nan walked over to Lin Yi and the others, smiling.

“Sir, Madam, were closing soon.”

“I dont think youre closing yet,” Lin Yi said.

“Theres still ten minutes left.

Im afraid you wont be able to choose anything in time.”

“Its fine, thats enough time.”

Jiang Nan turned around and looked at his sister helplessly, as if to say that hed done his best.

Jiang Yue shook her head.

This little girl was not good enough.

If she had known earlier, she would have gone there herself.

She would definitely have been able to get the job done.

Now, it was too late to say all this.

Ji Qingyan looked around and spotted the four-leaf grass diamond pendant that she liked being proudly displayed in the store.

“Hello, I want to ask, is there a discount on this pendant” Ji Qingyan asked.

“This is the new item that came out this year.

There are no special offers for the time being.”

Jiang Yue shook her head.

It was a necklace that cost 840,000 yuan.

It was not something that could be bought on a whim.

Therefore, there was no need for these customers to continue looking around and delaying her from leaving.

Ji Qingyan nodded.

“I want two.

Help me pack them up.”


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