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The Ji family were only considered a medium-sized family in Zhong Hai.

Because of this, the guests were all surprised to see a top-class luxury car like the Pagani Zonda here.

Only the top-class hedonists in Zhong Hai could drive such a car.

They did not expect the Ji family to have such connections.

It was truly amazing.

The gullwing door soon opened, and Lin Yi and Ji Qingyan got out of the car one after another.

The guests were all surprised to see Ji Qingyan.

“Isnt that the young lady of the Ji Family”

“Isnt she too beautiful Shes like a fairy in the sky.”

“So, this car belongs to the boyfriend of the young lady of the Ji family.

Thats too much.”

“With the young lady of the Ji familys looks and talent, its only natural for her to have such a boyfriend.”

Everyones attention was on Ji Qingyan.

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The Yang couples faces were not looking too good at this moment.

They were smiling just a moment ago, but their expressions soon turned stone cold.

Tianxins expression was even more conflicted as she kept looking at Lin Yi.

Both his face and the car he was driving looked familiar, as if shed seen him somewhere before.

Tianxin suddenly remembered that hed taken a taxi yesterday, and the driver was the same person!


Tianxins expression turned delighted at the thought.

She had actually found a boyfriend who drove a Didi–Ji Qingyan, youre really something, arent you.

After getting out of the car, Ji Qingyan walked in with Lin Yi.

“Grandpa, were late,” Ji Qingyan said embarrassedly.

“Its okay.

Im just happy that you guys could drop your work and come over.”

Ji Yongqings gaze then fell on Lin Yi.

“Granddaughter, this is the first boyfriend youve brought home.

Introduce him to Grandpa.”


Ji Qingyan did not know how to start.

She had never asked about Lin Yi before.

He only said that he was a Didi driver, but it was not appropriate to say that at a time like this.

“Haha, Qingyan, dont you know what to say” Tianxin asked with a smile.

“If you dont know how to introduce him, I can help you.”

Lin Yi was surprised to see Tianxin.

Was this not the passenger he had picked up the day before

Moreover, she even gave him a bad review.

“Lin Yi” Qingyan paused.

“You know Lin Yi”

“Not really, Ive only met him once.” Tianxin crossed her arms in front of her chest.

“Grandpa, let me tell you, this guy is a Didi driver, not some rich guy.”

“What! Hes a Didi Driver”

It wasnt just Ji Yongqing_everyone was surprised.

How could ji Qingyan have a Didi driver boyfriend with her looks and knowledge

“Thats right.” Tianxin said with a smile.

“Speaking of which, its quite a coincidence.

I didnt drive yesterday, so I hired his car when I went shopping.

Guess what He told me it was his and tried to seduce me.”

“I cant believe this is happening!”Ji Yongqings face turned ugly.

It did not matter what Lin Yi was doing, but he dared to lie to his granddaughter.

This could not be tolerated!

“What nonsense are you going on about” Ji Qingyan said.

“This car belongs to Lin Yi.

So what if he drives Didi to experience life”

“Qingyan, youve been in society for so many years, but arent you being a little too naive” Tianxin said sarcastically.

“Didnt you think it through Which one of those young masters in Zhong Hai isnt a model Which one of them would come out to drive for Didi It sounds like a novel plot!”


“If you really think that Lin Yi is a Didi driver, then how do you explain this car”

Tianxin spread her hands.

“If you really want an explanation, then let your cousin-in-law tell you.”


“Your cousin-in-law is Didis general agent in Yanjing.

Hell explain everything to you.”

Lin Yi was a little surprised.

He did not expect this man to be Didis agent.

If that was the case, he should be his subordinate.

Under everyones gaze, Fu Zhengping stood up.

“Since last month, didis headquarters have launched luxury car business, ranging from millions to tens of millions of luxury cars.

Its to expand into the high-end market.

Mister Lin should be a driver in the luxury car business.” Fu Zhengping pushed up his glasses and continued.

“I just didnt expect him to use his position to seduce female passengers.

Ill inform the headquarters to investigate this matter.”

“So thats what happened!”

After learning Lin Yis identity, everyone present looked at him with disdain.

“Swindlers nowadays are too rampant.

How could they do such a thing”

“I didnt think that even the young lady of the Ji family would be fooled.”

“Its all thanks to Miss Yang and her boyfriend.

Otherwise, we would have been fooled too.”

Ji Antai was embarrassed.

“Daughter, whats going on”

“Dad, let me explain.

Lin Yi is definitely not a scammer!”

Tianxin smiled, “Qingyan, dont explain.

If theres no evidence, why would I lie If you really dont believe me, just look at her phone.

There should be her registration information in the app.”

“So what if I drive for Didi Is that against the law” Lin Yi asked.

“Of course not.” Tianxin said.

“But its wrong for you to come out and lie to people.

And you, Qingyan, you graduated from a famous school and have a lot of experience in society.

How could you let a chauffeur lie to you Tsk tsk tsk, this is the face of the Ji family!”

“Ive already explained that Lin Yi isnt a liar.

Whether you believe it or not is up to you!”

“Alright, Qingyan, stop talking.” Ji Yongqing said.

“Hurry up and make him leave.

I dont want to see him again!”

Ji Yongqing was a very open-minded person.

He was not too particular about the social status, but he could not stand his granddaughter being deceived!


At this moment, the sound of brakes could be heard.

Everyone saw a black Volkswagen sedan parked at the entrance of the villa.

A man and a woman alighted from the car.

They were both wearing suits, but they did not look very high-end.

Instead, they looked like they were in work uniforms.

“Who is this Dressed in such rags to attend the birthday banquet”

The man and woman didnt care about the others pointing at them.

They simply asked politely,

“May I ask if Mr.

Lin Yi is here”

“Im here.”

Lin Yi recognized the woman who spoke.

She seemed to be the owner of Patek Philippe.

Although he couldnt remember her face clearly, he still had some impression of her.

Upon seeing Lin Yi in the crowd, the female member picked up the small box in her hand and walked over quickly.


Lin, let me introduce myself again.

Im the manager of the Patek Philippe Times Square store.

This is the 175th-anniversary wristwatch you recently bought.

Please sign for it.”


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