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The people surrounding Lin Yi were all quiet and ashamed.

“Grandpa, are you really okay”

“Dont you want me to be okay”


The bespectacled man was speechless.

He didnt even know how to deal with such an awkward situation.

It was simply too embarrassing.

“He even said that he was a professional doctor, but he cant even differentiate between flatulence and appendicitis.

His standard is too amateurish.”

“He confidently proclamed that he is a doctor of Huashan Hospital, but hes not even able to identify this.

I dont dare to go to Huashan Hospital in the future.”

“With his standards, he probably isnt even as good as a doctor from an illegal clinic.

He is really a disgrace to Huashan Hospital.”

The bespectacled man stood up dejectedly, not daring to retort as he disappeared from everyones sight.

Lin Yi was about to leave when he saw that the old man was fine.

It was almost nine oclock, and he might be late for the meeting.

“Big Brother, whats your name You spent a hundred yuan on us today.

Ill give you the money after I tell mom and dad about this.”

“Theres no need to return the money, just go to school and try to get good grades.”

Lin Yi got into his car and drove toward Huashan Hospital.

Twenty minutes later, he arrived at Huashan Hospital.

Lin Yi was nervous and excited when he saw the magnificent outpatient clinic building.

This profession was given to him by the system, and he didnt know which department he was assigned to yet.

Originally, Lin Yi didnt care about any department at all.

It was wonderful for him to be able to have this job whilst simultaneously completing the systems task.

However, after joking with Ji Qingyan yesterday, Lin Yi realized he was facing a very serious problem.

This was because not only was there a gynecology department in the hospital, but there was also a f*cking male department!

If he was assigned to the male department, then he would f*cking hate this job.

Lin Yi followed the hospitals instructions and went to the personnel department.

He found out that apart from the other staff, the bespectacled man was also here!

However, there was a cute round-faced woman beside the bespectacled man.

In terms of appearance, she looked like Song Jia from a teachers college.

She had a girl next door look, but her body was curvy and bulging.

She was much more developed than Song Jia.

However, there was still some distance between her and a deadly weapon like Sugar.

All the women in the personnel department widened their eyes when they saw Lin Yi.

This man was so handsome!

“Its you!”

The bespectacled mans face was cold when he saw Lin Yi.

He couldnt help but get angry when he thought about what had happened earlier.

“After all this time, it turns out youre just like me.

Youre just a new doctor.”

“What does that have to do with you” The bespectacled man said coldly, ignoring Lin Yi.

“Do you know each other” A female staff member asked gently.


“Oh, youre a new doctor too, right”

“Yeah.” Lin Yi nodded with a smile.

“Okay, okay.

Please wait a moment, Ill go find Sister Ping.”

“Why did you ask us to wait here after the two of us arrived Why didnt you go get the director as soon as we arrived”

“Is that important We can do whatever we want.

Its none of your business.”

The bespectacled man was rendered speechless.

Even though he was about to become a doctor, he was not qualified to micromanage the affairs of the HR department.

Thus, he had no choice but to lower his head in embarrassment.

He could only accept the situation.

A few minutes later, a middle-aged woman in her forties walked in from outside.

“Youre all here to be onboarded for your respective positions, right”

“Yes, Director Chen,” the bespectacled man said.

“Im Zhou Ziqiang, a doctor in clinical medicine and cardiology.

Weve met before.”

“I know who you are.”

After that, Chen Ping looked at Lin Yi and the other girl.

“Your name should be Lin Yi, and the girls name is Qiao Xin, right”

The two nodded.


“All three of you are cardiologists, but you cant go to your own departments for the time being,” Chen Ping said.

“Because you are housemen, you have to go through a month at the emergency department before you can return to the cardiology department.

You should be aware of this, right”


Due to the sages wisdom, Lin Yi still had some understanding of the wordshousemen.

To put it nicely, it was a process to train high-level professionals through clinical practice.

However, to put it bluntly, it acted as a cheap labor force.

After joining, one would have to work in various departments for a period of time before they could return to their own specialized departments.

Moreover, during this period, there was the risk of being dropped completely.

In short, it was a f*cking mess.

On the hand, fortunately, the male department wasnt part of the rotation.

“Do you have any objections” Chen Ping asked tentatively.

“No, Im just a tool.

I will go wherever you want me to go.

You can even arrange for me to go to the logistics department.”

“Hey, look at what youre saying.

Thats really pleasing to the ears.” Chen Ping smiled like an old mother.

“Young man, do you have a girlfriend My daughter just graduated from college a year ago and is currently single.”

“Ill introduce her to someone when Im free.”

Seeing that Lin Yi didnt have any intention of playing along, Chen Ping didnt continue the topic.

Instead, she helped the three of them complete the relevant procedures.

“You guys wait here for a while.

Director Li from the cardiology department will take you to her department later.

You just have to listen to her arrangements to understand the rest of your work.”


Zhou Ziqiangs eyes narrowed when he learned that Lin Yi was also going to the cardiology department.

His uncle was the chief director of the cardiology department.

Now that this guy had fallen into his uncles hands, it would be a piece of cake for him to take revenge today.

“Doctor Lin, can I add you on WeChat” The girls from the human resources department came over one after another, their eyes full of hope.

“Uh, sure thing.”

They were colleagues from now on, so Lin Yi wasnt stingy.

He took out his QR code and let them scan it one by one.

“Can I, can I add you too” Qiao Xin whispered.

“Why not Well be in the same department from now on.

It wont be convenient to contact each other without each others WeChat.”

“Yes, yes.”

Qiao Xin nodded heavily as she took out her phone and added Lin Yis WeChat.

“Little Qiao, this is my wechat.

You can add it as well.”

Zhou Ziqiang took the initiative to open his QR code and waited for Qiao Xin to add his wechat.


Qiao Xin scanned it and put the phone back into her pocket.

“Eh Why arent there any incoming friend requests” Zhou Ziqiang muttered, “Little Qiao, did you add me”

“Yes, maybe the Internet here isnt good.

Youll see it later.” Qiao Xin said casually.

At that moment, the HR departments door was pushed open.

A woman in a white coat with a ponytail walked in from outside.

The woman had a fair and pretty oval face, looked to be about thirty years old, but she wasnt dressed properly.

There wasnt a trace of delicacy in her appearance, and she looked a lot more natural than other women.

However, this perfectly matched Lin Yis impression of a typical doctor.

If a doctor dressed up meticulously and appeared to be as exquisite as Ji Qingyan, then something wasnt right.

“Director Li, youre here.”

Seeing the woman come in, Chen Ping went up and introduced her to Lin Yi and the others:

“Let me introduce you.

This is Director Li Chuhan from the cardiology department.”


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