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“Pfft, no I dont.” Ji Qingyan said with her ponytail raised.

“Its all just a coincidence, but you made so much money in secret that you bought Didi without anyone knowing.

I was shocked when I heard that.”

“Actually, Ive been working in secret for a long time and only brag in front of you.

Arent I good”

“Yeah, youre the best.

Ill give you a thumbs up.” Ji Qingyans eyes narrowed into crescents.

She was happy that Lin Yi had achieved such success.

“Ah, its just a small matter.

Its not worth mentioning.”

“Keep bragging.”

Ji Qingyan was happy that Lin Yi had bought Didi.

“Now, Didi has become a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lingyun Group.

When we talk aboutfood, clothing, housing, and transportation, thetransportation portion has been settled.

All that remains isfood, clothing, and housing.

What are your plans regarding Lingyun Groups next steps”

“Tell me what you think first.

I want to hear your opinion.”

“No, you have to go first.”

“Is there a need to be so calculative”

“Of course theres a need,” Ji Qingyan said matter-of-factly.

“Ill identify the loopholes after youre done.

This will show how great I am.”

“Youre such a nuisance.”

“I cant help it.

Im a woman, so Im naturally unreasonable.”

Lin Yi leaned back on the sofa.

“Id rather wait and see the reactions of the other companies than come up with a plan for the next step.”

Ji Qingyan pondered for a moment and said,

“Lingyun Groups acquisition of Didi is considered a big deal in the industry.

Its a very rare event in the internet industry.”

“But you cant keep it a secret.

It wont be long before people find out that Didi is being bought out.

After that, those in the industry who want a share of the big data industry might join forces.

Its a wise move for you to quietly play a defensive card for now.”

“Youre being a bit too serious if youre thinking about playing a defensive card.”

Lin Yi changed his position and lay on Ji Qingyans lap.

The latter naturally moved closer to the sofa, afraid that Lin Yi wouldnt be able to lie down.

“I just want to see how many enemies I have waiting in the dark, who they are, and then destroy them one by one.”

“Are you trying to form a monopoly”

“I was thinking of it.”

“I believe you can do it.

Youre the best.”

Ji Qingyan put her finger to her lips, then pressed it against the corner of Lin Yis mouth.

“Ill give you a flying kiss.

Come on, do your best.”

“Youre too prim and proper.”

“Be content.

Its already good enough that Im giving you a flying kiss.” Ji Qingyan smiled.

“During the day, Yuanyuan called me and said that she might go to Yangcheng with Brother Qi.

Im planning to go back to Yangcheng as well after I join the bid tomorrow.

Its been a long time since Ive visited Mother Wang and the others.”

“Well see how it goes.

I have a lot of things to do there, so I might not be able to keep track of the time.”

“You just leave the company to Yuanyuan and the others.

Youre so free with your time, so how can you not keep track of time”

“Im not free.

I got a new job.”

“Oh” Ji Qingyans interest was piqued.

She looked at Lin Yi curiously.

“What new job did you get this time”

“I joined Huashan Hospital and became a doctor.”


Ji Qingyan raised her voice.

“You are going to be a doctor”

“Yeah, is there a need to give such a big reaction”

“Im already being very calm,” Ji Qingyan said.

“I can understand when you went to school to be a teacher, but its unbelievable that you are now becoming a doctor.”

“I cant help it.

Who asked me to be so omnipotent”

“Keep bragging.

I think youre actually joining the hospital to do logistics.”

“How is that possible Im applying to be a clinical doctor, and its sad that you actually dont believe in my ability.”

“The main issue is that you are trying so many fields.

Moreover, being a doctor requires a very high level of professional knowledge.

How am I supposed to believe you”

“Do you want me to show you”

“Sure, let me see what youre capable of.

I dont want you to lose face at the hospital, otherwise Ill lose face too.”

“Im good at gynecological diseases.

Let me check you right now to see if there are any lumps.”

Ji Qingyan paused.

“Lin Yi, youre a hooligan and a bully.”

“Its just a precaution.

Dont worry, Im a professional.

It wont hurt at all.”

“Dream on.


Pushing Lin Yi aside, Ji Qingyan stood up.

“I cant believe youre going to the hospital to become a doctor.

Which department exactly”

“Is that important”

“Of course.

If you dare to become a gynecologist, I wont stay with you anymore.”

Lin Yi couldnt help but laugh.

“So thats what you care about.”

“I dont care.

I already told you, you can join any department except the gynecology department.”

“Okay, okay, okay, Ill listen to you.”

After getting a positive answer from Lin Yi, Ji Qingyan nodded in satisfaction and went to the bathroom on the second floor to take a shower.

In reality, Lin Yi himself didnt know which department he would be assigned to.

The job was arranged by the system, and he had to report to the hospital before he could find out what he would be doing.

Fortunately, he had the sages wisdom, so he could deal with patients from different departments easily.

However, in his current state, he would be a piece of trash if he immediately started working.

At the end of the day, it wasnt up to him to decide what he could do,and he it still depended on what reward the system gave him.

However, Lin Yi felt that it was a bit too hasty to start experiencing the profession of a doctor in just a week.

Some patients even needed more than a week to stay in the hospital, receive their check-up, go through surgery, and recover.

It didnt matter to him, but leaving to experience another profession after a week was the most irresponsible thing he could do to a patient.

Lin Yi leaned back on the sofa, thinking about his new job.

He was looking forward to every new career the system gave him.

However, being a doctor was too special, and it depended on the situation.

After thinking about these things, Lin Yi went upstairs to take a shower and rest.

The next morning, JI Qingyan woke up very early to make breakfast.

It seemed to have become a habit for her to make breakfast when she was with Lin Yi.

However, this was only limited to breakfast.

Her lunch and dinner were still rubbish.

Lin Yi didnt leave after dropping Ji Qingyan off at the company because he didnt need to drive anymore.

He was going to join the bidding with her.

Around ten in the morning, just as Ji Qingyan was making the final preparations for the bid, her secretary walked in from outside.

The female secretary was used to seeing Lin Yi.

She also knew that the relationship between Lin Yi and the CEO had always been vague.

“President Ji, I asked around and found out that Tianhong Group from Zhonghai is also participating in the bid.”

“Tianhong Group” Lin Yi muttered, “Is it that stupid company that Zhao Zhengyang is from”


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