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The female secretary was taken aback.

She didnt think that Lin Yi would know of Tianhong.

“Its that Tianhong Group.” The female secretary said:

“But this time, Zhao Zhengyang didnt invest as the general manager of Tianhong Group.

Instead, he used his company, Tianzheng, to bid.”

“He changed companies.”

Ji Qingyan muttered, “What he did is not beneficial to their bid.”

In the construction industry, reputation was very important.

Tianhong Group, a behemoth that had stood tall in Zhonghai for decades, had nothing to prove in terms of both reputation and ability.

Zhao Zhengyangs approach was indeed a little strange.

“Could this be a joint bid led by Zhao Zhengyang”

“Its possible.”

Ji Qingyan thought of this possibility as well.

“If our guess is true, itll be even harder to handle.

No one is willing to give up short-term gains for their long-term success.”

Zhao Zhengyang was willing to give up the golden name of the Tianhong Group, which meant that he had confidence in winning the bid.

From the looks of it, Chaoyang Group was at a huge disadvantage.

“Apart from the Tianzheng group, are there any other bidders” Lin Yi asked.

“The Qin familys Hanhai Group and Far East Group are also participating in this bid.”

“Even the Qin family is participating.”

Hearing these names, Lin Yi realized that the bid this time was really big.

Otherwise, it wouldnt have attracted so many people.

The Qin familys Hanhai Group, Zhao Zhengyangs Tianzheng, and Far East group that had sold him the Twin Towers.

In front of these giants, Chaoyang Group was insignificant.

“I heard that the Qin family is also very serious about this bid.

With the participation of these three giants, the chances of us winning the bid are not high.”

Chaoyang Group might have had the ability to handle such a big project, but in terms of connections, they were far too lacking.

This would also directly influence whether or not they could win the bid.

This also meant that the hard work over the past month was likely to go down the drain.

“What big three” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Zhao Zhengyang is an idiot.

Theres no need to count him.”

Ji Qingyan couldnt help but laugh.

It seemed that Lin Yi really didnt consider Zhao Zhengyang an opponent.

“Lets go and see the situation first,” Ji Qingyan said.

“Compared to them, we have the advantage in terms of our financial offer.

Its not like we dont have a chance at all.”

Ji Qingyan pondered for a moment, “Tell the finance, prepare some checks for me, one for 1 million, two for 500,000, and five for 200,000.

I will use it later.”

“Got it, President Ji.”

“Isnt it a little late to give gifts now” Lin Yi asked after the secretary left.

“Its better to be prepared.” Ji Qingyan said with a smile.

“If we can buy someone lunch, the chances of us winning the bid will be higher.”

“Your routine is nothing new, and there is nothing special about it.”

“Aiya, just prepare some food for us.” Ji Qingyan stood up and pushed Lin Yi into the kitchen.

“You cook, ill be your assistant.”

“Youre a female CEO.

Why are you focusing on cooking instead of learning about how to win auctions effectively Are you trying to run the company into the ground”

“Yeah, when I lose my job, well find an alley to sell egg fried rice together.”

Lin Yi smiled and didnt say anything.

He started working on lunch with Ji Qingyan, and at that moment, felt like a husband and wife working together.

After lunch, Ji Qingyan took the bidding documents and went to the city hall along with Lin Yi.

Just as they parked the car, they saw a Rolls-Royce Phantom parked next to them.

“It looks like that idiot Zhao Zhengyangs car,” Lin Yi muttered.

The two opened the car door and saw Zhao Zhengyang and Qu Nan coming down.

Lin Yi pulled back his hand and hugged Ji Qingyans waist.

The latter looked at Lin Yi but didnt say anything.

Zhao Zhengyangs face darkened.

He couldnt hide his expression.


Lin, why are you acting like this Its like youve never seen a woman before.”

“Ive seen a woman before, but Ive never seen one this beautiful.

Its a pity that President Zhao doesnt have a chance with her.”

“Ha, Im not interested in her anymore.

You should keep her for yourself.”

“Whats wrong Do you have a new lover” Lin Yi laughed.

“Whats her name Do you need me to test her out You cant be too cautious when it comes to these issues.”

“Haha, I admit that I cant win against you, but I also dont want to compete with you in this regard.” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“As for this bid, I advise you not to bother joining.

You wont stand a chance of winning.”

Lin Yi shrugged.

“You said the same thing about the lawsuit.”

Zhao Zhengyang narrowed his eyes, his face cold.

“I was careless last time, but this time, you wont stand a chance.”

“Then lets wait and see.”

As he spoke, Lin Yi hugged Ji Qingyans waist and walked toward the hall.

“Director Zhao, after this auction, we should give him a lesson.”

“Yeah, we cant do it the gently, lets do it the hard way!”

Zhao Zhengyang looked at the time and said, “Lets go.

Its almost time.

I still need to talk to Mayor Liang about the bidding.

I want to really secure the project.

Both the Qin family and the Far East Group will have no choice but to back down.”

“Director Zhao, I heard that the newly appointed Mayor Liang has an excellent appearance and figure.

Moreover, shes from Yanjing.

Besides her current identity, the family behind her will probably be even more terrifying.”

“Do you even need to say that Shes already in a high position at such a young age.

Moreover, she focuses on the economy.

We cant win just by being terrifying anymore,” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“But Im guessing that shes here to build her reputation.

She probably wont be staying long.”

Qu Nan chuckled.

“So you have to act quickly.”

“Dont worry, I know what to do.”

“Then Ill get someone to prepare the roses.”

At that moment, a rumbling sound could be heard.

A black Bentley drove over from afar.

The two of them subconsciously looked over.

Qu Nan said, “Director Zhao, that seems to be Wang Mazis car.”

“Why are you speaking in that tone Hes our partner after all.”

Soon, the black Bentley stopped in front of the two of them.

Ma Zi Wang, Yan Biao, and Ao Zhang got out of the car one after another.

“Uncle Wang, youre just in time.

Lets go in together,” Zhao Zhengyang said politely.

“Actually, I arrived a long time ago, but I saw that you were chatting with someone else, so I didnt come over immediately,” Wang Mazi said.

“Zhengyang, you know Lin Yi too”

Zhengyang and Qu Nan looked at each other.

“Uncle Wang, you know Lin Yi too”

“Not only do I know him, but I have a grudge against him,” Wang Mazi said coldly.

“Whats going on Tell me, I have a grudge against him too.”

Wang Mazi shot Zhang Ao a look.

Apart from his usual tattoo, there was also an irregular scar on his body.

“Whats going on”

“A month ago, we had a conflict at the nightclub.

The scar on my body was caused by Lin Yi,” Zhang Ao said with a cold face.


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