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“I dont think thats a good idea,” Lin Yi said.

“You bought me a suit yesterday, and pajamas today.

Youre making me feel bad.”

Ji Qingyan covered her mouth as she chuckled.

“Youre so petty.

I bought it for myself so I have something to wear at your place.

I dont want to wear yours anymore.

Its not comfortable at all.”


“Uh… Okay, I was just overthinking it.”

Ji Qingyan got out of the car, but did not forget to remind Lin Yi,

“I wont message you anymore since Im going to work.

Pick me up at three in the afternoon.

Its Grandpas birthday today, so I cant be late.”

“Okay, Ill see you then.”

Lin Yi looked at his watch as Ji Qingyan left.

It was already half-past eight.

If he went to the dock now, he would not have time to go on the blind date.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

Lin Yis phone rang.

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“Yi, I heard that you two have an appointment”

“Yeah, were on our way.”

“Thats good then.” Wang Cuiping lowered her voice.

“Ive asked around for you.

This girl looks pretty good and she has a good job.

Dont waste the opportunity, I still need to drink your wedding wine.”

“I got it.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“Ill secretly prepare 20,000 Yuan for you.

If it really works out, Ill give you this 20,000 Yuan for your wedding.”Cuiping sighed.

“Its not much money, but mom can only give you this much.”

“What are you talking about Im already working to earn money, how can I still take your money”

Lin Yi knew the situation in the orphanage.

It was all thanks to the help of society that they were able to survive until today.

They were already living beyond their means.

If they were to give him another 20,000 yuan, it would be like adding salt to their wounds.

“These are the rules.

If you guys really end up together, I have to show something.”

“Alright, lets not talk about this.

Ill go back to see you in a few days.”

“Alright, bring me back some good news.”

“No problem.”

After hanging up, Lin Yi took a deep breath, wiped the tears from the corner of his eyes, and headed towards Tianyue Teahouse.


Ring, Ring, Ring…

Just as he hung up, his phone rang again.

“Am I a busy person now Looks like I need to prepare another phone to learn some time management, otherwise Ill never have enough time.”

“Hello.” Lin Yi said as he picked up the phone.

“Hello, Mr.


Last night, you bought our Wangjiang dock.

Im the manager of the dock, Bi Songjiang.”

“Ill be there in a while.

You should still be at the dock, right”

“Yes, yes, Im calling because of this.

If its inconvenient for you to come here, we can go and report to you.”

“No need, Ill go myself.” Lin Yi looked at his watch.

“But I have something else to do, so Ill see you in two hours.”

“Okay, okay, okay, well wait for you here.”


After hanging up, Lin Yi drove for a while and arrived at Tianyue Teahouse.

Tianyue Teahouse was quite famous in Zhong Hai, and people with a bit of status liked to come here to drink tea and discuss business.

“Hello, Sir, how may I help you”

A waiter wearing a cheongsam smiled as he saw Lin Yi come in.

“Im here to look for someone called Song Wenhui.

She must have reserved a table here.”

“Are you Mr.

Lin Yi”

“Yes, I am.”

“Miss Song already told me that you can go straight to the third floor.”

“Okay, thank you for your hard work.”

The third floor of the teahouse was empty, probably because of the day.

There was only one table with people sitting at it.

Meanwhile, there were five people sitting at the long table.

It seemed that there were quite a number of them.

Lin Yi could vaguely tell that the person sitting in the middle should be Song Wenhui.

He did not know who the rest of them were.

“Yo, its Lin Yi, right”

The middle-aged woman sitting next to Song Wenhui said when she saw Lin Yi coming up.

“Its me.”

“Let me introduce myself first.

Im Wenhuis mother, Yin Juan.

This is my son and Wenhuis younger brother, Song Wenwu.

The rest are Wenhuis aunt, Yin Cui, and second aunt, Yin Hua.”

Lin Yi nodded to greet them.

It seemed that men didnt have much status in the Song family.

“Lin Yi, Ive heard about your situation from Cui Ping.

I heard that you work in a real estate company.

In that case, wouldnt it be cheaper to buy a house from you” Wenhuis mother was straightforward.

“It would be cheaper, but I dont work there anymore,” Lin Yi said.

“Is it because the pay isnt good anymore”

Yin Juan and the others were happy to hear that.

After all, they made a lot of money.

“Its not due to a job change, its due to the companys decision.” Lin Yi said

Their faces changed.

This was not a good sign!

“What are you doing now You cant be unemployed, right” She asked.

“Thats not the case.

I usually run Didi, and Im earning barely enough to make a living,” Lin Yi said with a smile.

The Song familys faces did not look too good.

Yin Juan muttered to herself, “Whats going on with Cui Ping She said he was working at a real estate company, and now he driving for Didi Shes lying!”

“Mom, calm down first,” Song Wenhui said in a low voice.

“His job isnt very decent, but hes pretty good-looking, and theres news about the relocation of the orphanages land.

Lets talk about it first.”

“Alright, Ill give him another chance for the sake of the next generation,” Yin Juan said.

Judging from the current situation, if it was not for Lin Yis outstanding looks, they would have probably have left.

“Lets talk about it then,” Yin Juan said with a fake smile.


“You should know our Wenhuis situation.

Shes very decent to be working in a bank, and there are a lot of guys chasing after her.

Youre pretty good-looking, but thats not enough to sustain a living.”Wenhui said with a smile

“Aunty is right.” Lin Yi said with a smile.

“How I just make it clear to you.

Im hoping that you can buy a three-bedroom apartment in Zhong Hai with a floor area of at least 100 square meters in cash.”

“In cash” Lin Yi felt like had misheard wrong.

Were these people dreaming

“Looking at the current prices of houses in Zhong Hai, the cheapest one near the outer ring cost around 50,000 yuan per square meter.

The land was around 100 square meters, while the build-up was around 150 square meters.

The full amount was around 7.5 million yuan.

Including other procedures, such a place would cost around 8 million yuan.

It would be difficult for young people to pay for it in cash!”

“If you dont pay in full, youll have to pay the mortgage in the future.

How much pressure will you be under When we get old, youll have to pay for our medicine and treatment.

If you use our salary to pay the mortgage, wholl support us in the future”


Yin Juan changed her position and continued.

“And 100 square meters is just my minimum requirement.

You two have one room, your child one room, and Ill have one room with his father.

If you look at it this way, we arent asking for much.”


Wenhui saw that Lin Yi didnt agree to it directly, so she spoke up:

“My parents have raised me for so many years.

It should be normal for me to bring them to live with me, right If you really like me, then such a thing shouldnt be a problem for you, right”



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