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“No way.”

Zhao Zhengyang was surprised.

“I know how strong Zhang Bro is very well.

How could he stab you Your strength isnt something an ordinary person can rival.”

“I underestimated him.

Hes very skilled.

Im not his match.”

Zhao Zhengyang frowned.

He now had a new understanding of Lin Yis strength.

Zhang Ao was a famous fighter under Wang Mazi, stronger even than Wang Mazis own bodyguard, but even so, he was still beaten up by Lin Yi.

From the looks of it, Lin Yis strength was nothing to be scoffed at.

He was stronger than Zhao Zhengyang had imagined!

“Uncle Wang, its been so long, and hes still alive and kicking.

Havent you thought of making a move This doesnt seem like your usual style,” Zhao Zhengyang said.

“Ive wanted to make a move a long time ago, but I was forced to bide my time.

I was afraid that it would affect the project this time, so I simply suppressed it.

I need to wait until the bidding is over before I could settle things with him.”

“Haha, then today is really killing two birds with one stone,” said Zhao Zhengyang.

“After the bidding is over, well go deal with him.”

“Ive been waiting for this for a long time.

The day has finally arrived.”

As the bidding was about to begin, the waiting hall in the city bidding center was filled with people.

Ji Qingyan greeted some of her old acquaintances and prepared to find a place to wait for the bidding to begin.

However, there were too many people coming here to join the bidding, so it was difficult for them to find an empty seat, let alone two.

“Old Lin, youre here to bid too.”

Qin Han walked over when he saw Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan.

“Dont just stand there.

Ill take you to the VIP room.”

“Theres a VIP room in a place like this” Lin Yi asked.

“The VIP room was prepared impromptu,” Qin Han said with a smile.

“We have a very good relationship with the people working here.

They reserved a small conference room for us.

People like us who are famous usually go there to wait for the bidding to start.”

“You sure know how to act cool.

People like you without a handsome face or body ought to go straight to the crematorium instead of hiding in rooms like this.”

Lin Yi said with a smile

“I think youre just jealous.”

Qin Han laughed out loud as he brought Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan to a small conference room not far away.

The seats were made of leather and some tea had even been prepared.

The treatment here was many levels higher than what one would experience outside.

Ji Qingyan felt a little sad when she saw this scene.

The outside hall was normally quite nice by her standards.

However, when compared to this room, there was an obvious difference in level.

Just now, the friends she had greeted were all worth billions, and their overall strength was comparable to that of Chaoyang Group.

However, they were all sitting on benches similar to if they were in a park, carefully and nervously waiting for the bidding to open.

However, the treatment was different at Qin Hans level.

Moreover, this was the Zhonghai City Bidding Centre, an official government organization.

If it were a private organization, they would have long been divided into different classes.

The difference would be even more obvious then.

However, Ji Qingyan quickly came to her senses.

With her current level, she might never have been able to enter this place.

However, Lin Yi definitely was qualified enough, so she didnt care.

“President Lin is here!”

Seeing Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan walk in, a middle-aged man came over to greet them.

Lin Yi still remembered the person who spoke.

It was the vice president of Far East Group, Luo Wan.

He was the one who sold him the Twin Towers.

“Nice to meet you, Director Luo.” Lin Yi greeted with a smile.

” President Lin, I thought Far East Group still stood a chance today, but now that your Lingyun Group is here, it looks like we have no chance at all.”

“Director Luo, youve misunderstood.

This time, its not our Lingyun Group who is bidding, its my girlfriends Chaoyang Group.”

Ji Qingyan looked embarrassed.

I havent even agreed to the relationship yet, but youre already spouting nonsense.

Luo Wan revealed an intriguing smile.

“President Ji is a well-known beauty in the circle.

I didnt expect you to be together with Mr.


What a perfect match.


Ji Qingyans face was flushed with shyness.

She appeared as charming as a young girl at this moment.

“Director Luo, you flatter me.” Ji Qingyan said gently and magnanimously, “I hope you can show mercy and not make us lose too badly.”

“With President Lins support, Chaoyang Group will definitely win the bid this time.

