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Lin Yis words were like thunder, shocking the executives at Wangjiang Dock!

After learning that the dock was going to be acquired, they thought that the new boss would be a middle-aged tycoon.

However, they were seeing a totally different type of person!

No one thought that the new boss would be so ambitious!

Even so, they did not know that this was just a part of Lin Yis grand plan.

This was just the beginning.

“Ill say two things now,” Lin Yi said.

“First, come up with an upgrade plan as soon as possible.

If you have the confidence, design it yourself.

If you dont, contact a professional design company.

You dont have to consider the budget.

You have to turn Wangjiang Dock into a world-class cruise ship wharf!”

“Got it! Boss Lin!” The executives said excitedly.

“Second, the basic level employees at the pier will get a 20% raise, and all the executives will get a 10% raise.

Dont think its unfair.

Without the efforts of the basic level brothers and sisters, none of you would be safe.”

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“Got it, Boss Lin!”

“Ive said what I need to say.

You can handle the rest yourself.

If there are any problems, you can report directly to me.”

“Understood, Lin.”

Lin Yi walked out of the meeting room after giving his orders.

He already had three properties under his management.

Peninsula Hotel, Zhonghai International Racing Track, and Wangjiang Dock.

As for the nine regions pavilion, that was his place of residence, so he did not count it.

Compared to Peninsula Hotel and the racing track, Wangjiang Dock was definitely the most impressive.

Hence, his priority was still to upgrade Wangjiang Dock.

Even though it was a huge project that cost a lot of money, the three industries under his name all had money coming in, so it was not a problem for him to complete the upgrade for the time being.

Apart from that, he still held 20% of the shares of Didi Company, which was a huge amount of money, and more than enough to support the current development.

At least, that was the plan.

After sorting out his thoughts, Lin Yi walked to the parking lot and prepared to leave.

However, he noticed that there were many people taking photos in front of his car.

Lin Yi frowned slightly when he saw those people taking photos.

He realized that the two women who were confronting him earlier were also among them.

“Are you done taking photos”

The two women who were taking selfies saw that it was Lin Yi who was talking, and their faces instantlyturned ugly.

“Its you again! Why are you always haunting us Arent you being annoying”

“Haunting you” Lin Yi was speechless.

“This is a public place.

Where I am has nothing to do with you, right”

“Then what does it have to do with you that we are taking selfies here” The girl named Jiajia said.

“Is this your car that you are taking selfies with here”

“How do you know its not our car”

The girl called Jiajia said, “You have a problem with us taking selfies with our own car Isnt that too much”

The girl who had asked for Lin Yis wechat was a little nervous when she heard this.

She whispered,

“Jiajia, isnt that a little over the top This isnt our car.”

“Whats there to be afraid of The owner isnt here anyway, and they dont know whose car it is.”

“Youre right.”

Lin Yi almost laughed out loud.

“Youre saying this is your car”

The girl named Jiajia put her hands on her waist and said disdainfully,

“Thats right, open your eyes and take a good look.

This car is called Pagani Zonda, a sports car worth tens of millions.

I dont think a poor guy like you has ever touched the steering wheel of such a car in your entire life.”

“Is this man insane Theyre taking pictures of their own car, and hes coming here to pick a fight Has he been hurt by a woman before Does he want to fight pretty women whenever he sees them”

“Its a psychological illness.”

“I think hes a rich person hater.

He might be a classic example of a keyboard warrior on the Internet.”

“What a pity.

Hes so handsome, but hes a cynic.”

The girl named Jiajia put her hands on her waist as she looked at Lin Yi with disdain.

“Hehe, what else do you want to say I advise you to leave quickly.

Dont embarrass yourself here.”

“I feel like this car doesnt belong to you.” Lin Yi said.

“There are all kinds of birds in this big forest.” The girl named Jiajia crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“If its not my car, does it belong to you”

“That car is mine.”

Lin Yi took out the car keys from his pocket and pressed it.

The car door opened, giving the two ladies a fright.

In an instant, everyone shut up.

“Im really sorry for delaying your photo-taking session here.”

“Haha, exciting, a large-scale face-smacking scene!”

“That is too f*cking embarrassing!”

“These plastic surgery girls are too good at bragging.

Im so embarrassed that Im getting cancer.”

The two girls were so embarrassed that they wanted to find a hole to hide in.

They wanted to give him a blow to regain some pride, but in the end, they were the ones who lost face!

The two lifted up their veils and covered their faces as they left the crowd awkwardly.

They did not have the gall to stay any longer.

Under the envious gazes of the crowd, Lin Yi got into his car and prepared to continue taking orders.

Ring, Ring, Ring…

At this moment, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was a message from Wang Tianlong .

“What is it”

“Boss Lin, its like this.

Someone just sent a painting to me and asked me to pass it to you.”

“Alright, I got it.

Ill head over now.”

[System mission: 205-star reviews, reward 200,000 experience points (11/20)]


Lin Yi did some calculations when he saw the mission.

With another 200,000 experience points, his class completion rate would reach 85%, and he would be one step closer to starting a new class!

However, Lin Yi was not in a hurry to accept the order.

He was still some distance away from completing the mission, and it was not too late to pick it up at a later time.

After all, it was not easy to get a five-star rating.

He first went to the Peninsula Hotel, picked up the gift, and ate lunch at the same time.

After he drove back to the Peninsula Hotel, he found Wang Tianlong checking on the hotels fire safety.

He was doing it himself, and he was being very responsible about it.

“Director Lin, Ill go get the painting for you now.”

Lin Yi nodded.

“Just send it to the second floor.

Ill go get something to eat while Im there.”


Lin Yi ordered something on the second floor of the hotel, ready to finish his lunch.

It did not take long for Tianlong to jog over with a one-meter-long brocade box.

“Director Lin, the painting is here.”

“Open it and let me take a look.”


Tianlong called someone over to open the brocade box.

Lin Yi could not understand what was so good about the painting, but it was Zhang Daqians original work.

He could not hurt the mans pride since it was given to him as a gift.

“Okay, put it away.”

Just then, Lin Yis phone rang.

It was Ji Qingyan.

“Where are you”

“Im eating.

Whats wrong”

“Do you remember that I bought a blue chiffon shawl”

“Yes, why”

“I think I left it at your place.”Ji Qingyan said.

“Come and pick me up.

Well go after we get the shawl.”



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