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“Two” Jiang Nan paused.

“Are you sure”

One necklace was 840,000 yuan, and two was 1.68 million yuan!

It had only been a few minutes!

They were buying it just like that!

She hadnt even tried it yet!

“Yeah, just help me pack it up,” Ji Qingyan said politely.

“Okay, Ill get you two new ones.”

Jiang Nan went to get the necklace that Ji Qingyan had her eyes on, and Lin Yi went over to pay for it.

Seeing the glittering diamond membership card, the female employees of Van Cleef & Arbor couldnt keep their cool anymore.

This was a membership card that could only be obtained by placing a deposit of two million yuan!

He actually had one in his hand!

This… this was too generous!

After paying, the three of them left the Van Cleef & Arbor store, and the employees came out to see them off.

The three of them got on the elevator, the saleswomen all felt that they were hallucinating.

1.68 million!

It was spent in less than five minutes!

How rich were they!

“Sister, you must have made a mistake.” Jiang Nan smiled and said, “Next time you meet such a customer, you must treat them well.

Otherwise, you might just end up losing your job.”

“Dont say that.

I was scared to death just now.” Jiang Yue patted her chest and said, “Fortunately, I didnt make them unhappy just now.

Otherwise, I would have missed this business deal.”

“Hehe, this business deal was handled by myself.

Do I get a commission”

“Yes, yes, yes.

I think the commission will be enough for you to change your mobile phone.” Jiang Yue smiled and said,

“Dont stand here.

Go and pack your things then head back.

Go home and sleep early.

You still have to report to school tomorrow.”

“Got it.” Jiang Nan said as she walked.

“Sister, I feel that this part-time job during the holiday was really informative.

Although our familys conditions are not bad, compared to the real rich people, were miles apart.”

“Its good that you recognize this.” Jiang Yue said, “But youre not too bad yourself.

Youve been admitted to a famous school.

Youll definitely be more successful than me in the future.”

“Humph, thats for sure.”

“Youre really cocky.”

Back in the car, Ji Qingyan took out the necklace.

“Come on, be quiet.

Try It on.

I think itll look good on you.”

Kong Jing was shocked.

“Ah! The necklace is for me”

“Of course.

Otherwise, why would I buy two” Ji Qingyan smiled and said, “Hurry up and try it on.”

“Sister Qingyan, this necklace cost more than 800,000 yuan.

Even if we sell all of our familys belongings, it wont equate to that much.”

“Youre going to college soon.

This is a gift from your sister.

Girls should treat themselves better.”

“But its too expensive.

I dont dare to take it.”

“Whats there to be afraid of” Lin Yi said.

“If you dont think of yourself, how can Uncle Kong and Aunt Liu rely on you in the future”

For a long time, Lin Yi had agreed with the idiomit took a village to raise a child.

The little girls family conditions werent very good, and there were too many temptations in university.

Thus, it might be good thing for her to be exposed to certain things in advance.

“Got it.

Thank you, Sister Qingyan.

Thank you, Brother Yi.”

“Thats right.”

After shopping, Lin Yi drove Kong Jing back.

The two women sat in the back seat, discussing fashion and cosmetics.

Lin Yi wasnt in the mood to listen, so he kept driving silently.

After sending Kong Jing back, Lin Yi brought Ji Qingyan to Jiuzhou Pavilion out of habit.

Ji Qingyan didnt say anything, she even felt that this place was more like her home than Yunshui Villa.

The next day, Ji Qingyan once again cooked breakfast.

“If I remember correctly, the bid you were eyeing starts tomorrow, right” Lin Yi asked while eating.

Ji Qingyan nodded, her chopsticks tapping at the bottom of the bowl while resting her chin on her hand.

“Ill my best at 1 pm tomorrow, but I dont have much confidence that well succeed.”

“You dont have to try to predict the future, just try your best.”


Ji Qingyan picked up a small ball.

“Try this, its delicious.”

After a simple breakfast, Lin Yi sent Ji Qingyan to the office, then drove to Kong Jings house.

When Lin Yi arrived, he found the family of three waiting for him with some food prepared.

“Little Yi, weve known each other for a long time.

Why are you being so polite This is a phone and a computer.

Were all embarrassed by your gift.” Auntie Liu said.

“It didnt cost much.

Dont worry about it.”

Lin Yi then carried Kong Jings luggage into the car, preparing to send the three of them to school.

It was their first time in a Rolls-Royce, and Kong Jings parents were extremely nervous.

Their bodies were stiff and uncomfortable, afraid that Lin Yis car would be damaged.

Lin Yi drove the car to the entrance of the university.

The crowd was bustling outside as they walked around with both big and small bags.

There were also quite a number of enthusiastic students going about.

These consisted of seniors who were guiding the freshmen, and juniors who had come to report for their first day of school.

The crowd was boisterous and the traffic was heavy.

All kinds of people from the society had gathered here.

However, there were some girls who had been wiping away their tears before they even entered the school gate.

Needless to say, they were definitely children who were leaving home for the first time.

If one didnt know the situation, they would have thought that these girls were here to pay respects to their ancestors graves.

“Look at that white car.

Isnt it a Mercedes-Benz G-class Its so cool,” a crew-cut boy exclaimed.

“This car seems sell for more than two million yuan.

Ive been waiting here all morning, and this is the most valuable car Ive seen.”

“The juniors this year are very good.

Theyre all rich people.”

Seeing the White Mercedes-Benz G-class drive over, the people at the school gate all kept a respectful distance from it.

If they bumped into it, they wouldnt be able to pay for its repairs.

“What a bunch of bumpkins who havent seen the world.

A Mercedes-Benz G-class already shocks them to this extent.

If we were to drive our familys Ferrari, which is worth more than four million yuan, they would have to stay more than ten meters away.”

The person who spoke was a middle-aged woman.

She sat in the front passenger seat and had a thick layer of foundation on her face.

When she made the slightest movement, she made it seem as if it was snowing in the car.


“If it wasnt for our son being so shy, I wouldnt have driven this car.

Its still a little lacking compared to a Ferrari.”

“Previously, people said that there werent many rich people in a famous school like Fudan.

Today, Ive finally seen it for myself,” the middle-aged woman said.

“In the future, my son can win over all the female students in this school.”

“Mom, since you said this, I wont refute you.”

“Rascal, you know Im right.

But let me tell you, just play with those girls.

Dont be too serious with them.

Theyre not good enough for you.”

“Got it, Mom.”

Beep Beep Beep.

Just as the three of them were talking, they suddenly heard someone honking behind them.

The middle-aged woman was instantly unhappy.

“Who is it How dare he honk at us Doesnt he know that we are in a Mercedes-Benz worth over two million yuan!”

“F*ck, what are you posturing for The car behind us is a Rolls-Royce Phantom worth over nine million!”


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