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“Judging from his behavior, hes probably here to pull some strings,” Qin Han cursed again.

“But hes holding a bouquet of roses in his hand.

What is the meaning of this”

“Maybe hes here to court someone,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Thats what a showoff like him likes to do.”

“With his pretentious personality, any woman with a bit of sense wouldnt fall for him.”

“Agreed 1”

Zhao Zhengyang stood up when he saw Lin Yi and Qin Han walking over.

“Im sorry but youre late.” Zhao Zhengyang shrugged.

“What happened Did you ask Mayor Liang out” Qin Han asked,

“No, I just got here first.

Theres always a first come, first served rule, isnt there”

“At least you have some self-awareness.

I thought you were going to be a lap dog and try chasing after her,” Qin Han said sarcastically.

“Why Are you jealous” Zhao Zhengyang smiled.

“With our Zhao familys size in Zhonghai and even Huaxia, cant I go after her”

“Youre so ugly, yet you still have the nerve to say that”

“At our level, do you think dating is a game” Zhao Zhengyang said, “Its important to be of equal status.”

“Of equal status What Do you think our Qin familys influence is just for show”

“Youll find out later whether it is just for show.”


Just as the two were arguing, the door to Room 408 was pushed open.

Liang Ruoxu, who was wearing a black uniform, walked out of the office and saw Lin Yi at first glance.

However, Qin Han and Zhao Zhengyangs presence surprised her slightly.

Why were there so many people here

Qin Han and Zhao Zhengyang were both impressed by Liang Ruoxus cold appearance.

Apart from Ji Qingyan, there wasnt anyone else who could compete with her.

“Mayor Liang, I prepared this for you…”

“Um, can you give way Shes here to see me.”

Zhao Zhengyang didnt finish his sentence before Lin Yi walked over and grabbed her waist before walking away from them.


Qin Han was dumbfounded.

What the f*ck was going on

Zhao Zhengyang was also dumbfounded.

She was actually taken down

When did this happen

Seeing Lin Yi disappear from in front of him with Liang Ruoxu in his arms, Qin Han took his phone and left silently.

“Dad, the bid is over.”

“Over Its only a few hours and the bidding is already done”

“No, its been internally decided.”

“Ridiculous, even our Qin family couldnt secure the bid through private means.

Who has the ability to do so Liang Ruoxu is a by the books kind of person.”

“Lin Yi got Liang Ruoxu.”

There was a few seconds of silence on the other end of the phone.

“Your brother… Hes really something else.”

Liang Ruoxu panicked at first, not expecting Lin Yi to be so bold.

“What are you doing!” Liang Ruoxu said coldly, trying to escape from Lin Yis grip.

“Just cooperate,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“That sand sculpture outside was chasing after you with some roses.

I had to make him back off.”

“Do you think I need your help with something like this” Liang Ruoxu was obviously ungrateful.

“Of course, there are thousands of sand sculptures like him.

You cant handle them alone.”

“But were already at the staircase.

Why are you still hugging me”

“Eh, its my occupational disease,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Tell me, why are you looking for me Do you want a project to be approved or do you want to get a loan”

“I have enough money, and Im not looking to get anything approved,” Lin Yi said.

“Im here to bid.

Please give Chaoyang Group the project through the backdoor.

Im sure therell be no problems in terms of our qualifications and reputation, so Ill definitely be able to complete the task quickly and efficiently.

However, can you help me with the bidding”

“Do you think Im a money-grubber Or do you think that with our relationship, Ill be able to use my official position for personal gain”

“Thats the rules of the game here in Huaxia,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Youre the youngest person Ive ever met in this position, and everyone knows how this works.

Im sure that youre here to gild your reputation, but youre still just a deputy.

Give me some time, and Ill let you get promoted in two years.”

Lin Yis courage and sharp insight reminded Liang Ruoxu how terrifying the inner workings of the human mind could be.

Even though Liang Ruoxu was adamant in claiming that she would never commit jobbery, but perhaps her reaching her current position was the biggest act of jobbery.

“Is that all Do you have anything else to tell me” Liang Ruoxu asked with a stern expression.

“Uh…” Lin Yi paused for a second, pretending to be deep in thought.

“Your waists pretty soft, so there should be a lot of meat there.”

Lin Yi left quickly as he spoke, or else hed be hacked to death.

Meanwhile, Liang Ruoxu stood rooted in place, thinking about something.

‘Is there a lot of meat

Lin Yi returned to the small meeting room after talking to Liang Ruoxu and found Qin Han and Zhao Zhengyang there.

Qin Han didnt really care.

It didnt matter if he missed out on this opportunity, and it wouldnt greatly affect the Qin familys business.

On the other hand, Zhao Zhengyangs face didnt look too good.

There was even a hint of green on it.


Lin, youre really something.

You actually hooked up with Mayor Liang.

I feel bad for President Ji.”

“Huh What are you talking about”

“I saw it with my own eyes.

Are you trying to deny it Are you afraid that President Ji will find out that youre two-timing”

Ji Qingyan didnt understand what was going on.

What was Lin Yi doing

“President Ji, I just saw Lin Yi and Mayor Liang leave with their arms around each others shoulders.

It looks like you werent aware.” Zhao Zhengyang gloated.

“President Zhao, its meaningless for you to say such things.”J i Qingyan said with a cold face.

“Lin Yi doesnt even know who Mayor Liang is, yet youre saying such slander.

Its ridiculous.”

Qin Han couldnt help but give Lin Yi a thumbs up.

Old Lin was so awesome!

He didnt even need to explain himself.

President Ji didnt believe Zhao Zhengyang at all.

He was looking for a woman like this too!

Lin Yi shrugged at Qin Han, acting very pretentiously.

“President Ji, if I didnt see it with my own eyes, do you think I would say something like this Dont you trust mycharacter”

“I dont.”

From Ji Qingyans point of view, Zhao Zhengyangs words were pure slander!

How could two people who didnt know each other get together

Even he they wanted to tarnish Lin Yis reputation, he had to come up with a better lie.

His methods were too low.

“Alright, dont bother with him anymore.

A mad dog like him will bite anyone he sees.

Lets just do our own thing,” Lin Yi comforted.

“I hate people like him the most.”

“I cant help it.

Im too outstanding, so its normal for people to be jealous of me.”

“Haha, Mr.

Lin is indeed outstanding.

Hes so outstanding that he even dares to touch my men.

The younger generation is really awesome.”

Lin Yi, Ji Qingyan, and Qin Han turned back when they heard the sudden voice.

They were surprised to see a middle-aged man wearing a linen shirt coming in from outside.

“Wang Mazi, you are here too!”


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