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“A Rolls-Royce worth more than nine million!”

After learning the price of the car behind them, the middle-aged woman and her son hurriedly turned their heads to look at it.

The golden logo on the front of the car almost blinded them.

“Is this car really worth more than nine million!”

“Why would I lie to you” Her husband scolded, “Other Rolls-Royce mode,s dont look like this at all.

Even the cheapest ones are more expensive than our Ferrari.”

“Then what are we waiting for Hurry up and make way for them.

We cant afford to offend such people.”

“Cut the crap, I know what Im doing.”

The middle-aged man pulled the car to the side and made way for Lin Yi.

Lin Yi drove the car into Fudans campus under everyones envious gazes.

“The huniors this year are too good.

One of them even drives a rolls-royce.

Hes probably the richest second generation in Fudan.”

“That sounds about right.

You dont see many of these cars in Zhonghai.”

“Did you see the driver Hes so handsome.”

“Whats the use of being handsome What matters is a mans temperament.”

“But his temperament is good too.

Hes so cool.”

“Umm… forget it.”

Everything was new to Kong Jing when they arrived on Fudans campus.

The university life she had always dreamed of was finally about to begin.

The three members of the Kong family were very unfamiliar with university registration, but Lin Yi, who had attended college before, was quite familiar with it.

Lin Yi led Kong Jing, and the two of them split up.

He went to deal with the dorm matters while she went to get the campus card herself, saving them a lot of time.

Kong Jing had two big bags of luggage, carried by Lin Yi and her father respectively, while the rest of the small bags were handled by Kong Jing and her mother.

The dormitory situationin Fudan was much better than Lin Yi had imagined.

Four people shared a room, with two sets of bunkbeds to split between the students.

It was similar to what was shown on TV.

When the four of them entered the room, they found that all three beds were occupied.

However, they only saw two girls in the room.

The two girls couldnt help but frown when they saw Kong Jings family of four.

Where did these people come from Why did they look like peasants

Not to mention their luggage was they all packed in gunny bags

Not even a suitcase This was too woeful.

Before going to university, their family members said that university classmates were the most important connections they could make to secure their future jobs.

Just now, they were a little glad that they had a white, rich, and beautiful roommate.

They hoped that they could have another one, but the last roommate unexpectedly turned out to be a peasant.

What bad luck.

The man, on the other hand, was very handsome.

“Hey, hey, hey, hey! Watch out, dont bump into my stuff.” Feng Jia said.

The girls name was Feng Jia.

She wasnt tall, and she had short hair, making her give off a shrewd vibe.

“Oh, okay.” Kong Jings father said awkwardly as he carried the luggage.

Lin Yi glanced at the person who spoke.

None of Kong Jings roommates seemed to be very nice.

Kong Jings dorm life might experience some twists and turns in the future.

Nevertheless, Lin Yi didnt want to interfere too much.

Kong Jing was already an adult, and she had to learn how to handle her own relationships in school.

Since she was the last one to arrive, Kong Jings mother started tidying up her things on the last bed.

“Qiqi, do you know where Nannan is Its almost noon.

Lets go have lunch later.”

“Nannan went to get a meal card.

Well head off when she comes back,” said the girl named Qiqi.

“Yes, yes.

Im a little hungry after working all morning.”

“Hey, hey, hey.

Slow down.

Dont touch my cup,” Feng Jia repeated.

Kong Jings mother looked back and said in embarrassment, “Im watching.

I wont touch it.”

Feng Jia looked disdainful and took back her glass of water.

“Jiajia, lets tidy up the stuff so that it wont get dirty.”

“I think so.”

“How can you talk like that” Kong Jing was unhappy.

“Were not talking about you.

Why are you making assumptions”

“Also, well be roommates from now on.

We have to set a rule with you.

You cant touch anything we put in the dormitory.”

“I dont want to touch your things.” Kong Jing rolled her eyes at the two of them and said coldly.

“Its good if you know your own limits,” the girl named Qiqi said.

“Also, you have to maintain your personal hygiene so that the dormitory wont be in a mess.”

“Whats that supposed to mean Clarify what you mean when you tell me to maintain my personal hygeine!”

“Wasnt I clear enough How did you get into Fudan Do you have hearing problems”

“Let me tell you…”

“Alright, calm down.

You all just got into university.

You have to get along well with your roommates.”

Aunt Liu smiled and said to Feng Jia and Qiqi,

“My daughter has been spoiled by us since she was young.

You guys have to be more tolerant in the future…”

“Hey, hurry up… keep one meter away from me.

I cant stand the smell on you.”

Auntie Liu took a few steps back, feeling awkward.

She didnt say anything even though she didnt feel good.


The door was pushed open, and a girl in a long dress walked in.

Lin Yi tilted his head and looked at her.

She looked familiar.

wasnt she the salesgirl from Van Cleef & Arbor yesterday

“Its you guys”

Jiang Nan was a little surprised to see Lin Yi and Kong Jing.

She didnt expect to see them here.

“Are you from this dorm too” Kong Jing asked curiously.

“Yeah, I went to get a meal card just now.” Jiang Nan smiled.

“Im Jiang Nan.

Lets go eat together after we unpack.”

“Im Kong Jing.

Im a little hungry too.”

“Nannan, what are you waiting for her for Im a little hungry.

Lets go together,” Feng Jia said.

When they faced Jiang Nan, their attitudes took a 180-degree turn.

They were extremely enthusiastic.

“Were all in the same dormitory.

Naturally, we have to go together.

Lets wait for a while,” Jiang Nan said.

“Look at her.

If I had a choice, I wouldnt want to become roommates with her.”

Jiang Nan frowned slightly.

What was she saying

Was she looking down on others

“Im not very hungry.

If youre hungry, you can go first.

The two of us will go later.”

“Nannan, if you arent going, theres no point in the two of us going ourselves.”

“But Im not very hungry.

I want to eat later.”

“Alright then.

Well wait for you together,” Feng Jia said indifferently.

She didnt understand why a fair, rich, and beautiful woman like Jiang Nan would bother with a country bumpkin.

Jiang Nan was Feng Jias ideal choice of best friend in the future.

At first, Kong Jing was a little depressed when she met these two roommates who looked down on her.

However, Jiang Nans appearance made the dark clouds in her heart disappear.

“Jingjing, wheres your necklace” Jiang Nan said enviously.

“Ever since I started working part-time at Van Cleef & Arbor, Ive been eyeing.

However, I cant afford it.

Take it out and let me admire it.”

Kong Jing took out the four-leaf clover necklace in embarrassment.

The dazzling diamonds gave Feng Jia and Qiqi a fright.

“Are… are all those diamonds on it!”


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