I should be the one saying that.”

“Director Luo, look at what youre saying.

Why are you still trying to boost other peoples morale at the expense of your own reputation” Qin Han ridiculed.

“Old Lins Lingyun Group is indeed a little awesome, but youre not bad either.

It will be a good competition.”

“Young Master Qin, you really know how to make fun of us.”Luo Wan smiled and said.

“President Lin spent 18 billion to purchase the Twin Towers in one go.

Our Far East Group cant compete with them financially.”

“Thats a real problem,” Qin Han said.

“Old Lin, we have a good relationship, but business is business.

I wont let you win this, or my father will skin me alive.”

“Its okay.

Theres no father or son relationship in business.

Even if I lose to you this time, I wont hold any grudges.” Lin Yi patted Qin Han on the shoulder.

“Good luck.

I have faith in you.”

“F*ck! Youre teasing me again.”

The three of them chatted for a while before sitting in different seats.

Although they were familiar with each other, they were all opponents fighting to secure this bid, so they had to make their relationship clear.

Ji Qingyan was on the phone, and Lin Yi glanced at the contact she was calling.

He saw the nameMayor Liang, and became suspicious.

Could Liang Ruoxu be the mastermind behind this project

If that was the case, the project would be easy to secure.

However, Ji Qingyans call didnt go through, and Liang Ruoxu hung up on her.

A few seconds later, Ji Qingyan called Liang Ruoxu again.

It was the same as before, and she hung up after a few seconds.

“Whats wrong She isnt picking up”

“Maybe she didnt pick up my call to avoid suspicion.

The check might not have any use to us anymore.”

With that, she picked up her phone again and prepared to call the others.

“Why are you still calling her if shes not picking up”

“There are other leaders besides her.

As long as we can give the money, theyll take extra care of us during the bidding evaluation.

Its not strange for people to be courteous to their stronger bidders.”

“Youre wrong to think that way.” Lin Yi said.

“Instead of giving Liang Ruoxu one million, why not give her three million You have to give the person the right gift.”

“But I cant even see her face.”

“Dont worry, Ill go out and see if I can find her people.”

“You want to go Why dont I go”

“Its not suitable for you to go.

Youre the boss of Chaoyang Group.

If someone with bad intentions sees you together, even if you win the bid, theyll make a big deal out of it.

Theres even the possibility that you might lose the bid altogether.

Thats the reason for her trying to avoid suspicion as well.”

“Alright, but dont force it,” Ji Qingyan said.

“There are so many people involved.

Its only natural if we dont win the bid.”

“Dont worry, I know what Im doing.”

Lin Yi patted Ji Qingyans shoulder, signaling her to be at ease.

Then, he walked out alone.

After leaving the small meeting room, Lin Yi took out his phone and sent a WeChat message to Liang Ruoxu.

“Are you in the bidding hall”

Liang Ruoxu replied quickly.

“How did you know”

“Which room are you in I have something to tell you.”

“Room 408, but dont come in.

Let me know when you get here.

Theres someone in the office.”

“You can come out in five minutes.

Im heading over to you now.”


Lin Yi put his phone back into his pocket and saw Qin Han following him.

“Old Lin, where are you going Youre not thinking of using the back door, are you” Qin Han asked

“Youre like my little follower.”

“The Qin family is determined to win this project.

We have to follow closely so you dont play any tricks under the table.”

“F*ck, what is wrong with you”

Lin Yi had no choice but to let Qin Han follow him.

“Old Lin, Id advise you to cease your dirty thoughts.

Mayor Liang, whos in charge of this project, isnt an ordinary person.

Shes cold and aloof, and her temper is well known.

Seducing her wont work at all.

Be careful that you dont end up with a pile of rice on your head.” Qin Han said

“Why would you curse me like that” Lin Yi said.

“Im just reminding you, Bro.

I dont want to see you get embarrassed.” Qin Han said

The two of them went upstairs together.

Just as they turned the stairs, they both stopped.

Qin Han said,

“Hey, wait a minute.

Isnt that Zhao Zhengyang”


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