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“Yes, those are diamonds on it,” Jiang Nan said.

“It cant be fake, right” Feng Jia said sarcastically.

“Nannan, didnt you say that you were bored during the summer vacation and went to work at Vancleef & Arpels You should be able to tell its authenticity with a glance.”

“I sold this necklace to them.

How could it be fake”

“Ah You sold it to them”

“Thats right.” Jiang Nan said, “Jingjings brother bought it and gave it to her and her sister-in-law.”

“No way.

There are so many diamonds.

It must be worth tens of thousands!”

Feng Jia and Qiqis hearts were pounding.

They didnt expect her to be so rich.

“To be exact, its 840,000 yuan per necklace.”


When they learned the price of the necklace, both of them were dumbfounded.

Their own homes were in small fourth-tier cities.

Their parents annual salaries added up to less than 100,000 yuan.

Yet, the other party had spent 840,000 yuan on a necklace, and they had even bought two of them!

Kong Jings brother was way too rich!

Despite this, why were her parents clothes so tattered

In about half an hour, Aunt Liu finished tidying up the house.

“Uncle, Auntie, lets go eat together.

I heard from a senior that the school cafeteria is not bad.

Shall we go and have a taste”

“No, no, no, we wont go.

We still have work in the afternoon, so we wont go with you,” Aunt Liu said.

They also knew that there was a generation gap between them and their children, so it was not appropriate to eat with them.

Thus, theY packed up and left together.

However, the group were already divided into two camps.

Kong Jing and Jiang Nan were walking together, while Feng Jia and Qiqi were following behind.

They didnt seem to fit in.

“Nannan, where did you top up your meal card I need to refill it later.”

“Theres no need to refill it.

Ive already filled it for you when you went to the dorm.

Itll have enough for your four years of university,” Lin Yi said.

“Ah Enough for my four years of college”

“I put in 100,000 yuan.

Even if youre a pig, itll be enough for you to eat your fill.”

“Ah! You put in 100,000 yuan in one go”

How rich were you to top up 100,000 yuan in one go!

Feng Jia and Qiqi were both dumbfounded.

Shed bought a necklace worth more than 800,000 yuan and filled up her meal card worth 100,000 yuan just like that.

Her conditions were even better than Jiang Nans!

How dare they mock her

Did they not have any shame

“Go and have dinner with your roommates.

Well head back first.” Lin Yi looked at Kong Jing and said, “Call me if you encounter any difficulties in the future.”

“Got it, Brother Yi.”

Lin Yi patted Kong Jings head lovingly and pressed the keys to his Bentley to unlock the car before leaving with Kong Jings parents.

This scene stunned Jiang Nan and the other two once again.

“Jingjing, your brothers car is a Bentley”

“Yeah, Brother Yi said that wed be able to move a lot of stuff in this car, so thats why he drove it here.”

Jiang Nan held onto Kong Jings arm and teased, “Jingjing, do you need a sister-in-law What do you think of me Haha…”

“I dont mind, itll all depend on whether you can deal with my other sister-in-law, Hehe…”

Lin Yi sent Kong Jings parents back after leaving Fudan and continued to drive for Didi.

He opened the system page and looked at the progress of the mission to see that it read (4871/5000).

There were still 129 kilometers to go.

He could easily complete the mission before Ji Qingyan got off work.

He did not stop until three in the afternoon.

Lin Yi spent all his time running Didi orders, except for his lunch break.

He had taken on seven orders in total, driving a total of 127 kilometers.

He only needed to drive two more kilometers to complete the mission.

“You have a new order, from Peoples Square in Zhonghai to Qingshan Town.”

Lin Yi took the order without thinking and drove towards Peoples Square a hundred meters away.

Lin Yi looked around when he arrived at the destination.

He saw a middle-aged man wearing a cap on the side of a the road, looking very mysterious.

“Is this Mr.

Ma with the tail number 1455”

“Its me.”

The mans voice was low as he opened the door and got into the car.

“Not bad, young man.

Youre using such a good car to drive Didi.”

“Its fine, its fine.” Lin Yi said politely.

“To be able to sit in such a good car, I can die without regrets.”

“Thats such an exaggeration.

Its just a car, and Didi has a luxury car business, so you can sit in one anytime you want.” Maybe it was because of the last order, but Lin Yi was in a good mood and started chatting with the middle-aged passenger.

The middle-aged man smiled but didnt say anything.

His expression was a little strange and deep.

“Are you going to Qingshan Town for a tour I heard that theres a hot spring resort there.

It seems pretty good, and the price isnt expensive.”

“Im not going there for fun.”

“Then is it for a family visit”


“Are you there to check out an investment”

“No, Im going to Qingshan Towns police station.”

“So youre one of Qingshan Towns police officers.”Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Ill complete the order fast and give you a discount.”

He was only two kilometers away from completing the mission anyway.

As long as the order was completed, he didnt care about anything else.

“Im not a police officer.

Im going to turn myself in.”

“Ah ! Turn yourself in!”

“My family lives in Lianhua Village in Qingshan Town.

I pushed my parents-in-law down the mountain when we went up it yesterday.

When we got home, I even hacked my wife to death and cut her into pieces.

I wanted to run away, but I regretted it halfway and decided to turn myself in.”

The middle-aged man turned around and smiled at Lin Yi.

“Young man, I think youre a good person.

If I ask you to go hiking with me one last time, will you accept”


Lin Yi was so scared that his hairs were standing on end.

He cursed in his heart, “I might not survive this day!”

When they reached the intersection, Lin Yi turned the car around and drove towards the nearby police station.

“Young man, this isnt the way to Qingshan Town.”

“Big Brother, at your level, all the police stations will receive you.

Ill just send you to the nearest one.” Lin Yi pretended to be calm.

“The King of Hell waits for no man.

Lets not waste time on the road.”

“Will you really not go hiking with me”

Lin Yi stepped on the brakes and stopped the Rolls-Royce in front of the police station.

“Bro, have a heart.

Im still young, I havent married yet, so my life is nowhere near its peak.

Although you and I get along with each other well, the road to hell is long and winding, so this is the best I can do for you.”

“Alright then.

If theres a chance, Ill invite you to go hiking with me in the future.” The middle-aged man said.

“Okay, okay, okay.

Remember to reach out to me in your dreams when you reincarnate.” Lin Yi said.

After this, the middle-aged man got out of the car and walked into the police station.

Lin Yi let out a sigh of relief.

What did he do to get a passenger like this

He looked at the system mission and realized that the man probably wouldnt be able to pay for the ride anymore.

Damn it, he needed to give one more ride.

[ Mission completed.

Reward 200,000 experience points.


[ Job completion 100%.

Reward Didi Chuxing 80% shares! ]

What the hell

The mission was actually completed!

Big Brother actually completed the order!

It was obvious that this man was still considerate of others.

‘Every New Year, I will definitely go to temple and burn more paper money for you.


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